Without any doubt,this is one of the questions that always accompany the achievement of a particular feat and task or series of accomplishment.


While some of us get clarity of what the next step ought to be or should be,others are always in quandary and utmost confusion of where to start from or what is the next step.


This phase of human existence is not strange and peculiar to a perticular tribe, sex,race,ethnicity,social group,peer group,political and religious affliation.The peculiarity of this phase of human existence is all encompassing and overwhelming to the point that everyone  found existing on earthly pedestal will pass through this phase asking and pondering about ‘what could be next step”.


It is a phase of life that can never be denied, dodged and overlooked.


It is a moment whereby decisions that will make or mar the destiny of anyone who is presently in existence.


It is a fact and a statement of assurance that over 7 billion population of human being is being accommodated on the surface of earth and they are all going to be a product of this phase or they are all going to get to get to a point in the course of their existence whereby such question will demand an answer from them.


After all have been done,

After all sacrifices and selfless inputs,

After given all the resources at your disposal,

After contributing immensely,

After giving a hand of help and hope to others,

After being the light amidst gross darkness,

After being lifting others from miry clay,

After crossing the rubicon,


What next!!!


No doubt about it,at a particular point in life, we are all going to encounter an experience that has to do with a feeling of satisfaction or a feeling of disappointment and discouragement.


We are all going to believe that we have done what we can do within our capacity to salvage and restore situations around us.We are all going to feel resentful and discouraged after all we have done in sacrificing selflessly for others but societal system deliberately or indeliberately failed to recognize,recommend and renumerate our efforts.


why 2


In the midst of this experience,it is never abnormal,strange and abysmal for anyone to feel cheated or discouraged but one thing that sure is that at this point that the latent strength in us ought to push us forward to forge ahead continuing doing what is necessary,good and right for the elevation and emancipation of the entire world.


Every human being on the surface of the earth can be likened to a farmer.While some of will sow a good seed on a good soil,some will sow a bad seed on a good soil but it is only few people that would sow a good seed on a good soil.


Then, while the seed sown by you is strangled and prevented to germinate due to poor societal systematic decadence,it is pertinent for you to encourage yourself ,dust yourself and keep moving until you get a good seed in your hand and a good soil whereby it will be sown,germinate and end up becoming an evergreen tree that will turn into a forest in the nearest future.


No matter how inconsequential an effort geared towards alleviating the plight of the next person around you might be,it is reasonable and rationale that it should be appreciated but it is appalling and disheartning that the system being operated in our world today has no value and appreciation for truthful human endeavour chanelled towards making the world a better place,hence many people that have good intention to make things better ends up being frustrated and they keep on asking questions about “what is the next step”.


No matter how disappointed and discouraged you are, the best way to handle this kind of experience is for you to become relentless and unrepentant in your desire to make things right in the course of your existence on earth.


Though,many of your efforts will end up being unappreciated with some of it ending up putting you in problem and also making you to be at a logger-head with some people,cabals and authorities.


The best solution is for you to define your goals,targets and fashion out series of strategies that will allow your efforts to be appreciated.


Always remember that there are over 7 billion people that needs the littleness of your efforts to trigger and birth the latent greatness inherent in them.


In conclusion, whenever your effort in alleviating the plight of one person is not appreciated, do not give up,always remember that the world you live in has a population of over 7 billion people.Always remember and consider the remaining sea of heads that are waiting for the unappreciated effort wasted on that one person.That effort expended on one person that is not appreciated and valued is enough, powerful and potent to raise million of people out of the miry clay.


Once your effort is not appreciated, change the scope and make sure you find other people that are in dire need of what you can offer as a form of effort and resources needed for their dream to come to reality.


In essence, the next step is for you to look for other people that will appreciate what you can offer.


You have wasted precious time being pensive and ruminating about what the next step.


Maximize your precious time to look for people that need what you can offer.




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