DEATH AT SEA.–(6 Minutes Read).

The publication was originally presented on my facebook page on the 8th of November 2917 and I believe it will serve a purpose of informing my avid readers, viewers and followers.

It goes thus:


The recent publications about casualties recorded at the Mediterrenean Sea that engulfed every media space in which about twenty-six Nigerian women or ladies lost their lifes is quite appalling, disheartning and disappointing.


It can be concluded to be result of a society that has lost her values in all ramifications thereby making her inhabitants and occupants to start looking for solutions desperately even at the expense of their lifes.


Our society in this part of the world is a society that has her consciousness and sensitivity platformed on some ideologies and philosophies that are quite suicidal in all facet sicne the idealogies and philosophies are premised on the fact that critical and desperate situations warrant critical and desperate solution, a kind of belief that trigger and spur the superiority of extremism over existentialism.


There are some sorts of creed that makes the essence of existentialism to be subjected to extremism thereby making existentialism to be inferior in all ramification.Hence, many prefer the concept of extremism to existentialism even if it warrants putting their lifes on the line.


Our society has made some people to believe in the worship of god of mammon whereby you are waht you are based on the financial status quo you are known for.Hence, everybody struggle and strife immensely without giving a damn about whose ox is gored to accummulate properties and acquire wealth at the expense of their lifes and that of the next person around them.


Hence, they become hell bent in search of greene pasturesby embarking on a suicide mission to Europe through the desert and through the sea.


Many arguments are on course now about Nigeria government being indifferent to the news of these ladies that lost their lifes.I wonder why we keep blaming Nigeria government on this without subjecting the issue at hand to root cause analysis that will proffer meaningful solutions to this issue this menace that is eating deep the fabrics of Nigerian society.


Day-in-day-out, there have been a lot of jingles sponsored by the National Orientation Agency NOA warning desperate and innocent Nigerians on the dangers of embarking on a self-destructive journey into Europe through desert and through the sea but we can see that many of us have allowed our reasoning to become blur by our inordinate quest for wealth and materialism at all cost.


Since they are all ladies and their corpses were discovered close to Italy, it can be concluded that they are on a journey to add to the census and statistics of prostitution netwiork and drug trafficking cartel in Italy but their hope was dashed and varnished into thin air in the middle of the high sea.


It is pertinent for the Nigerian society to be subjested to treatment and sensitization against the evil of inordinate quest for materilaism and wealth.


Any society that glorify and grandeurises money and all its offers will end up trading and mortgaging her future for money accompanied with the loss of lifes of her young who are believed to be leaders of tommorrow.


A progressive society has her yopung ones weeping for the death of the old but a retrogressive society that is hell bent on wealth and material acquisition at all cost will have the old weeping for the death of the young ones.


Such society can be asserted to have a bleak future.


What makes a bad society is when the elders in such society are busy doing nothing in checkmating the extreme desire of the younger generation for money and gold.


They ended up loosing their lifes in search of greener pastures because they forget that the pastures are always green anywhere in the world even in the desrt but time and season for pastures becoming green differs from each other.


Therefore,it is seasonal.


It is when the millenia understand the concept of time and season as it affects life that they will stop embarking on an endeavour that will take their lifes or soil their image.


The Nigeria Government shoild engage more stringent measures to curtail and nib in the bud the cartel of human trafficking that are orchestrating the illegal exodus of Nigerian youth into the heart of Europe in order to facilitate their illicit and dirty businesses that have to do with prostitution, drug trafficking and human trafficking.

death at sea (1)

The Nigeria borders are known to be porous and permissible, and this has made this illegal trade of human beings so easy in this part of the world.Presently, there should be an arm of our security agencies and parameters that will be empowered constitutionally to trail and burst this anti-social organisation that is feeding fat on the innocence of desperate Nigerians.


In the meantime, all media spacies were awashed with news of the burial conducted on the 17th nopf November 2017 by the Italian Government with the news of the burial becoming an International headlines.The results of the autopsies have being confirmed that the girls likely drowned,according to the Guardian.


‘There were no signs that they had been raped or physically abused’ a medic who worked on the postmortem examinations of the bodies said.”They most likely couldn’t swim”.


All but two of the girls found remain nameless.The two young women authoritioes were able to identify were pregnant,Reuters reported.

Marian Shaka,was named by her husband, and Osato Osaro, was identified by her brother who had been in the boat with her according to CNN.


In the meantime, the effort of Italian Government for giving them a befitting burial is appreciated and recognised eventhough Nigeria Government didnt see any reason in being represented in the burial of her citizen that lost their lifes.




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