This is the question that occupied my mind when I read a particular publication on as news filter around the entire Nigeria nation of a governor who appointed  and swear-in her sister as commisioner for Happiness and Couple’s fulfillment.

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The original publication goes thus:


According to,Governor Rochas Okorocha of Imo State has sworn-in 28 commissioners and 27 Transistion committee chairmen for the 27 local government councils in the state.


He charged them to prove their worth in the service of the state and her people.


One of the commissioners sworn in by the governor is his biological sister,Mrs.Ogechi Ololo(nee Okorocha).She is now the  state’s commissioner for Happiness and Couple’s Fulfillment.

Ololo,who is married to Chuks,an engineer,was the All Progressive Congress’s candidate into the House of Representatives for the Owerri Federal Constituency seat in 2015 and she has served in various capacities since Okorocha because the state governor in 2011.



She had, before her new appointment,served as her brother’s Deputy chief of staff and special Adviser on Domestic Matters.


Swearing in the new commissioners and the Transition committee chairmen on Monday at the Imo International Convention Centre,Owerri,the governor charged them to leave their marks in their respective ministries and local governments.


He urged them to see themselves as men and women on a rescue mission.The governor added they had come to be part of the success story of his administration.

Okorocha said,

“You are the priviledged group that has the opportunity to make names for yourselves. I want to remind all of you that this appointment is not business as usual.We shall not tolerate any sharp practice or corruption of any type.Neither shall we accept indolence or laziness.You have been called to duty to help us achieve our vision in the Rescue Mission project”

“At this moment ,I charge you all to be good ambassadors of the Rescue Mission wherever you find yourselves.To the Transition Committee chairmen,you must ensure that ongoing projects must be completed especially the schools,chapels etc”.


The commissioners sworn in and their portfolios are:

  • Prof.Nnamdi Obiaraeri—–Information;

  • Lady Ugochi Nnana-Okoro—Agric.and food security;

  • Gertrude Oduka—Primary and Secondary Education;

  • Dr.Jones Uzoka–Niger Delta Affairs;

  • Uchendu Mark—-Public Utilities;

  • Gerald Okolie—-Rural development;


Others are:

  • Dr.Cyril Okafor—–Tourism;

  • Emmanuel Ojinere—Trade and Investment;

  • Chief Lasbery Anyanwu—Transport;

  • Onwueyiagwu Valentine—Youth Development;

  • Mrs Ngozi Njoku—-Gender and social Development;

  • Chief Joseph Udoji—Works;

  • Achilike Nwawuike—Internal Resources and Pension Matters;

  • Prof.Emenalo Chizoba—Tertiary Education;

  • Nwamerenini Chukwuka—-Labour;and

  • Dr.Iyke Njoku—Planning,Budget and Statistics.

The Transition Committee chairmen sworn in include:

  • Okechukwu Onyechere—Ideato South;

  • Sir Anyehe Okeneme——Ikeduru;

  • Julius Onyenecho—-Isiala Mbano;

  • Akas Paschal—-Isu;

  • Steve Odoemena—-Mbaitoli;

  • Eke Chudi—-Ngor Okpala;

  • Aloysius Onwuegbuchulam—Njaba;

  • Paschal Onwukaike—-Nkwerre.

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This sort of reality is quite overwhelming and unexpected in the corridor of Nigeria polity whereby the needful is left undone and unattended to,shadows are being dished out to Nigeria citizens and substance has become a mirage with people’s expectations and hope of a brighter and a better society being dashed by the crop of clowns elected as our leaders in this part of the world.


“What could have warrant such a display of mediocrity and insensitiveness?”


“What will end up being the impart and impact of a commissioner who was given a portfolio of Commissioner for Happiness and Couples’Fulfilment if not that another avenue or channel is being created to siphon state treasury?”


It is a pity that  we find ourselves in a mess that no one is sure when an end will come to it.This is another continous and constant display of incompetence that is eaten deep the fabrics of our society.Leaders in this part of the world are leaders who lacked ideas and some of them can be submitted to be suffering from dementia that seems to be chronic and incurable.

If we fail to build our society on the concept of good leadership,it cannot be too extreme to submit that Nigeria as a nation is on a long walk to freedom.

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Emotions have been high and overflowing since the reality of slave trade popped up and splashed on our faces across the length and breadth of the entire world with everyone lending voice talking against the extremism and babarism that is quite unacceptable,unexpected and appalling with no excuse that is strong enough to be tendered as the rationle behind the ressurgence of this form of inhumanity.


Slave trade in Libya as it is presently is akin in all ramifications and descriptions to the tale of two desperados who are hell bent in making landmark effect in the course of their existence.The two actors or players are extremely desperate in their approach and understanding about the essence and purpose of human existence on earth.


The captive decided to run away and dodge abysmal harsh and unfriendly realities obtainable in the geographical space and entity tagged Nigeria or other African countries while the captor is ready to maximize the opportunity of a failed state being experienced in Libya after the strongman of Libya–Ghaddafi was succesfully overthrown,deposed and killed by the NATO invasion in 2011.The aftermath effect of this invasion brought Libya down into a state whereby human right abuse is the order of the day till this present moment.


This is a one million dollar question that needs to be carefully answered and clarified but deep critical analysis of the situation on ground concerning the ressurgence and ressurection of slave trade in Libya shows that nobody should be blamed rather  the society must be forced to swallow the bitter pill of carrying the brunch of the blame of producing leaders that lacked the understanding of the major neccessities that will help in building an eggalitarian society that can promote the essence and purpose of humanity whereby a gradual process of developing a class-less society is the main thing.


The blame and the shame of this incongruous and bastard act is on the entire society that made and mould the captive to believe that embarking on a journey to the land of the unknown for greener pasture is the only solution to their economic woes and abject poverty.


The blame and the shame of this inhumane act should be placed on the society for producing captors who believe in maximizing the reality of a failed state in Libya to fan the amber of apartheid and build walls of racial discrimination against black skinned in order to fetter the nest of maintaining a class in the society.


It is unnecessary and needless discussing Libya now because all around us is the presence of a task master that are good in promoting inhumanity and apartheid that is in existence in many shades and forms.

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Slavery has always been with us in different shades and colours which is as a result of a failed society where man’s inhumanity to man is not regarded as a crime.A society where evil is exalted over goodness,where indolence is not penalised,where merit is trampled upon by mediocrity.A society with foreign tastes and consumptive tendencies that puts vain possessions over human lifes.A society with docile cowards and megalomaniacs.


What a shame!!!

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“What can we call a governor that failed in paying workers salary over a long period of time without any tangible reason that is humanly acceptable by any standard?”


“What name can we give to an employer of labour that ought to release the renumeration of his or her teeming workers but decided to hold it without any reason?”

“What can we say about spouses that are good in hurling eveective,insults and domestic abuse to their partners or probably abusing and maltreating their domestic staffs?”


“What can we say about you doing less in performance than others but at the point of rewards, you are always swift and cunny to corner the lion share to your coffers?”

“What can we say about corruption,embezzlement,racketeering, nepotism,favouritism,prostitution and other vices and criminality?”


Without any iota of doubt,our world is a place that believes in suppressing and oppressing others in order for more territories to be cornered, carved and conquered.



Slave trading becomes part of us as long as we allow injustice and inhumanity to prevail and prosper over giving credibility, respect,reference and credence to the essence of humanity.


We should all understand that our society have been able to produce more slaves and more slaves merchants than what is happenning in Libya.Slavery is present all around us and we have been mum and mute about it.The concept of employing house-help and domestic staffs can be referenced as a form of domestic slavery because many of this indigent citizen being used as house-helps are always subjected to inhumaness without anyone raising an eye-lid.


We should control our emotions now and therefore think deeply about how far we have contributed our quota in buliding a society that prosper on class mentality conceptualised in pulling and stripping the dignity of others as a source of personal ego booster that is against the concept of building a virile eggelitarian society having room for building a class-less mentality in all the inhabitants of the society that will ensure that the concept behind the equality of all men is promoted and preserved.


No doubt about it that slave trading is happenning on Africa soil because the African Societies are so weak in their approach in protecting their people against human right abuse.All the realities of bad governance and leadership on the corridor of power in the continent of Africa are fashioned towards pulling down human right of their citizen.



slave trade b3


Many policies are being made today that is anti-masses with its ability to lull and ebbed the economic and purchasing power of the masses thereby creating abject poverty as a tools of keeping the masses down productively which enhances the thought of embarking on a suicide mission and a journey of no-return to the heart of Europe through the desert or through the high sea.


In conclusion, the days of woes of African Society continues until leaders all over the continent of Africa fashion ways and policies that will protect and preserve their teeming citizenry from human right abuse triggered by abject penury that has been the outcome of government policies that has no respect for the average man on the street.



Special thanks to Mr.Ayoade Samuel Fadeyi for his comment on the original post on facebook which was used as the content of Page 2 of this publication.





Mum!Mum!!Mum!!!Tiffany called.


Why are you calling me,daughter?Tiffany’s mum asked.


Are we through, Mum?Tiffany asked.


Yeah!!!We are done.Tiffany’s mum answered.


Mum!!!The price of commodities are too costly and expensive.This can make someone to run away from buying things and coming to the market if possible.I was just dumbfounded and amazed with the prices of goods in the market.Our nation’s economy is at a low ebb and it is a pity that our government are handicapped to proffer a lasting solution to this economic woes whereby majority of the populace can not afford three- square meal daily.


My daughter!!!Tiffany’s Mum exclaimed.


