Article: APARTHEID AND RACISM:CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY With the spate of extra judicial…

Tribute to the beautiful Queen of the screen.

It was a rude shock to all her fans across the length and breadth of the world when the news of her sudden untimely death engulfed the news media and all other social media platform.

It was a moment of lamentations and wailing when the news of her demise was aired .

Even it was quite amazing checking on wikipedia immediately after demise that her profile has been updated and the date of her death is already available for documentation.

According to wikipedia,she was born on the 27th of February 1975 to the popular highlife musician VICTOR OLAIYA.

She started her acting career with Wale Adenuga’s production tagged “SUPER STORY”.

The deceased married Bayo Okesola in 2007 but later separated.

She converted from Christianity to Islam in 2014.

The news of her death was announced on may 17,2017.

It was reported she died of cardiac arrest in Canada,where she had…

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The entire Epe Area of Lagos State and its environ was thrown into panic and pandemonium yesterday as a school witnessed another waves of anarchy triggered by the kidnapping of six male students and principals of Lagos State Model Junior and Secondary College,Igbonla,Epe in Lagos State.

The waves of sporadic shooting that engulfed the school environment as at the time of morning assembly made some of the students and teachers to take to their heels while others that stayed were admonished by the militants to remain calm.

kidnapping 2

At the end of the operation,the abductors whisked away six male students of the Junior Secondary Schools with a Principal of the Junior Secondary School and a Principal of the Senior Secondary School of Lagos State Model School,Epe.

This will be the second time the school is witnessing a peculiar situation that has to do with abduction of innocent pupils of Lagos State…

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By Aisha Cole Lagos – The Group Executive Vice Chairman, Sifax Group, Dr Taiwo Afolabi, has urged the Federal Government to review the country’s educational curriculum to incorporate teaching of maritime-related subjects at the secondary school level. Afolabi made the plea in a statement made available on Sunday in Lagos by the Corporate Affairs Manager…

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NEW YORK — The New York Police Department charged a man with second-degree murder in the death last August of a jogger in Queens, Detective Ahmed Nasser said Sunday. Police followed 250 leads from the public and filed 1,700 investigative reports, said Chief of Detectives Robert Boyce, who called it a “good day for justice…

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A hairdresser has been sentenced to life in prison for deliberately infecting men with HIV after meeting them on Grindr.


Daryll Rowe had asked for a more lenient punishment insisting the disease was no longer terminal and that those diagnosed had “good and high life expectancy”.


His lawyers adked the judge to pass a sentence that would not add to the ‘social stigma” of HIV,but inform the public the virus is not what it was in the 1990s.


On Wednesday afternoon at Brighton Crown Court,Judge Crihistine Henson QC disagreed, and made history by sentencing Rowe to life with a minimum term of 12 years.


He is the first person in England to be convicted of grievous bodily harm with intent in relation to HIV.


Rowe’s six-week trial heard he embarked in a cynical and deliberate campaign to infect men with the disease,refusing treatment and ignoring advice from doctors.


He insisted on having unprotected sex with men claiming he was “clean”.When they refused, he tampered with condoms,tricking them into thinking he was practising safe sex.


Rowe showed no emotion as prosecutors Caroline Carberry QC read out statements from nine of his 10 victims,which he said showed the “devastating consequences” of his actions.


Mary told how they had considered suicide having suffered physical and psychological damage,needing to take daily medication.


One said:”Daryll has destroyed my life.I would rather he had murdered me than left me to live my life like this”.


The court heard it is the first case in which someone will be sentenced for GBH after intentionally infecting others with the HIV virus and Rowe could face life imprisonment.


But Felicity Gerry QC,defending,highlighted comparable cases from around the world,urging the judge to pass a sentence that would not add to the “social stigma’ of HIV but inform the public the virus is not what it was in the 1990s.



Ms Gerry QC highlighted comparable cases from around the world, urging to pass a sentence that would not add to the ‘social stigma” of HIV,but inform the public that the virus is not what it was in the 90s.


“He was vulnerable young man in a community where the disclosure of one’s HIV status remains unusual, in the context of how he was meeting people”he said.


“This is not a terminal illness.Those who live with HIV have good and high life expentancies”.


She added:”There really is a need for therapy and not incanceration.”


Daryll Rowe,wearing a grey suit and open-collard white shirt was sentenced for five charges of causing grievous bodily harm with intent and five of attempting to do sao.


Judge Christine Henson QC,sentencing referred to his crimes as a ‘determined hateful campaign of shy violence”.


