Mum!Mum!!Mum!!!Tiffany called.

Why are you calling me,daughter?Tiffany’s mum asked.

Are we through, Mum?Tiffany asked.

Yeah!!!We are done.Tiffany’s mum answered.

Mum!!!The price of commodities are too costly and expensive.This can make someone to run away from buying things and coming to the market if possible.I was just dumbfounded and amazed with the prices of goods in the market.Our nation’s economy is at a low ebb and it is a pity that our government are handicapped to proffer a lasting solution to this economic woes whereby majority of the populace can not afford three- square meal daily.

My daughter!!!Tiffany’s Mum exclaimed.

This is where we find ourselves and we are unable to do anything to the situation on ground.Someone just need to appreciate God for making provision for all our needs at the right time.If it has not been God,it would have been worse off.There are so many people on…

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