This is where we find ourselves and we are unable to do anything to the situation on ground.Someone just need to appreciate God for making provision for all our needs at the right time.If it has not been God,it would have been worse off.There are so many people on the street that cannot afford the basic necessities of life but as we can still go to the market to buy one thing or the other, we do not need to complain but be grateful to God for meeting us at the point of our needs.


Mum, you are right.Tiffany concluded.


They both left the market to the car park, while they were walking towards the car park, they engaged a middle-aged man who helped them in conveying their goods to the car park.


How much is your bill?Tiffany’s mum asked.


Ma!My money is #200.The middle-aged man answered.


Tiffanny!Kindly give him #500 from my purse.Tiffany’s mum asked her to pay.


Ma!!! I don’t have change.The middle-aged man quickly pointed it out to Tiffany’s mum that he has no change.


Never mind.You can keep the change.Tiffany’s mum answered.


Immediately the car boot is opened and all the good purchased were moved into the boot and it was later closed.As they were leaving the rear of the car to enter the car, the middle- aged man prostrated and kept appreciating the kind gesture Tiffany’s mum had on him.


After a few minutes, the middle-aged man left the place, Tiffany and her mum entered the car and started the ignition in preparation for their motoring back home.


While they were both in the car,they were both discussing about the economic situation of the country and the middle-aged man who they pitied to the extreme by talking about the way and the manner the man kept appreciating them for giving him money otside what he bargained for.


After 30minutes of driving, they both get to the main gate of their house and Tiffany’s mum started honking the car horn to signal their arrival so that dad can come outside to open the gate.


As time passes by and when they realised that Tiffany’s dad might not come out on time.Tiffany made a personal decision to alight from the car and head directly to th gate whereby she took a stone to bang the gate.


Who is at the gate?Tiffany’s dad asked.


It is me, dad!Tiffany answered.


Oh!!!I kept you and your mum outside.I am coming.Let me get the key to the gate.Just give me two minutes.I will be right back opening the gate.


Immediately, he turned back to pick the key,Tiffany rushed back into the car and briefed her mum about the situation of things.


The gate opened gradually and Tiffany’s mum drove inside the house.


Later, the gate was closed.


Welcome!!!How is market?Tiffany’s dad asked.


We are fine.Market is fine too.It is just that prices of goods are on the high side.


Yeah!!!I know it will be high.A country whereby her inflation rate has skyrocketted to double-digit will have prices of commodities on the high side.That is the effect of inflation.Though, a responsible government ought to ensure that some palliative measures to cushion the effect of inflation should be effected on time but our government are too insensitive to toil on this part of reasonning.


Anyway, we are here.This is our country and we have no other place apart from this country we find ourselves.


Then, a kind a silence engulfd and enveloped the viccinity where Tiffany’s dad and mum were discussing economic situation of the country.Meanwhile, Tiffany dashed into her bathroom to clean up immediately before she fell asleep on her bed.




While Tiffany was observing her siesta in her room, her mum was also busy in the kitchen trying to sort all the goods bought in the market and she was also preparing for dinner at thesame time.


While Tiffany’s mum was in the kitchen, her dad was outside in the compound trying to carry out routine maintenance check on the car they took to the market in preparation for Sunday Service.


Weldone Ma!Tiffany greeted her mum.


Thank you!How was your sleep? Hope you slept well?Tiffany’s mum asked.


I am fine.I rested well. I didn’t know when I slept off.Initially, I just wanted to lie down for few minutes and it later turned into deep sleep.


It shows that I am dead tired.Tiffany concluded.


Mum!!!Your daughter id famished.Is there anything I can use to satisfy the desire of my buccal cavity in the temporal?


Yea!!! You can check the refrigerator for loaves of bread and butter, dear daughter.


Ok!!!Thank you Ma.


Tiffany immediately walked to the passage where the refrigerator is .She open it and noticed that there is enough loaves of bread in there.


Mum!!!The loaves of bread are enough and the butter are also enough.I will prefer making toasted bread.


No problem.Suite yourself my dear daughter.Tiffany’s mum replied.


Oh!!!I am a little bit better and I think I can move ahead to start preparing for tommorrow’s Sunday Service.Tiffany started talking.


Mum!!!Can I have your cloth and my dad’s cloth for ironing?Tiffany asked.


Ok!!!Just check the drawer of the wardrobe in our room.You will see a native for both of us that has already being packed and prepared for ironing.


No problem.Tiffany replied.


Within a twinkling of an eye, Tiffany is already pressing her cloth and that of her parents which she did judiciously.


At exactly 7pm in the evening, Tiffany’s mum called upon her and her dad that they should all assemble at the dinning because she is through with dinner.


They all gathered together at the dinning and carefully finished the sweet delicacy she prepared.


After spending time infront of the Television,the whole house assembled for prayer and everybody went to bed on time in order to prepare for Sunday Service which Tiffany has been looking up to .


To be continued…..


Keep following and keep reading along.


The story is still on.












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©Fadeyi Felix Femi



WHY RUNNING A RAT RACE?–(4 Minutes Read).

This beautiful piece was published on my facebook wall on the 24th of November 2016,I saw it now and I made up my mind to bring it out to a larger audience for inspiration,motivation and empowerment of humacn minds that have been longing for inner peace that has been taken away totally from the existence of mankind which has been the present reality of this present generation with it potency in making many people to loose their comfort.


It goes thus:


Comparism is in vogue and fashionable now.I could remember recently someone seeing me doing something and he came around to ask me to teach and tutor him on the essence and modus operandi of the particular endeavour.


I paused for a while before responding by telling him that what he saw me doing is a product of vision and passion that started as a sort of trial till it start making sense now.I was able to let him understand that I wasnt tutored by anyone and it would be difficult for me to really explain how I started now, except if he can allow me by giving me time to put my lines of thought together in order to have a concise and deep explanation of what such endeavour is all about.


Immediately his countenance changed and murderous, and till now, he didn’t talk about it again.Recently, I understood that he thought that I didn’t want to teach him but I gave him a plain and a truthful response which I believe he didn’t believe me.


When I processed the encounter, I observed that many of us always run around what others are doing at a particular time without asking ourselves if we are designed and wired for such a thing.


Later, I remembered that this is what is simply called “THE RAT RACE”.


rat race 2


(Page 1)


Comparism will compel you to be ungrateful and unhappy with you running after shadow unendlessly and your rat race will be alarming, pronounced and deep without any limit.


It is a major source of jealousy and unhealthy rivalry that might propel someone to act negahattively and diabolically.Such people who are eating up by such inordinate quest has succeded in setting a limit on their progress in life because they have made the success of their assumed rival to be a standard for them. This will make it impossible to surpass the progress of their rival and they keep on running after their rival unendlessly.




(Page 2)



Contentment is the only way out from running after rat race undlessly.


Contentment triggers inner peace and comfort that is unexplainable to you and people around you.


No one will award you for competing with others.No prize will be given to you for engaging in a rat race.Immaturity triggers your insatiable taste and inordinate thirst or quest for comparing yourself with other.This is a major factor that makes people that have been eating up by such illogical desire to be a useful tool in the hand of the devil.A situation that debar many from being succesful in life because they are spending the essence and the beauty of their life monotoring and supervising other people’s progress and success while theres is left unattended to.This is simply cause by mediocrity,laxity,levity nad laziness in maximizing available resources and time at your disposal to discover what you are purposed for.


Every human is wired for differnt assignment and the assignment will be executed in a different way at a different period of time.


Those are matured in body,soul and spirit fashion their own ideology and philosophy that is suitable for their view about life and they stick to it solelely,strictly and diligently without being moved about whose ox is gored.


It is better and profitable to be a definition and description of our personal view by living above trivialities,foot-lings and frivolities of life which is what comparism that leads to rat race is all about.


Comparism is simply a thief of joy.


In conclusion,discover yourself and be yourself.


Stop living another person’s life.


Be a true definition of your innate potential not a copycat.


Those who live according to other people’s lifestyle strangle their joy and their potentials becomes useless.


Your life count better and meaningfully when tou are hell bent on living in accordance to the content and context of your view that is birthed by your innate potentials.


This is what triggers the emergence of self satisfaction and self discovery that is devoid of jealousy but have its core value in originality.


The questions are:


Are you original in your views and ways?


Are you a copycat?


Are you running the rat-race?


Are you living your own dream?


Are you existing on another man’s dream?


Once again,


“Comparism is a thief of joy”




“Stop running the rat-race”


You are designed and wired for values and virtues that are more superior to that of others.

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In a news published by Reuters on the 17th of December 2017 and culled from

It was reported that Australian police said on Sunday they had arrested a man accussed of working in the black market to sell missile components and a coal on behalf of North Korea,the first charges ever brought in Australia over the sale of weapon of mass destruction.

The man had been charged with two counts under an act preventing the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction,police said, and with another four under legislation enforcing United Nations and Australian sanctions against North Korea.


The Sydney man was identified by the Australian Broadcasting Corporation and other media as 59-year old Chan Han Choi who they said had been living in Australia for more than 30years and was of Korean descent.


He was arrested in the Sydney suburb of Eastwood on Saturday and was due to face court later on Sunday,police said.He came to the attention of authorities earlier this year, the Australian Federal Police(AFP) said.


“This man was a loyal agent of North Korea, who believed he was acting to serve some higher patriotic purpose,”AFP Assistant Commissioner Neil Gaughan told reporters.


“This case is like nothing we have ever seen in Australia soil”,he said.


Police will allege the man tried to broker the sale of missile components including software for the guidance systems of ballistic missiles as well as trying to sell coal to third parties in Indonesia and Vietnam.


Gaughan said the trade could have been worth “tens of millions of dollars” if succesful.


