The recent happennings overwhelming the entire human race made someone to have a critical perspective and look about what could have been the reason and rationale  behind  a teenager going to the extreme in taking up to arms and ammunitions that ended up being used in commiting crimes and vices.


The rate at which youth of this generation are having their hands and palms being soiled and stained with blood is quite alarming,appalling and disheartning.


Good Parenting 3



A situation whereby seventeen innocent lifes were lost to the cold hand of death recently which was orchestrated by a 19-year-old boy is an issue that is quite unacceptable and unexpected and it will remain a burden in the mind of anyone who has a right conscience that is still sensitive and proactively functioning.


The alarming rate at which social vices is eating up the fabrics of the entire human society is something that no one should shy away from.It has become a kind of reality that is quite difficult to dodge because of the depth of its effect on the entire human society.


In a bid to have an indepth knowledge about what could have been the missing link, it is imperative and important for someone to look extensively into an aspect of human existence that could have been a major contributory factor  responsible in making a murder and a criminal out of a 19-year -old teenager.


Besides the recent mass-shooting that occured in Parkland Schools in Florida in the United States of America,many evil and criminalities has been chronicled to be perpetrated by the millenia and it is on increase without any control.


The contributory factor that is making a major impact in fanning the amber of criminality and vices could be traced to the inability of the society to understand the concept of parenting and the lack of adequate knowledge about the essentials of parenting.


This has constituted a clog in the desire of humanity in achieving an all encompassing human capital development that is buoyant and flexible enough to entrench and establish a form of societal development that will cut across every facets of human endeavour.


If the concept of good parenting is maximized properly, it would have been a good avenue and a good channel whereby humanity would have evolved into a kind a maturity that will be viable enough to proffer full development of human mind to the extent that everyone living will be able to understand that hatred and every trace of it is not in any way necessary for anyone to achieve any form of desire.


As the family is known as the microcosym of the society; and  as it is also known as the greatest masterpiece God gave to humanity for continuity accompanied with the establishment and entrenchment of virtues and trainings that will trigger the emergence of a complete and total human being,it is of essence to note that  the desire for  a good family remain impossible without the desire for good parenting which if maximized appropriately will be viable enough to build a good society that will contribute to the development of a complete human being having good deeds as a trademark.


The absence of good parenting and the total relegation of parenting that is good in all concept and context is the main reason whereby the entire human society has been thrown into a kind of topsy-turvy exhibited in terms of confusion that is being experienced at this moment with many people being caught unaware in the midst of this confusion.




1.Good Parenting is a necessity for a peaceful society that will end up being a raw material in building an eggalitarian society.


2.Good Parenting contributes immensely in human development that will be a good source of addition in making every human a useful tool that will help in societal development.


3.Good Parenting remains one of the basic and vital antidote in developing human beings that will have a mind free of criminalities and vices.


4.Good Parenting contributes immensely in building a responsive and a responsible generation of young minds that believes in evolution rather than revolution.


5.Good Parenting offers help in building a society through the contributions of young minds that will believe in innovation and intuitions that will be necessary in total development of human society.


Good Parening


In conclusion,if the scope of good parenting becomes the aspiration of all and sundry in the society, it will become very easy for the human society to evolve to the point whereby vices and criminalities will n be  less attractive and meaningful to the millenia and the thought of fanning the amber of hatred that will culminate into murder will be fizzle out gradually in the process of time.


Every human that will make a head way in being a complete and resourceful in the course of existential on earthly pedestal needs a good guildance and  and a complete counselling from the progenitors so that  posterity will be added to .



Good Parenting—The only way out to the alarming crimes and vices being committed and perpertrated by the millenia.

















Our connectivity with divinity is marred, mauled and destroyed when we are grossly enmeshed in sin.Our relationship with God suffers setback when sin is in place.


God stays off when we spend our life wallowing in iniquity.





The presence of God in our life simply connites the presence of grace.When God stays off,grace simply stays off.Likewise when sin stays,grace leaves.The enemy of grace is sin.Sin and grace cannot be yoked together by any standard,principle,idealogy and philosophy.


When one stays,the other must leave or disappear—Romans 6 vs 1-23.


Just as darkness fizzle out when light appears, grace also disappear when sin appears.


The rememberance of the death and ressurrection of Jesus Christ is incomplete without the desire to live a righteous life.The purpose of celebrating Easter is to give all mankind grace to overcome the stronghold of sin through salvation.


A meaningful Easter will be obtainable when you take your mind away from the celebration and focus your eyes on the grace offered by redemption through the death and ressurrection of Jesus Christ.


This the right moment to ask God fpr grace to overvcome sin.Many people celebrate the remembrance of the death and ressurection of Jesus Christ but few desire understanding and adhering to the purpose of the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ on the third day.


God desired that we are holy just as HE is holy.






A complete and meaningful Easter celebration is exhibited by asking God for forgiveness which is expressed by livung a sanctified life.


Remember failure flourishes when grace founders.
















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