“You are the first individual to be sentenced for section18 offences in the context of infecting others with HIV,”she said.


“With full knowledge of the risk you posed to others and the legal implication of engaging in risky sexual practices, you embarked on a deliberate ampaign to infect other men with the HIV virus.


“Unfortunately for five of the men you met your campaign was succesful”.




The judge added:”They describe living with a life sentence as a result of your cruel and senseless acts.Many of those men were young men in their 20s at the time they had the misfortunes to meet you.


“Given the facts of this case and your permissive predatory behaviour I cannot see when you would no longer be a danger to gay men.


“In my judgement the offences,taken together, are so serious that a life sentence is justified.


“You will potentially remain a danger to others for the rest of your life”.


Sussex Police came under fire over claims they put gay men in danger when they released Rowe on bail,after which he continued his campaign.


Northunmbia Police have been accussed of wrongfully arresting and detaining one of his unsuspecting victims as he came to terms with his boyfriend’s crime.


Rowe’s final victim blamed police for putting him at risk and said more could have been done sooner to stop Rowe’s offending.


It was 18 days after his arrest that Sussex Police and Brighton and Howe City council urged gay men to get tested for HIV if they had been sexually involved with “a man in his 20s with scottish accent”.


Police appealled for anyone with informations or potential victims to come forward but refused to publish his name and photo.


He was later identified by a newspaper prompting widespread media report.



The Telegraph–18 April 2018.


Reported by Gareth Davies.




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It is quite appalling and disheartning that the age-long institution of marriage convennated by God have been suffering series of attacks and utmost abberration of the purpose of what it entails have been the order of the day.


One should be bothered and greatly concerned about the waves of divorce and domestic violence being experienced recently in the annals of human history most especially domestic violence and abuse that has its origin within the conffines and space of marital relationship.


Every married couple desire, demand and expect a kind of beauty,bliss and satisfaction that is heavenly and wonderful in the course of their conjugal coexistence but it is a pity that it is only few of the married couples that are able to meet up and achieve the manisfestation of their heart desire about their marital union.


With this,it is pertinent and reasonable for some salient questions to be asked in order to get the real picture about the reasons and rationale that is making vows made by husband and wife to fizzle out and disappear into thin air without its fulfilment in the course of their marital coexistence.


Definitely,there must be a missing link, a misconception, a delta,a gap and a lacuna.Whatever it might be,there is always more than one million reasons why marriage fails.


One of the major reasons that accounts visible and significantly for marital failures and crackdown in recent time especially in this generation is the dearth or absolute absence of effective communication between couples in the course of their marital union.


According to


“Communication is the act of conveying intended meanings from one entity or group to another through the use of mutually understood signs and semotic rules.Communication can be verbal or non-verbal and written or non-written”.





No matter what the type of communication is involved,what really matters is that any form of communication between husband and wife must be total,efficient and effective with it ending in understanding that will make their relationship all-encompassing and meaningful.




1.It enhances trustworthiness and smooth relationship.

2.It promotes honesty.

3.It makes conjugal relationship interesting.

4.It enhances deeper understanding between couples.

5.It offers efficient solutions to dispute and conflicts resolution between husband and wife.

6.It ensures stronger affinity and closeness between husband and wife.

7.It propel and project unity between husband and wife.

8.It enhances cooperation.

9.It ensures friendliness and ignites unending flames of love.

10.It creates avenues and channels for heart to heart relationship between husband and wife.





Without any iota of doubt, the aforementionaed importance of effective communication are powerful and potent enough to enhance the entrenchment of the purpose of marriage if couples involved are willing to maximized and optimized the benefits inherents in effective communiocation to fan the flame of deeper understanding that will end up making their conjugal coexistence an evergreen story and a message to posterity.



“Personal understanding garnished with willingness makes every iota of dreams become a reality within a space of time”.





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The length and breadth of the entire world comprise different societies with different culture, tradition, beliefs and religion.As each society differs in many aspects so also the challenges being observed as a reality in each of this society is quite different in all ramification.


No human society has been in existence without her taste of one challenge or the other that has been a source of major imbalance that is powerful and potent enough to tear the fabric of such society apart.The existence of every human society always flourish to the extreme in the presence of a particular challenge or the other that always bring the society down to her knees if such challenge is not properly and promptly managed in accordance to basic necessities that will help in finding a lasting solutions to the effect of such challenge.




Keeping mute in the face of tyranny,gross misconduct and indiscipline is the most heinous evil bedevilling humanity.Unchecked and uncontrolled complacency,incompetence,laxity,levity and mediocrity are communicable.They infest and dampens the soul of men unabatedly.