Cash-strapped North Korea has come under a new round of stricter United Nations Snctions this year after pressing ahead with its missile and nuclear programmes in defiance of international pressure.


Tensions have risen drammatically on the Korean penninsula because of the North;s ballistic missile launches and its sixth and most powerful nuclear test, as well as joint military drills between South Korea Korea and the Unted States that the North describes as preparation for war.


Pyongyang claimed that its latest intercontinental ballistic missile launch in November had the range to reach all of the United States.







US Secretary of State,Rex Tillerson urged North Korea on Friday to carry out a “sustained cessation”of its weapons testing to allow talks about its missile and nuclear programmes.


However, the North has shown little interest in talks until it has the ability to hit the U.S mainland with a nuclear-tipped missile,which many experts say it has yet to prove.

Gaughan said the man  had been in touch with high-ranking North Korean officials but no missile components ever made it to Australia.


He also said there was no indication that officials in Indonesia or Vietnam had been involved in the attempted coal sales.


“This is black market 101″Gaughan said.

“We are alleging that the activity occurred offshore, and was purely another attempt for this man to trade goods and services as a way to raise revenue for the government of North Korea”he said.


This man faces up to 18 years in jail if convicted.


Culled from





In a recent report published on on the 23rd of November 2017.


According to a new survey, technology is reportedly killing a children’s imagination following the rapid decrease of imaginary friends.




A new survey conducted by Snarzaroo has learnt just 17percent of children have imaginary friends,which is a rapid decline from the 2001 record that found almost half of British kids had made up invisible playmate.


And the study believes devices,such as iPads and other electronic goods are the culprit and are damaging a child’s creativity.




Speaking about research, Dr Amanda Gunner-who is the founder and CEO of Fundamentally children- said:


“Imaginative play is hugely beneficial for childre-being able to transport themselves into -make believe worlds with imaginary characters can help them make sense of their world or provide an escape from it(something that supports good mental health in later life).


“Suspending reality give children the opportunity to think outside of the box and be as creative as they like,with none of the restrictions that are placed on real life activity”.


And Gummer has urged parents to encourage “imaginative play” or artistic outlets.


She continued:


“Parents can help children engage in imaginative play by providing them with a balanced play diet and managing the amount of time children spend as passive receivers of digital contents”.

“Tools such as face paints, building blocks,dressing up clothes and play dough can help to stimulate this”.


“Free, child-led play is the super-food of the play diet and can balance the less imaginative play activities that are sometimes found in high toys and screen play”.


Culled from







Without any iota of doubt,much have been written and published in this serial,topical and Knowledge-based inspirational and motivational articles that started at the beginning of the new year to serve as a booster and enhancer of pushinh any form of of positive intention and expectations that always accompany the line of thought of veryone at the commencement of the new year.



It has been an all-encompassing publication that is construed and designed in form of daily nuggets specifically attached to each day of the first month of the new year which accounted for the reason why the basic necessities are 31 in number.



It is a fact of reality that obeys both natural,spiritual and supernatural law that there is always a beginning and an end to everything.





The beginning of this episodic-serial publications has been awesome and fulfilling ,also the end has been accomplishing ,overwhelmimg and satisfactory as this publication has imparted and prepared many viewers,readers and followers who took their time to read along and digest the contents of this topical publications.



This is an idea pushed by the author and it is prone and available to criticism and any form of additional contribution that will serve the purpose of enhancing all- round human capital development aimed at making human development a reference point targetted at making the world a better place.



In view of this,I declared and presented this page as the concluding part of my publication for the month of January 2018.



It has been 31 different nuggets targetted to enhance your views and beliefs that 2108 becomes fulfilling when your service, selflessness and sacrifice are not compromised and toiled with.







Without any gainsaying,the efforts and time invested by all my readers,viewers and followers can never be overlooked and underestimated because this has been a source of encouragement to me to do more by taking my time to give my best in satisfying  and meeting up the desire of everyone who are already part of my dream and success story to build a media channel that will have a household brand accompany with meaningful imparts in the course of life.


It has been wonderful and magnificient having the crops of personalities that have been part of my blog since inception.




What I can just offer at this moment is my heartfelt appreciation.


Thank you all for giving me chance to publish “31 BASIC NECESSITIES FOR A BIGGER,BETTER,BOLDER AND A BRIGHTER 2108—NUGGET 1-31.


Thanks for reading.













I was busy with laundry on the 10th of December 2017 when this idea popped into my mind in the form of question.It was at this point that I decided that it will be important and imperative for my followers,readers and viewers to have a bite of this delicious piece of cake that I believed it will go in a long way to serve as an eye-openner to me as the author and every other person who desire deep inspiration and motivation that is neccesity in announcing the essence of human existence on earthly pedestal.



In the course of my elementary schooling, I could vividly remember that I was groomed and schooled being tutored about some people who left indellible marks in the test of time and they were always referred to as heroes and heroine due to the impact and impart made by them that ended up transforming the existence of humanity accompanied by the positive effects of their contributions that provided a solution to multifarious challenges that is bedevilling and plaguing human existence at one point or the other.



While in retrospect of what was learnt then,I decided to present this topical write up intended to delve into some of the values and virtues that made my elementary school days to be filled with dreams,vision and passion of becoming someone that will be a source of positive reference to others in the form of mentor and mentee relationship.



Some of the values and virtues that made these people to become what they are in the annals of human history are:

  • Vision.

  • Passion.

  • Dedication and commitment.

  • Being Hardworking.

  • Honesty.

  • Being bold and daring.

  • Being sacrificial and selfless.

  • Ability to recognise the needful and other neccessities.

  • Ability to engage timely intervention to solve problems and challenges.

  • Smartness and the possession of will power.

  • Strength to go extra mile in order to contribute positively.

  • Agility and composure.



lEGACIES 2 (1)



These are some of the factors that enhance and empower these people to make their living meaningful and contributory in the course of their existence.



It is even chronicled in the history of these great men and women that some of them put their lifes on the line and dared extreme danger and inhumanity meted against them by their oppressor in other for people looking up to them with the coming generation to be enjoy the beauty and the fulfillment of liberty while existing on earth.


Some of these people were labelled as an outlaw and an outcast loosing their possession for a struggle that is aimed at liberating the oppressed and the downtrodden in the society.



In the course of the struggle, some were maimed,killed and incancerated just because they are fighting for what is right and what they believed in.



These are people that willingly sacrifice their comfort and convenience for the generation yet unborn to enjoy freedom and liberation from oppression and every form of inhumanity.



The period of colonisation and imperialism in the continent of Africa were filled with the stories of these great men and women who sacrificed their lifes in other for slavery to be abolished.It was chronicled that the Trans-Atlantic Slave trade stripped off the continent of Africa of valuables in terms of natural and human resources,a kind of endeavour that was construed and it prosper for so long that many able bodied men and women were transported on the high sea to faciliate the triangular slave trade from Africa to Europe and finally to the land of America.



These kind of inhumanity was stopped and aborted with the help of some people who fought with every pinch of their blood and every ounce of their flesh to make sure that all the countries in Africa were liberated and independence was given at the end of the day.


No one can forget what Nelson Mandela,Martin Luther King Jr,Julius Nyerere of Tanzania,Obafemi Awolowo,Nnamdi Azikwe and others sacrificed to ,ake sure that the continent of Africa experienced self-governance.



These sets of people are observed to be dreamers and visioners passionate about sacrificing whatever is necessary for what they believed in to see the light of the day.



The success of their struggle was not given on a platter of gold and it was not a piece of cake given in a party but it is a selfless sacrifice that made so many people to loose their life in the course of the struggle for the liberation and emancipation of humanity platformed on the respect and protection of human right.



The contributions of these great minds placed a kind of weighty responsibility on all of us that the legacies left behind must be protected and preserved by developing their contributions to a concept that will serve as a tool of information,mentorship and tutorship for the world to have the rising of other giants and trailblazers that will be at the forefront of championing courses of humanity that will trigger the transformation of the entire world into a place where the dreams, visions and aspirations of everyone to come into reality.



It is possible for all of us to leave behind evergreen legacies in the course of our existence if we are willing of contributing our quota in a positive and a little way to see to the development and transformation of the entire world by being sensitive and conscious of what need to be done to be a part of the progress and development that is eluding the entire world.



In conclusion,legacies are made and they become evergreen when we make sure that we strife in contributing positively to human existence while we are living.The impact of our living and the impart of our existence must be felt by people around us no matter how insignificant the contribution might be.Those who ended up leaving a legacy behind don’t sit down doing nothing in contributing in amelioriating and salvaging human suffering as it is being witnessed across the length and breadth of the entire world.



It is on this concept and context that great leaders are made with their contributions being loud even when they have drawn the curtain.



“Servanthood makes great leaders and contributions makes evergreen legacies”.












Just of recent I had an encounter with the ministry of Holy Spirit,precisely last weekend.It was on the 18th of November 2017.


As I got back from work in the evening,the first issue or challenge I faced was that there was no elecricity supply and my tap has stopped running.


This simply means that there is no water.The water stored in case there is a challenge like this was almost running out and all I could do at the moment is to be bothered thinking about how the weekend will be without water coupled with the fact that there is so many domestic chores that are calling for attention like laundry and general cleaning of the entire house.


At a point, when power was restored, I dashed out to put on the pumping machine but to my chagrin,the pumping machine didnt power which trigger a kind of consternation in the process because I was overwhelmed with the thought of the pumping machine being faulty.


Later, I thought of the pumping machine being repaired but that will be a long-term solution due to the fact that before other co-tenants will rally around to get technician and contribute money for the repair,it might take a couple of days for such solution to arrive.


