The length and breadth of the entire world comprise different societies with different culture, tradition, beliefs and religion.As each society differs in many aspects so also the challenges being observed as a reality in each of this society is quite different in all ramification.


No human society has been in existence without her taste of one challenge or the other that has been a source of major imbalance that is powerful and potent enough to tear the fabric of such society apart.The existence of every human society always flourish to the extreme in the presence of a particular challenge or the other that always bring the society down to her knees if such challenge is not properly and promptly managed in accordance to basic necessities that will help in finding a lasting solutions to the effect of such challenge.




Keeping mute in the face of tyranny,gross misconduct and indiscipline is the most heinous evil bedevilling humanity.Unchecked and uncontrolled complacency,incompetence,laxity,levity and mediocrity are communicable.They infest and dampens the soul of men unabatedly.


Men of goodwill get discouraged when the consciousness,urge,passion and drive to achieve excellence is watered down,when everybody believed that nothing should be done in addressing and correcting the scourge of vices and other social ills ravaging the existence of mankind.


The greenhouse effect of keeping mute on the entirety of our existence may never be quantified now but it destroys the fabrics of our existence gradually without any remedy.


The recent upsurge and waves of criminality started showing it’s ugly head unknowingly thousands of years ago when everyone started looking for easy means of getting things done without considering the short term,medium term and long term effect on the existence of mankind.


Now,humanity has gotten to a point whereby values have been totally watered down, replaced and eroded with vices,incompetence,complacency and mediocrity taken the centre stage.


It is pitiful, appalling and disheartning that in my generation, criminals are celebrated as celebrities with their evil accomplishments and achievements being trumpeted to high heavens by shallow minded trumpeters and pipers.


People that struggled to make something out of nothing,people on the streets that are making something out of their sweat are relegated and seeing as downtrodden by the society.Meanwhile,they are expected to be celebrated by our society as people that refused to compromise their dignity for a piece of meat or a morsel of meal.





Any society that is plagued with injustice will end up being enmeshed and accompanied in all round imbalance that might end up destroying the entire fabrics of the society with good conscience being a thing of the past in such a society.


The foundation of injustice in any society could be traced to:

1.Gradual systematic decadence.

2.Dishonesty and untruthfulness.

3.Lack of good home training of the millenia.

4.Extreme affinity for money and mundane things.

5.Building society structure on extreme profanity and pleasure.

6.Merit being downgraded for mediocrity.

7.Corruption,mismanagement and misappropriation of public commonwealth.

8.Making legal procedure and making the contents of the constitution irrelevant.

9.Building powerful people instead of building system.

10.Poverty and oppression with subjudigation.

11.Bad leadership

12.Poor economic and monetary management.




With all these, it is impossible to build an eggalitarian society that will end up being classified as a developed entity when the dignity and integrity of human in such society are not referenced and respected.


In conclusion, kudos to all the soldiers on the street that are busy doing the right thing that will end up buiding the society that will allow the dignity of every human to prosper and flourish in the space of time.


Curse be unto those usurpers that are using their ideas and position of authority to cause pain,pang and agony to people around them.


Every inhabitant of every society must endeavour to do the right thing that will enhance the building of the right society.


Let’s join hands together in building a world whereby respect for the dignity of every mankind will be sancrosant.


Be your brothers’ keeper.




















©Wordsmith Scribe 2018




©Fadeyi Felix Femi


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