Men of goodwill get discouraged when the consciousness,urge,passion and drive to achieve excellence is watered down,when everybody believed that nothing should be done in addressing and correcting the scourge of vices and other social ills ravaging the existence of mankind.


The greenhouse effect of keeping mute on the entirety of our existence may never be quantified now but it destroys the fabrics of our existence gradually without any remedy.


The recent upsurge and waves of criminality started showing it’s ugly head unknowingly thousands of years ago when everyone started looking for easy means of getting things done without considering the short term,medium term and long term effect on the existence of mankind.


Now,humanity has gotten to a point whereby values have been totally watered down, replaced and eroded with vices,incompetence,complacency and mediocrity taken the centre stage.


It is pitiful, appalling and disheartning that in my generation, criminals are celebrated as celebrities with their evil accomplishments and achievements being trumpeted to high heavens by shallow minded trumpeters and pipers.


People that struggled to make something out of nothing,people on the streets that are making something out of their sweat are relegated and seeing as downtrodden by the society.Meanwhile,they are expected to be celebrated by our society as people that refused to compromise their dignity for a piece of meat or a morsel of meal.





Any society that is plagued with injustice will end up being enmeshed and accompanied in all round imbalance that might end up destroying the entire fabrics of the society with good conscience being a thing of the past in such a society.


The foundation of injustice in any society could be traced to:

1.Gradual systematic decadence.

2.Dishonesty and untruthfulness.

3.Lack of good home training of the millenia.

4.Extreme affinity for money and mundane things.

5.Building society structure on extreme profanity and pleasure.

6.Merit being downgraded for mediocrity.

7.Corruption,mismanagement and misappropriation of public commonwealth.

8.Making legal procedure and making the contents of the constitution irrelevant.

9.Building powerful people instead of building system.

10.Poverty and oppression with subjudigation.

11.Bad leadership

12.Poor economic and monetary management.




With all these, it is impossible to build an eggalitarian society that will end up being classified as a developed entity when the dignity and integrity of human in such society are not referenced and respected.


In conclusion, kudos to all the soldiers on the street that are busy doing the right thing that will end up buiding the society that will allow the dignity of every human to prosper and flourish in the space of time.


Curse be unto those usurpers that are using their ideas and position of authority to cause pain,pang and agony to people around them.


Every inhabitant of every society must endeavour to do the right thing that will enhance the building of the right society.


Let’s join hands together in building a world whereby respect for the dignity of every mankind will be sancrosant.


Be your brothers’ keeper.














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It is not strange that life’s challenges are as real as life itself.It is a reality that accompany every life that is existing on earthly pedestal within a space of time.


Often times, we find ourselves cornered in, confined and cocooned with several abortive efforts and trials thoughtfully and carefully designed and orchestrated to dash out of the solitary confinement of life’s challenges that have nothing than struggles,regrets, wailing and gnashing of teeth.


We tried immensely to source for solutions by trying our best to rush out and break the walls and bricks of imprisonment and challenges placed and forced on us by depending on the flow and surge of our adrenaline to rush and pull down the boundaries of the abyss of problems and challenges down.


This usually leads to futilityand frustration that needs only the beauty of patience,time and perseverance for a solution to emerge.


Though we dashed in, dashing out might not be the appropriate solution if we fail in analysing and strategising optimally and maximally.



challenges 2.jpg


Your entry into life challenges might be swift and automatic but situation of life might warrant your exit to be gradual,slow and sluggish.


Though, you stepped into challneges unexpectedly,your efforts to hit the exit button might be slow and unnanounced if you want to obtain total and absolute freedom.


Absolute freedom that is real becomes attainable when your desire to scale the fence of confinement built by life challenges is carried out in a way and in a manner whereby the jailer of your confinement is caught unaware.


Challenges 3




1.Have a possibility mentality.

2.Change your view about life.

3.Believe in yourself.

4.Pray always.

5.Be deep and thoughtful.

6.Be sensitive and careful.

7.Strategise and plan very well.

8.Last from past experiences.

9.Be an unrepentant pessimist.

10.Be flexible and versatile in obtaining knowledge.

11.Be committed and dedicated to what is good and reasdonable.

12.Be available in championing a good course.

13.Be in the right company.

14.Maintain a good  and healthypersonal relationship.

15.Treat and handle every life’s exigency business-like.