This disappointment made so many things to run through my mind at a time.And I was like:


“What is the way out now”


Am I going to be sourcing for where to get water from outside?


“What of if I didnt get a place”?




Later, I submitted that I will simply get the serve of “mai ruwa” and pay for some buckets of water but something in me kept asking another question that:


“What of if I didn’t get mai ruwa?


“What am I going to  do”


At this juncture,I was bottled up with emotion and anger blaming myself for not putting some palliative measures on ground to avert this type of situation like getting a bigger container that I can use in storing more volume of water that can last me and and my family for a period of three days.


I was in quandary of what to do and anger has started consuming the whole fabrics of me and I started reacting to everything and everyone around me.


The first person to receive such backlash was my wife.


But at a point I heard my inner mind telling me quietly in a low voice, though it was audibly telling me to calm down.


Despite this, I kept asking myself how the weekend will be without water or how are we going to manage with insufficient volume of water because power outage is easy to manage but managing water is something that can make someone life unbearable.


It is something I dont think someone should envisage or pray for because sourcing for water outside someone’s vicinity is quite arduous and painful.The thought of it is killing and suicidal.


This was the experience I have to manage and deal with on Friday evening–18th of November 2017 till the dawn of 19th of November 2017.


In the course of being moody and angered,I heard a voice telling me many times to calm down that things will sort itself out without any stress.It was by the second time, that I started being calm down.


And by the third time, I heard a silent voice telling me to be careful not to transfer the aggression on my wife.At this point, I realised that it is the Spirit of God cautioning me to be very careful with the situation on ground.


By the dawn of 19th of November, when I suddenly woke up in the middle of the night still thinking about an easy way out from the present predicament being faced by me.It was at this point I took a practical step to just uttered a point of prayer silently within me in this manner:


“Holy Spirit!!!”


“What can I do now?”


Then I heard a voice telling me to calm down.


It was at this point i was able to hold my peace.




Suddenly, around 6am,in the twilight of 19th of November 2017, I just heard noise of water splashing on the floor which simply signalled that the overhead storage tank is filled to the brim.


It was at this point that I realised that it was not our pumping machine that is faulty but it was the designated pre-paid meter for pumping machine that has run out.


Then, as a family we were able to attend for all the necessities that is on ground in the course of the weekend.


This encounter and experience offer me an opportunity to learn some practical gift that every christian is endued with in the spiritual.



It was recorded in the scripture that the Holy Spirit is a person with a pronoun “HE” by JESUS CHRIST.

It reads:


“These things I have spoken to you;while abiding with you.”But the Helper,the Holy Spirit,whom the Father will send in My name,HE will teach you all things, and bring to your remembrance all that I said to you”.


Many Christians are oblivious of the fact that Just as we are in relationship with God-the father and Jesus Christ,the son,so also is our relationship with the Holy Spirit ought to be by seeing the Holy Spirit as a person in like image as any one of us.


With this,it is pertinent for any good christian to relate with the Holy Spirit as a person by offering prayers to Him as a person just the way we pray to God but the form by which our prayers should be offered to the Holy Spirit should be in the form of questions asking Him salient questions about issues that are not clear to us in every facet of our existence.


The Holy Spirit is a member of trinity that offers answers to prayers that have to do with questioning,leading and searching of deep things in the physical and in the spiritual.


It is a pity that many Christians are oblivious of this salient truth and they have not been doing anything to maximize this opportunity given to us by God which was announced to us at the point when Jesus Christ was returning back to heaven.


Another important virtue I learnt is:



While the earthly ministry of Jesus Christ was about coming to an end,Jesus Christ handed his disciples over to the Holy Spirit asking them to wait for the enduement of the Holy Spirit before they start their ministry which came to pass on the day of pentecost.—Acts of the Apostle 2.


In the book of John 14 verse 26:


It was chronicled that:


“But the comforter,which is the Holy Ghost,whom the Father will send in my name,he shall teach you all things and bring all things to your remembrance whatsoever I have said to you”-KJV.


With this,it was explicitly written that the Holy Spirit is our comforter while other biblical verson recorded that the Holy Spirit  is our helper.So the “comfort and the help seeking” ministry in divinity is inherent in the Holy Spirit.


In the light of this, whenever our supplication and petition falls within the confines of seeking comfort and help,it is always being handled by the person of the Holy Spirit.


Many Christians are unaware of this application because they think that our relationship with the Holy Spirit is all about speaking in strange tongue and languages as it happenned on pentecost day.


This is quite wrong and it places a limitation on our relationship with the personality of the Holy Spirit.


Among other ministry, the ministry of the Holy Spirit relects in this areas:

  • Provision of comfort and ease.
  • Teaching
  • Leading
  • Remembrance
  • Help.
  • Empowement and enduement.


In addition,it is important to know that just as we relate with God and Jesus Christ in Prayers and worship, the Holy Spirit desire and deserve thesame level of relationship.This is something that is amiss largely in christiandom presently.If we can reference the first two members of divinity or trinity, why do we leave the third member without according to Him thesame reference and recognition.


No matter what you are passing through now,no matter how miry and dirty life might be,I want you to rely and rest on the comfort and help of the Holy Spirit.He is ready to bring out a coin from the mouth of the fish in order to meet your needs.


Before this can come to reality,you must recognise, reference and relate with the Holy Spirit so that His ministry will reflect and be visible in your life.


In conclusion,I will ask us one question.


It reads:


“Why are you panting or panicking when you have THE HOLY SPIRIT.”



NB:“The word “mai ruwa” is used in describing anyone who uses a cart-pusher to sell water in kegs usually 20 Litres Keg.It is an HAUSA LANGUAGE.







In a report filed by Christina Pellegrini on the 26th of November 2017 on MSN News.


There’s a major royal rumor circulating that Prince Harry is about to pop the question to Meghan Markle.


And it seems like the whole world is here for it.In fact,Buckingham Palace just addressed the engagement rumors.And now, we don’t know what to think.


If you can believe it, Prince William and Kate Middleton wed nearly seven years ago,and so much has happened since then.


William and Kate are already expecting their third child.Everyone seems to be ready for royal wedding part two.Even the bookmakers agree-they have suspended bets on a 2018 royal wedding because the possibility seems so highat this point.


Prince Harry 2


It’s no secret that things are serious between Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.


According to reports,Markle has moved out of her Toronto residence and into Nottingham Cottage,Harry’s residence at Kessington Palace.Apparently,it’s not so much of an “if” they get engaged,but “when”.And that could seriously shake up the British Monarchy.


Perhaps eyes on the royal family even more so than usual,given that this year marked the 20th anniversary of Princess Diana’s death.


We’ve also seen more incresible fairytale wedding(most recently,Serena Williams’s to Alexis Ohanian), and that’s only got us jonessing to see more.


So, what does the royal family have to say about all  this?


Well,according to Hello!;a spokesperson from Buckingham Palace responded to the rumors,only saying that they’would not give a running commentary on Harry’s love life.


If you ask us,that seems very suspicious.


Royal expert Katie Nitcholl agrees that an engagement seems like it’s comin soon, according to ET.But she does make a strong point that “it really is all about timing”.


“You have to remember there are other engagements and events coming up in the royal calendar that an engagement simply couldn’t clash with,”Nicholl to ET.”I think that the new year is probably a more realistic prospect for an engagement announcement.

From “”:

“Congratulations to the two love birds”.


Published by Christina Pellegrini on MSN News.


Culled by “” on MSN News.





As marriage has been generally and acceptably known and defined as a union between a man and a woman,since it involve the congregation and coming together of different parties from different background with different views,beliefs,perspective with diverse and varied understanding,it is of no doubt that every marriage will be prone and subjected to conflicts no matter how deep the love between the man and the woman involved might be.


The emergence of conflicts in marriage should not be underestimated,overlooked and toiled with,it is a reality that no reasonable mind should shy away from and if it not properly and aptly managed,curtailed and controlled,it is potent and powerful enough to shatter,wreck and cause irreperable wreckage of any marriage no matter how long the marital vow has been taken.


The best known marriage in the history of mankind has its low point and high point with multifarious ups and downs.Some survived while others crashed like a pack of cards with all the efforts geared towards redeeming it proofed abortive.


Hence,the need for effective and efficient conflicts management and maintenance is essentilally necessary and this should be enhanced by conscious and concerted efforts that demands sensitivity and all round commitment from concerned parties to see the effect of conflicts as a reality but not as a dream or a fairy tale.


Though,there have been  the relay of some marital union that escaped conflicts and the potentials of its wreckage were not in any way surfaced as a reality in the course of some marriages but these sets of marriages are few while majority of marriages in this present generation have been pumelled, tossed, shattered,scattered and destroyed by one form of conflict or the other.


While the causes of conflicts in some marriages are simple, others are known to be complex but no matter the simplicity and complexity of the type of conflicts that emerge in the course of any marital union,the bulk of the solution needed to avert the total collapse of such marital union lies in the hands  of the parties involved.


It is of essence to know and understand that the causes of conflicts in marriages could be traceable to external forces and external influences to a large extent that are bound to effectively and efficiently alter the potent force that have been maximized and optimized in keeping such marital union in accordance to its purpose without any rancour.


In all ramification,conflict is a reality in marriage but it is essential to have a deep knowledge and understanding of some of the causes and how these can be managed,controlled,curtailed and how it can be subjected to effective resolutions targetted and chanelled towards making the divine purpose and the intent of marriages to become a reality.


In the light of this,it is of necessity and importance to highlight some basic influences that can trigger marital conflicts between husband and wife.


These are viz:

1.Misunderstanding and misconception.


3.Rigidity in thought and decision.

