With or without arguments and debates,no one can deny or feign ignorance of two practical realities that are always refelected,exhibited and displayed in the course of human existenceon earthly pedestal.

Often times than none,majority or larger percentage of human always experience the mixture of these extremes.

No doubt about it,every human being is wired and designed to encounter low moments and high moments.


Whule high moments are simply moments of joy and happiness whereby feats,success and achievements are celebrated and appreciated.They are moments whereby elevation and promotion achieved,acquired and attainedalways trigger a sort of self-fulfilment  and personal achievement that made the concerned person to feel on top of the world.It is a moment of addition, multiplication and all round expansion and enlargement that surfaced as a suprise keeping the mouth of the concerned wide opened.


On the opposite, low moments are moments of discouragement,failures,stagnancy and struggles which are exhibited whenever…

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