With all these being in place, it is cocksure that the path needed to exit the jail of life’s challenges becomes a walk over and it will be easy for any form of challenges to fizzle out within a space of time without any struggle and stress.










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Eventhough, the world was created from the truth and for the truth but the world encountered a shift at some point that made everything therin to frown against the truth.This paradigm shift that is negatively orchestrated by Adam and Eve in the garden of Eden made the entire human race to be subjected to the harsh realities of the dictates and demands of sin, and thereby accounting for the present challenges that peameates the fabrics of human existence traceable to thee love of humanity for falsehood and deceit.


As the world celebrates the remembrance of the persecution and death of our Lord Jesus Christ annually,in the course of personal deep mediatation recently,all I realised was that Jesus Christ spent his life standing on the truth and speaking for the truth which is designed to alter the grip of falsehood and deceit that are known to br prospering extremely all over the world.


Jesus Christ frowned and spoke against world orders and deceitful religious creeds and rites designed to keep their subjects and followers in bondage forever.Jesus Christ spoke against lies, decieit and mediocrity obtainable in the then spiritual cycle and religious system which is fashioned to keep many people under false indoctrination targetted to rob them of the essence of the beauty of their existence on earthly pedestal.

church 3


Jesus Christ kicked against spiritual and secular systematic lordship arrangement that is fabricated to imprison the mind of many especially the less priviledged.


At the end, he was hated,insulted and tagged anti-social,anti-human and anti-progressive.He was later convicted wrongly for doing nothing other than standing for what is right and true.


Has anything changed till now?



church 4


Nowadays,when you have different view about a particular issue or subject matter, be it secular or spiritual, you will be tagged bastards immediately without condiring your view at the moment you are making such stand.


Just because you decided to think outside the box, the self acclaimed religious bigots will tagged you as unbeliever even when what you are pointing to them is beneficial to them and some even have a space on the pages of the scriptures.


Jesus Christ spoke against almost everything that is obtainable in the synagogue of God in the scripture but today, when you talk against a particular man of God, their gullible followers will be swift and speedy in quoting “touch not my anointed and do my prophet no harm”.


Many of us have forgotten or unaware about the revolution the church encountered in some centuries ago,if not for the fact that Martin Luther was able to think ahead and forge ahead by raising a voice against the religious and the religion of early Catholic Church,I can bet it with anyone that many of us will still be paying money for the atonement of our sin.


Though,the movement raised by Martin Luther was tagged Protestant revolution, he stood his ground and was able to instill an iota of truth into the consciousness of men that the “JUST SHALL LIVE BY FAITH”.


There is a need for self assessment by all christians all over the world which should be a moment of sober reflection that will involve proper engagement and practical appraisal on how well we have been able to live in accordance to the will and purpose of God.


If every child of God is getting it right with God.I don’t think our world will be like this.We are yet to fulfill a title of the admonition of Jesus Christ that submitted that we are the light of the world—Matthew 5.


The present day altar and sanctuaries of God have been filled with deceit and eye-service with an extreme approach of many of religious and spiritual that is geared towards praising men of God but God that engraced them has been left unattended to in their reasoning.


church 1


She is a deaconness in a particular branch of one of the popular christian denomination in Nigeria,he is a pastor in another particular reknowned christian ministry in the world and so on.I see their ways and I cried.If you are not careful, your presence in the church and your relationship with brethen in the churschb is a sure way to perdition.There is a risk in the church and the risk has to do with the church being a place whereby pretence and deceit prosper expressly and it could be concluded as an express way to hell fire if care is not taken.


Though, I am not an advocate of people not going to church to worship God but let us be careful and conscious of where we belong when it comes to matters of being members of one denomiantion or the other.


Drifting along the line of personal encounter or experience,at a point, my little daughter was in a daycare with a deaconess in one of the popular denomination in Nigeria and at a point,I was planning to get her arrested.She treated a minor carelessly and she is waiting for God to grant her fruit of the womb.


She is so fervent and dedicated in the house of God but the way and manner she treated my daughter signifies how deeply she is operating  under a spell or a curse.


Though,I didn’t spare my time in putting a curse on her because the devil operating in her deserves nothing but a curse.


Be warned!!!


Just as the children of Job gathered in the presence of God and the devil was present in their midst so is your church and denominations are filled with devil’s incarnate.


In a nutshell, one of the purpose of redemption is walking on the path of truth and making all that is necessary and needed to make the prevalence of truth to be enhanced in whatever you do.


Truth is bitter but it is better.


“You shall know the truth and the truth will set you free”—John 8 vs 32.








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