4.Ego and Pride.

5.Infidelity and promiscousness.

6.Selfishness or self-centredness.

7.Being insensitive and unconcerned to each others needs.

8.Lack or dearth of  effective communication between husband and wife.

9.External influences from friends ,colleagues, relative and extended families.

10.Laziness,levity and laxity in being responsive to marital responsibilities.


12.Engaging in extra-marital affairs.

13.Lack of patience and perseverance.






These are some of the potent forces that are powerful enough to crash and collapse any marital union no matter how succesful and prosperous such marital union might have been in the time past.


These are some of the enemies that are present in every society and they have been known to constitute a clog in wheel of any form of desire for a marital union that will end up being everlasting.


Despite all these,it is a known fact that any shade or form of conflict in any marriage can be concluded and summarized to have its  foundation in clash of interest and view.


No matter the seriousness of any marital conflicts,it is known fact that every problem in life has a solution, so there is no conflict in any marriage that cannot be managed  until resolutions are made to smoothen the bended marital union that have suffered a great blow due to one conflict or the other.


In the light of this, some of the means and methods of marital conflicts resolutions are viz:


1.Engagement  and application of  mutual and friendly dialogue.

2.Being patience.

3.Being considerate.


5.Behavioural and attitudinal change.


7.Being matured in thoughts and reasoning.

8.Concerted effective efforts in learning and applying effective and efficient anger management techniques and procedural methods.

9.Engaging the efficiency of spirituality through the mysteries of fasting and prayers.

10.Concerted efforts should be enhanced by concerned parties involed to maintain sharp responses to marital demands and responsibilities.

11.Maintenance of effective communication between husband and wife.

12.Openness to one another and trustworthiness.






The statistics of domestic violence in the world keeps skyrocketting and its effect is becoming alarming which has been on record as one of the anti-social and anti-human reality that has constituted a bane to development in every society across the length and breadth of the entire world.


If all the parties involved in the institution of marriage can endeavour to understand the divine purpose of marriage, marriages in this generation and the next generation will retain its essence which will be able to maintain human sanctity that is becoming extremely expensive  in this present dispensation in the annals of human existence on the surface of the earth.




Marriages becomes blisful and beautiful when the concerned parties are ready to sacrifice all that is needed essentially to make it possible by contributing their quota in building the edifice of marital union through commitment, dedication, service and selflessness that must be chanelled towards a marital union that will be a plus to mankind and the entire human society.


If all the parties involved in marriage can enhance their personal development by seeking the face of God and endeavour to learn from the throne of grace about the prerequisites and the requirements for a blisful and a succesful marriage,the efforts of husband and wife in building a virile and a purposeful marital empire will become cheap and easy.



























This idea occupied my line of thought just now which could be submitted as an outcome of my personal appraisal about my plans concerning year 2017 when it started about twelve months ago.


It came like a sort of questioning asking myself about how far I have gone achieving some laid down aims and objectives designed for the achievement of my goals from the beginning of 2017 till this present moment.


While I was able to achieve some, others remained untouched till this present moment due to certain circumstances that are somehow hard beyond my ability and capacity to comprehend what could have happened in preventing such aim and objectives from becoming handy and a object of reality.


One of the goals I planned achieving in the course of 2017 which I will mention is getting my blogsphere upgraded to premium so that it can become monetised but looking back at the realities of this year, I observed that I was unable to get it done.


The year started specially with multifarious practical realities, some were expected while others are unexpected.Just as the saying goes:


“Always expect the unexpected”


There are two practical realities that accompany 2017 and these realities are:


  • The expected
  • The unexpected.


I will refrain to a large extent from going deep into the two aforementioned realities so that there will not be a major digression from the subject matter but one thing that is cocksure is that :


goal 2


“Why is it that dreams and plans are made continually and continuosly on a daily basis by every one living on earthly pedestal but only few of the visions made becomes a subject and an object of reality?”


This is a one million dollar question that is as old as the world itself.It is a question that is being asked by every human being and it will continue to be a question that will be asked till the end of age but few people who understand the secrets of earthly mysteries will be empowered to give reasonable practical answers to this question.


The possibilities of the realities of your dreams,plans and aspirations end up being  fulfilled when you are able to meet up with the set goals.Goals are the catalysts that speed up the rate and speed at which our laid down dreams,plans and aspirations can be achieved expressly.


In contrast,many people are fond of making and creating goals towards achieving a set target but the achievements are always difficult and impossible,and the reasons for such impossibility and difficulty needs to be highlighted one after the other.


These are viz:


  • Inconsitency in meeting up with set goals.
  • Lack of focus.
  • Distraction.
  • Dishonesty.
  • Lack of interest.
  • Lack of discipline and self-control.
  • Laziness and floppiness.
  • Lack of determination and commitment.
  • Lack of persevearance and persistency
  • Lack of will-power
  • Lack of vision
  • Lack of ability to live a selfless and sacrificial lifestyle.
  • Wastefulness of resources
  • Procrastination


These are some of the thorns that are potent enough to choke any form of goals laid down in the course of your bid to achieve the beauty of your dreams,plans and aspiration at any point in time.




These are sets of factors that cluster as a colony,a canopy and a covering to blur your desire and drive to achieve a set goals in the course of the year.


Every year becomes beautiful when your goals become a reality but bthe reality of the goals can never see the light of the day once some of these factors have their assemblage in your approach to achieve what is needed to make your dreams,plans and aspiration a confirmed practical reality.


Your desire and drive to achieve your set goals and targets are akin to a journey and a sojourn.For any journey to be smooth and succesful, such must be free from obstacles and clogs that constitute a wall of resistance to the success of such journey.


In conclusion, we are all at the tail end of the year whereby it is necessary for personal appraisal and stock-taking must be made in order to visualise how far you have gone in achieving you set goals and target.


This must be carried out by anyone who desire proper monitoring of personal progress and achievement so that proper preparation can be made in correcting the lapses of 2017 for 2018 to be more succesful and glorious in all ramifications.






I have done all within my capacity to stay clear and refrain from writing about the gory incident that occurred in Florida in the United State of America and I have also tried not to apportion part of my time to read the contents of what really happened on that fateful day.


It is not due to lack of sympathy and empathy on my side but it is due to the fact that I have not recovered from the kind of cold shock and uttermost unbelief that is eating me up since the news of such gory incidence popped to the hearing of the entire world.


The surprising aspect and unexpected part of the whole story that majority didn’t bother to consider as something serious and unacceptable to my hearing is the rationale and the explanation that could proffer reasons that made the American society to tag this incidence as ordinary mass shooting.


Meanwhile, on my part as a Nigeria, I see it as nothing but an act of terrorism.This in essence made me to clearly tagged it as a HOMELAND TERRORISM.If the maiming and killing of more than seventy people in Benue State recently can be called and accepted by all media–both local and international as a massacre,I see no reason that the mass shooting that was orchestrated by a lad of 19-years old should not be tagged as a massacre and a sort of apartheid against humanity.


In order not to waste time on the taxonomy,since I didn’t belong to the American society,I have little understanding about what made such act inhumanity to be tagged as ordinary mass shooting.


Without wasting time,I believed that Americans should be able to have reasons for this act of terrorism that the American Society has been known for.


It is high time for Americans to call the spade the spade that while they are busy policing the entire world with there efforts in curbing act of terrorism on a global scale and altitude,it is better for America as a country to take time and look inward about what can be done to improve the homeland security so that the entire nation with her citizen can be safe from internal attack and barbarism that is becoming a constant and a continuos experience across the length and breadth of the entire American Nation.


How can a society that claimed to be one of the most developed nation allows and empowers a  teenager to be armed to the teeth to that extent?


What sort of hatred could have been powerful and potent enough to make a beast and a murderer out of a young lad?


Is advancement in every sector of human endeavour that the American Society is known for be the reason for the making of devil’s advocate and incarnate?





To an extent,there is a need for American Society to seek for policy change that will address and push for the restriction of access to ammunition and every form of materials that can cause injury or uttermost loss of life to another person.With the present realities on ground,there is an urgent need for gun control with an all-encompassing need to address and seek for approach that will birth the total demilitarisation of the entire American Society.


A country that is known for her military advancement and prowess should be able to curb any form and shade of both external and internal aggression that might constitute any form of danger to the life of innocent citizens.


How can a 19-year old guy have access to ammunition to the extent that he was able to use it effectively and ended up snuffing out seventeen innocent life succesfully?



This is a confirmation that infrastructural development and being one of the best nation on earth is not in any way the best way of measuring how developed the mind of her citizenry are.It can be concluded that despite the extent of breakthrough in science and technology that aided the cutting edge development the United States of America is known for, more efforts are still needed in developing the mind of American citizen from being exposed to evil and all sorts of idealogy and philosophy that might be inimical to the existence of other citizen.


The recent happening in Florida is unacceptable and it is a dent to the fabrics of a society that has been the love and dreams of many people across the length and breadth of the entire world.


The recent happening in Florida has been accompanied with sympathies,prayers and condolences but this is not enough in any way.There is a need for practical approach that will control and curtail accessibility to ammunition that seems to be somehow easily possessed by any dick and harry.


In conclusion, the entire world is using this medium to commiserate with the families of those who loss their lives and the bereaved families at this moment.This is an ugly scene that is barbaric and uncivilized.


I pray that the families of the deceased and the bereaved will have the fortitude to bear the irreparable loss caused by this gory incident.


May their souls rest in peace.





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#Homeland Terrorism#












In an entertainment news reported by Zach Johnson on February 22, 2018 at 4:45AM on


It was reported that Oprah Winfrey has no time for nonsense.

And thats precisely how she would describe President Donald Trump’s recent tweet,in which he criticized her interviewing abilities in a 60 Minutes segment, called her “very insecure” and dared her to run for office,just “so she can be exposed and defeated just like all of others!”


Winfrey did not respond to Trump’s via Twitter Sunday,but was asked about it on Ellen DeGeneres Show Thursday.

“I woke up and I just thought…….”Winfrey said,raising her hands.”And I don’t like giving negativity power,so I just thought,”What?’


What I actually did was I went back and looked at the tape to see if there was any place that that could be true.Did I feel like it was slanted or biased?I went back and looked at every tape;I called the producers”


Just watched a very insecure Oprah Winfrey,who at one point I knew very well,I interview a panel of people on 60Minutes.The questions were biased and slanted,the facts incorrect.Hope Oprah runs as she can be exposed and defeated just like others!

-Donald J.Trump(@realDonaldTrump)February 19,2018.


As Winfrey explained to Ellen DeGeneres, whenever she films segments for the CBS program,


“You sit in a room with at least seven other people who critique the piece before you air it-before you do the introduction to it-and then they give you the critique.They critique every word.’Is this fair?’.You have this whole panel of people looking at whether it was fair,And actually,the first time I saw it,I said,”There’s something missing from the conversation”.


Winfrey  moderated a discussion with a diverse group of voters from Grand Rapids MI,asking questions based on recent headlines.”When I had asked question,’Do you care about what other people thinh about America?’they only used Democratic side.I remembered the guy Matt has said,’No.We’re the only people who are worried,that other countries are thinking of us.’And I said,’I think you should go back and put that in because it makes it more balanced.’So,I was working very hard to do the opposite of what I was hate-tweeted about,[but] it’s OK”


DeGeneres defended Winfrey earlier in the show,saying,Trump has “gone too far”.


‘Oprah is my friend”she warned Trump,”and when you mess with Oprah, you mess with me”.


“President Trump,it’s time for an aha moment”.


“You’re not just some guy on Twitter anymore.You’re the President for all of us.It is your job to unite people,and you don’t do it by attacking people,especially Oprah”,she added.”Like I said, you don’t mess with Oprah.She’s my friend.


Despite Trump’s challenge to run for President in 2020,Winfrey isn’t interested in the job.

“I’ve always felt very secure and confident with myself in knowing what I could do and what I could not.And so it’s not something that interests me,”she told Instyle.”I don’t have the DNA for it”.





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Without any doubt,this is one of the questions that always accompany the achievement of a particular feat and task or series of accomplishment.


While some of us get clarity of what the next step ought to be or should be,others are always in quandary and utmost confusion of where to start from or what is the next step.


This phase of human existence is not strange and peculiar to a perticular tribe, sex,race,ethnicity,social group,peer group,political and religious affliation.The peculiarity of this phase of human existence is all encompassing and overwhelming to the point that everyone  found existing on earthly pedestal will pass through this phase asking and pondering about ‘what could be next step”.


It is a phase of life that can never be denied, dodged and overlooked.


It is a moment whereby decisions that will make or mar the destiny of anyone who is presently in existence.


It is a fact and a statement of assurance that over 7 billion population of human being is being accommodated on the surface of earth and they are all going to be a product of this phase or they are all going to get to get to a point in the course of their existence whereby such question will demand an answer from them.


After all have been done,

After all sacrifices and selfless inputs,

After given all the resources at your disposal,

After contributing immensely,

After giving a hand of help and hope to others,

After being the light amidst gross darkness,

After being lifting others from miry clay,

After crossing the rubicon,


What next!!!


No doubt about it,at a particular point in life, we are all going to encounter an experience that has to do with a feeling of satisfaction or a feeling of disappointment and discouragement.


We are all going to believe that we have done what we can do within our capacity to salvage and restore situations around us.We are all going to feel resentful and discouraged after all we have done in sacrificing selflessly for others but societal system deliberately or indeliberately failed to recognize,recommend and renumerate our efforts.


why 2


In the midst of this experience,it is never abnormal,strange and abysmal for anyone to feel cheated or discouraged but one thing that sure is that at this point that the latent strength in us ought to push us forward to forge ahead continuing doing what is necessary,good and right for the elevation and emancipation of the entire world.


Every human being on the surface of the earth can be likened to a farmer.While some of will sow a good seed on a good soil,some will sow a bad seed on a good soil but it is only few people that would sow a good seed on a good soil.


Then, while the seed sown by you is strangled and prevented to germinate due to poor societal systematic decadence,it is pertinent for you to encourage yourself ,dust yourself and keep moving until you get a good seed in your hand and a good soil whereby it will be sown,germinate and end up becoming an evergreen tree that will turn into a forest in the nearest future.


No matter how inconsequential an effort geared towards alleviating the plight of the next person around you might be,it is reasonable and rationale that it should be appreciated but it is appalling and disheartning that the system being operated in our world today has no value and appreciation for truthful human endeavour chanelled towards making the world a better place,hence many people that have good intention to make things better ends up being frustrated and they keep on asking questions about “what is the next step”.


No matter how disappointed and discouraged you are, the best way to handle this kind of experience is for you to become relentless and unrepentant in your desire to make things right in the course of your existence on earth.


Though,many of your efforts will end up being unappreciated with some of it ending up putting you in problem and also making you to be at a logger-head with some people,cabals and authorities.


The best solution is for you to define your goals,targets and fashion out series of strategies that will allow your efforts to be appreciated.


Always remember that there are over 7 billion people that needs the littleness of your efforts to trigger and birth the latent greatness inherent in them.


In conclusion, whenever your effort in alleviating the plight of one person is not appreciated, do not give up,always remember that the world you live in has a population of over 7 billion people.Always remember and consider the remaining sea of heads that are waiting for the unappreciated effort wasted on that one person.That effort expended on one person that is not appreciated and valued is enough, powerful and potent to raise million of people out of the miry clay.


Once your effort is not appreciated, change the scope and make sure you find other people that are in dire need of what you can offer as a form of effort and resources needed for their dream to come to reality.


In essence, the next step is for you to look for other people that will appreciate what you can offer.


You have wasted precious time being pensive and ruminating about what the next step.


Maximize your precious time to look for people that need what you can offer.




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The introductory portion of this particular publication was posted on facebook on the 9th of January 2017.I read through it recently and I discovered it will serve the purpose of being an addition to the spiritual growth of my readers, viewers and followers in one way or the other.


It goes thus:


When you loose your tune with God, you will end up loosing your turn with men.Immortality through mortality is enhanced when you maintain continuous connectivity with divinity.It is only those who can lean down before God that will rise up strong with men.


Reflecting the attitude of divinity and displaying the attributes of eternity is possible and could be enhanced when your knowledge about the demands of spending sternity with God while on earth is continuosly and constantly sought for accompanied with efforts to have deeper conscious spiritual knowledge about God and His ways.


Your thirst and yearnings for the beauty of divinity and the reality of eternity while on earth make men seek your attention concerning every affair of life because the spiritual has the midas touch of turning whatever is present and available in the physical to a source of help and a source of hope for anyone who believed that the spiritual superceed the physical in all ramification.


The possibility of the emergence of the glory of God in your life is strictly through your connectivity with divinity.No one radiates and reflects God’s purpose for humanity without any knowledge about divinity and it is the consciousness of your relationship with the concepts of spirituality that enhances the establishment of divine enablement and spiritual empowerment necessary to tackle and efface the myriads of challenges being faced by the entire mankind presently and in the years to come.



No doubt about it,knowledge is power and power is synonymous in all concepts and contexts to power.The versatility and the vastness of your knowledge about divinity through the word of God is the solution to all challenges bedevilling humanity.Hence,the necessity to have a deep knowledge about divinity through God is of essence and it is a demand and a desire placed as a responsibility and a duty on all humans who are ready to make an impact and an impart in the course of their existence on earth.It is essentially valuable and it should not be traded with anything present in this earthly pedestal that we are all occupying.


Once, your knowledge about God is vast and fertile, the opportunity to become great and live a meaningful life becomes cheap,easy and achievable.


Knowledge about divinity through God is essential for the emergence and fulfilment of God’s purpose for every human on the surface of earth.


Hence,there is a need to understand ways by which knowledge about divinity through God can be enhanced which will invariably have a positive influence on your relationship with God.


Your relationship with God is the most valuable and essential  undertaken that should be guided, enhanced and maintained which will invariably have a positive influence on your relationship with God.




Our relationship with God is the most essential personal endeavour that should be engineered in a manner that God becomes everything to you if you are to live at the centre of your plan and purpose of God for your life while you are existing now and in the life to come which is eternity.


Hence, the need to highlight some cogent scriptural bullets that will boost and enhance the maintenance of your relationship with God.


These are:

  • Fasting and Prayer—-Mark 9 vs 29 KJV.
  • Holiness and righteousness—-Hebrew 12 vs 24 KJV,Proverb 14 vs 34 KJV.
  • Faith—Mark 11 vs 24 KJV,Romans 10 vs 10 KJV,Hebrew 11 vs 1 KJV.
  • Giving—Proverb 11 vs 25 KJV,Proverbs 3 vs 27 KJV.
  • Obeying the commandments of God—Deutronomy 28 vs 1-68 KJV.
  • Meditating on the Word of God—Joshua 1 vs 8 KJV.




With these and all other ones not highlighted in the course of this publication,any child of God who craves for a deeper relationship with God must maximize all these as a viable means which could enhance optimally the vastness and the viability of the knowledge of divinity as it is chronicled expressly and simply in the scripture.



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©Fadeyi Felix Femi.

DO MORE!!!—-(3 Minutes Read)

How can you give up now?

When your best is not yet enough.

Your best can never be enough,

As long as you are still alive,

Something in you cries for more,

Something in you yearns for satisfaction,

Your desire for betterment is elastic,

It  has no limit,

Its extension has no bound.



Keep pushing,

Keep pressing,

Keep panting,

Keep wishing,

Keeping dreaming,

Keep working,

Keep asking,

Keep knocking,



Garnish your wishes with actions,

Polish your desires with steps,

Complete your talks,

Walk your talks,

Give life to your dreams,

Spark up your talk,

Take the right step.


No doubt about it,

Your best is not yet enough,

You need to do more,

With the little you have,

You have more than enough,

To be the best.

You get more when you do more,

You get more when you give more.


Your enough is not enough,

Till the end,

When your eyes are closed in the grave.

As long as you are still breathing,

Keep moving to get the best.

Keep striving to be the best.


The world is waiting for you,

For the emergence of your greatness,

Kept silent by your fear,

Learn your fear,

Master your weakness,

Your fear and your weaknesses,

Are enough to hold you down.

Your fears and your weaknesses

Are enough to launch you to the top.


To some,

 Sky is the limit,

To others,

Sky is the starting point,

Whats is the difference,




If not the fear of the unknown,

And the despair of failure,

With the thought of,

What others will say.

 Those who fear the worse ,

Will end up being the worse,



Nothing gets done,

With the presence of fear and failure.


Your best is not yet enough,

Strive for more,

Strike to get more goals,



Do More!

Do more!!

Do more!!!




©Wordsmith Scribe 2018.


©Fadeyi Felix Femi


Recently, I was in the middle of discharging my official duty that needs random sampling.Hence, the need to make use of a razor blade ensued but while using the razor blade,it cut lightly into my skin in one of my fingers.


Since the cut was light,I waved it and think it was minor.Hence, I continued cutting my sample till I finished it.


As I was leaving the point of sampling, I realized that blood is coming out, though not too much but I expected it to stop after a while without the application of any medication.


I got down to the office to commence analysis and reporting on the sample taken a while ago and all I realised was that the blood coming out became unabated.


After few minutes of my expectation being dashed, I quickly went to apply Methylated Spirit in order for the blood coming out to dwindle but reverse was the case because the blood coming out failed to stop despite the methylated spirit applied.


I became infuriated with this reality because it keeps wasting my time and prevented me from attending to the analysis of the sample taken and I kept using Toilet Tissue to hold the blood coming out from staining the sample taken and the fresh report sheet in my hand.


It was really frustrating.


At a point, after being disturbed by the unabated blood coming out from the cut, I was forced to opt for the usage of a particular flammable solvent called thinner.Despite the application,the discharge persisited.


Then, I accepted my fate and continued with the discharge of my duty.


After a while, I checked and to my utmost surprise,cut dried up and blood has stopped coming out.


At the end of this experience,I had an inspiration while I was reminiscing on what I passed through in the course of the day and I decided to use it to inspire all my viewers, readers and followers who are passing through one experience or the other.


I just want you to know that it will soon be over.Every inconvenient experience or reality is bound to expire and fizzle out because no condition is permanent.


Often times than none, one could likened the experience life throw at us as similar as the cut I had in the course of the day.The experience might be short and small just like the cut I had which is very small and not too deep.Hence, we handle it lightly as something that will not take time before it will stop and fade away.So, we are less bothered and concerned about its effect on our existence.


As time goes on, we begin to become concerned as the experience keeps occupying our time gradually and we realise that we are becoming inconvenient and uncomfortable with its effect.Then, we start looking for solution but it always defers any form of solution and the unfortunate experience lingers on with it counting days and time.


This made us to look at life in a way and in a manner whereby we think our existence in the process of time is not worth a while and the excruciating reality of such unfortunate experience lingers on without any meaningful means by which solution can be proferred.


victory 1




It is always like that.


I want you to know that while such experience lingers, if you can manage to focus on the better side of life,you might end up becoming better doing better things for your life.


It is pertinent to know that you should not allow the pain of today to stand as an obstacle in achieving your goals in life.While you are passing through such an harrowing life experience, it is important to look beyond such experience by focussing more on what will make you better in life, this might make you live your life above the demand of such harrowing experience which might want to fester in a way to shift your focus about life.


Life becomes beautiful if you can endeavour to make the best out of life by remaining unrepentant in making sure that your goals,aspiration and desire is achieved no matter what the distraction caused by harrowing life experience might be dictating and demanding for.


No matter the strength of the pain, no matter the depth of its effect and no matter the longevity of such pain, I want you to understand that if you can shift your mind from its impact on your existence,it will fizzle out unnannounced within a little period of time.


For the upteenth time, it will soon be over.


Just calm down.


Stop fidgetting.


Stop fretting.


Life is beautiful.


Run your race.


And your race will mortify your pain.


Light will shine at the end of the tunnel.


Never give up!


Never throw in the towel.


Victory is yours!!!











©Wordsmith Scribe 2018.


©Fadeyi Felix Femi




In the course of the weekend, I fixed an appointment with someone on Monday,27th of November 2017 during lunch break in an Office that is a stone throw away from my place of work.


When I got to the front of the office complex, I tried calling him again ti inform him of my presence at his office as earlier planned and purposed by the two of us but his number was switched off.So, I have to copy the next phone number printed on the banner that was outside signifying his business office but I observed that another person picked the call and directed me to meet the reception or the security at the gate asking for a lady called christianah.


Immediately,after the instruction, I cut the call and proceeded to the receptionist downstair by the gate.

“Good afternoon Sir”!….I greeted.

“Afternoon sir”…..he responded.


“I was asked to ask of a lady called Christianah”….I continued speaking with the receptionist.



“You will have to follow this path by your right and go upstairs to the third floor and ask of her”…..he replied.


“But before you proceed, kindly fill this form”…he continued talking.


I picked up a pen placed on the table and fill the form that was designed to document some information about me and the person I want to see.


Immediately, I finished filling the form, I proceeded and follow the instruction given to me stricrly and after climbing the stair case till I got to the third floor, I was standing infront of a door knocking but there was no response.After some trial knocking and it seems nobody is ready to respond, I placed my hand on the door Knob and I press it down and it was at this moment I realized that the door was not locked at all.


When I opened and enter, my sight was filled with the presence of a beautiful lady which I think might be a secretary or a receptionist having a scarf on her head which I think she might be a muslim.



 While she gave out a smiling gesture,she was like:


“You shouldn’t have waited knocking”


And I was like:


“Courtesy demand that I knock your door, I can’t just barge into your office like that”.


While I was downstairs before I met the security guards, I made a call and I have been asked to ask of Christianah.So after, answering the beautiful receptionist upstairs,I asked her of a lady called Christianah.Immediately, I mentioned Christianah, a lady with a sonorous voice just answered from another office that is not too far from that of the receptionist attending to me.


Christianah was like:


“You can come inside”.


While I attempted taking some step forward, I realised that there were many office doors around.

I answered Christianah like this:

“Where is the inside o”

She later directed me into her office.


The purpose of the short meeting was fulfilled with a particular form given to me which I quickly filled within a twinkling of an eye because I didnt want to spend all the sixty minutes given to me by company for rest and lunch break outside.


As I finished and bade goodbye to Christianah,less I forget,Christianah is also a beautiful ebony too but the receptionist  was a lttle bit light in complexion.


So as I turned my back at Christianah,I wanted to open a particular door and I later she corrected me as I was approaching the door.


She was like:

“No!Thats not the right door”.


It was at this point that the door I approached initially would have led me to another office entirely.


She later showed me the right door that led to the receptionist office and later I bade the receptionist goodbye as I approached the entry door that exited me out of the company’s premises.


It was while I was appraising my activities for the day later at the end of yesterday that I was inspired to write about this piece tagged:

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No doubt about it, our existence on earth will always present unto us many doors that are always irrestitible in every sense.They are beautiful doors that portrays great opportunities and some presents promises of a better and a brighter future to us at one point in time.



Since the doors life present to us are always many with the promises of many life changing opportunities, this always put a pressure and the responsibility on us in choosing the right one at the right time.




Though, there are many potential doors openned wide to us but ironically, it bis not every openned door that leads to a point whereby we can obtain what we are purposed for.


Some doors are opened intentionally to bring us back to square one and all round slavery while others are opened to entrap us and choke the plan and purpose of God for us.



“It is not every door that can take you to your destination.Some doors are openned to take us into destitution and servitude that is designed and tailored pin us down on a spot without any reason”


Many people have been a victim of opening the wrong door and they had used their hands to open a door that will keep them in boundage till eternity.



“In life,it is not the access to a door that matters but the access to the right door that will attract the right opportunities is what that matters because life is designed to present unto us many doors that are wide opened”.



This places an arduous task on us in knowing the right door to be opened at the right time by the right key for the right purpose.



It is unti when all these are known and put in place that your desired plan and purpose can be established in the course of your existence on earth.



Doors are opened to mould us while doors are also opened to mar us.It depends on which door is opened by us.




Opening a wrong door simply conotes and trigger regrets, setback and all round servitude but the right door is the door that is potent enough to trigger the launch of the potentials in us and it is fervent enough to birth the fulfilment of our God given destiny and potentials.



“Those who are classified among the successful and the greatest are those who have been opportuned in the course of their existence on earth to open the right door with the right key at the right time for the right purpose which end up launching them into the realm of making the right decision that birthed the right success”.



The struggle and stress of any man terminates at the point whereby the right door is located, opened with the right key for the right purpose.


It is at this point the right success can be obtained at the right time.



Doors are keys to the destiny of every man and woman.No destiny will be fulfilled without the location of the right door at the right time in the course of human existence on earth.



In conclusion,it is important for everyone to discover the right door and the right key designed for the right purpose at the right time for the purpopse of fulfilling destiny at the right time.


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Recently,prosperous and succesful marriage is gradually becoming scarce and it is speedily going into extinction in this present age.This was traced to been due to dearth or lack of basic underatnding of what the tenets of the institution of marriage entails and demand.


A prosperous marriage is a marriage that is not built on mere general and common definition that marriage is a union between  a man and a woman but when a marriage is established on a deeper and firm understanding that marriage is a union between a man,a woman and God,it will end up becoming blisful,beautiful,succesful and prosperous.


A prosperous marriage becomes achievable and a subject of physical reality when it is anchored on a tripatite arrangement and not on dual arangement of being  a union between mere mortals of man and woman but when it is built on a tripatite arrangement made by  divinity with its foundation erected on immortality that made God the originator and the source of marriage as a partner,such marital union can never hit the rock in the course of its existence.


Any marriage that is working blisfully and beautifully is a kind of marriage in which parties involved have a functioning understanding that each partner is a stakeholder and not slaves.


Any marital union in which partners involved contributes their quota in accordance to agreed convenanted and contractual  agreement accompanied with the context and concept of their relationship based on mutual,symbiotic and platonic understanding with respect for one another view,emotion and feelings can never be far from being a good description of a perfect marriage that is worthy of emulation and admonition.


Marriage becomes succesful without friction when you treat your partner,children and relatives as stakeholders and not as slaves with all the parties involved have a deep understanding of what their role in building prosperous marital foundation and edifice entails.


It is on the paltform of deep understanding of the basic binding force of marriage that love as one of the pillars of prosperous marriage can thrive smoothly without resentment,reluctance and rancour.


As earlier stated that love is one of the basic force that triggers the establishment and the entrenchment of relationship that ends up in marital union,it is worthy to note that love alone can never enhance, keep and maintain the smooth running of any marriage.


Love can simply be described and defined as a facilitator and a means through which the execution of responsibilities that are designed to make the purpose of marital union fulfilled.


No marital union can survive when the drive,urge and passion needed in fulfilling its purpose is not responsibly and smartly executed and carried out.


Don’t manage your marriage by mere mouthing of:


“I love you and I care for you.”


The essence of partners coming together or being yoked together as one in marriage is to take care of each other without any form of cheating,partialty and reluctance.


Since giving is synonymous in context and concept to love and it is in giving that the whole essence of love is revealed,then the maintenance of a succesful marital union demands this simple and common mantra that should become a guide for everyone who desire succesful marriage.


“I give you,you give me,”


“I rub your back,you rub mine.”


Our hands becomes cleaner when the right hand ans the left hand is engaged in cleaning each other.


Marriage entails and demands that partners should be equal and maintain balance in rubbing each others back.This is what guarantees safety and all-encompassing peace of mind once partners involved in marital union have this basic understanding and they are both ready to maximize and optimize this idea in the course of their mariatal bliss.





Asuccesful marriage becomes possible when partners involved uphold the tenets of equity and equality that are potent enough to project the existence and the entrenchment of other pillars of prosperous marriage.


The concept and context of equity and equality in marriage is all about theis common mantra:


“I keep you warm,you keep me warm”


On the contrary,partners involed in marital union who believed in the idealogy and philosophy of equity and equality should be matured enough by not allowing equity and equality as a form of misconception that will fan the amber of disrespect and dishonour chanelled towards destroying the self image of any of the partners or stakeholder involved in marriage.





Pillars of prosperous marriage are:




1.Love.This must be symbiotic,selfless,sacrificial and platonic.





6.Being responsible.


8.Being hardworking.








17.Being reliable.

18.Bein humane

19.Being concern in helping each other

20.Openness and plainless in dealing with each other.

21.Spirutuality through fasting and prayer.

22.Personal development on the part of the parties involved.


24.Sexual satisfaction and understanding of each others sexual needs and demands.

25.Focus and investment of needed resources.





These are some of the basic pillars that must be maintained before any succesful and prosperous marital union can be established.Though the foundation  might be laid by love but if other pillars are amiss,such marriage is bound to hit the rock in the course of time.






There is a  need for every married couples and those who are planning and wishing to become married to seek for deeper understanding and learn the basic necessities of what should be done in the course of their marriage that will stand as an enhancer and a booster of blisful union.


Taking time to understand each other is necessary and it is on this that the birth of a succesful marriage will become possible.

Marriage is designed by God to be enjoyed and not to be endured but before the enjoyment needed in any marriage to become achievable, there is a need for personal discovery and appraisal on the part of couples involved.


It is when this is carried out that the understanding of the strength and weakness of each partner will be maximized to build a marriage that will be prosperous in the process of time.


Marriage is a project that demands constant and continuous investment on the part of all the stakeholders and it must be consciously carried out for the betterment of each of the parties involved.


Stakeholders involved must ensure that they contribute their quota in form of responses and responsibilities needed to build a blisful marital union.


In view of all the aforementioned, I wish every married couple success in their marriage.


Happy New Month.


Welcome to the month of LOVE.

















Mary Crumpton,who was a teacher and is now a therapist, describes what her life is like and how she began exploring having more than one partner at the age of 29.


It’s not your average marriage but Mary Crumpton says having a husband,fiancé and two boyfriends works for her-and the men in her life.


The 44-year-old from Chorlton is speaking publicly about her relationship in the hope of allowing others to understand people who follow the practice of polyamory.



mARY 2


Polyamory is having more than one relationship and is different from having more than one spouse-which is illegal in the UK.


Mary has a husband,Tim,43,a fiancé,John,53 and two boyfriends-Micheal,63,and James,73.She lives with Tim and John and the other two men live nearby.


Here Mary, who was a teacher and is now a therapist ,describes what life is like and how she began exploring having more than one partner at the age of 29.


She said:


“I was brought up in quite a traditional home.I had boyfriends and was monogamous.Having more than one partner never crossed my mind.In my twenties I got married and settled down in Chorlton fully intending to be with my husband for life”.


“At the time I didn’t really question having just one partner.It was normal.I did sometimes have feelings for other people,but I felt guilty about doing so and just took as a sign that I didn’t love my husband enough.When the marriage didn’t work out,I met someone else,and started a monogamous relationship with him.


“The idea that loving more than one person might not make me a terrible human being only dawned on me when, at a pub, I bumped into a person who had more one partner.I had never come across it before,or the term ‘polyamory’ which means more-than-one love.


mARY 1


I was quite shocked and curious about how it all worked for them.


“My partner was with me when I met the polyamorous person,and he was curious about it.At the time neither of us considered it for ourselves, but I think the seed had been planted.


“A couple of years later,in 2003,I suggested to him that perhaps we might try an open relationship.I was interested to explore the possibility of allowing myself to love more than one person.I think for him ti was more about the thought of more than one sexual partner.We were both curious to see how it could work for us.


“I took to it immediately.I had a friend that I was already close to and that friendship drifted naturally into something more.M partner had a similar experience with a friend of his.It was a revelation to me.I quickly realised that I had been ‘wired up’this way probably all my life-having more than one person now seems like the most natural thing in the world to me and I can’t imagine being any other way.


“For me, it is all about love.Of course,Some of my relationships have been sexual but sex is not the driving force for me.


“I am no longer with the partner that I first explored polyamory with, though he and I remain close friends, and he has continued to be polyamorous.


“I married one of the people I first dated polyamorously.My husband, Tim, who is 43, and I got together in 2004 and were married in 2013 at Manchester Museum under the Tyrannosaurus Rex.


“I have a partner,John,53,who I have been with since 2011,and who I am planning to ‘marry’this year.


We can’t legally marry,but we are having a full wedding-style commitment ceremony at Chorlton Unitarian Church in May”.


Both men are straight and have been brought together through Mary.They have all lived together since 2015.


Mary has another two other partners,Micheal,63,who had been with since 2016 and James,73.


Mary said:


“John has been living with me and my husband in our house in Chorlton since 2015.


“He has a flat a few streets away from my house and I usually stay over at his place once or twice a week and sometimes he stays at mine.Micheal spent Chritmas with us and we had a really special day together.


“Last but not the least,I am with James,73 who I bonded with while watching football games in the pub together in 2015.My husband and John have no interest in football, so it is nice to have someone to share that interest with.


“One of the lovely things about a life with more than one partner is that there is no pressure on one person to supply all my needs.My husband Tim and I have enthusuiasm for environmentalism and all that entails like electric cars, and veganism.With my fiancé JohnI enjoy watching science-fiction and we go to church together.


“With Micheal,I like to watch and support him playing for his local darts team at the Royal Oak, and we go to Karaoke nights-which is possibly more embarrassing than admitting to polyamory!


“Living in a house with more than one partner is something I have done for a number of years now.I suppose in many ways it is no different from living in a shared house with a group of friends, or family.All the usual things about whose turn it is to wash up etc.


Tim and John get on well,I suppose a bit like brothers,going on bicycle rides together for example.So, it seems to work today.They have something in common in that they both love me of course,and friends joke that I need two of them to keep me in-line.


“Like in any relationship,insecurities can arise.Though in some ways there is less jealousy perhaps-no fear that a partner might cheat on me because why lie about it when having another partners is allowed anyway?Sometimes there might be a fear that new partner is ‘better’in some way than a current one, but good communication and offering reassurances allowa that to be dealt with.


“In many ways I have found that being in open relationships has forced me to communicate much better.I am very honest and open with my partners about my feelings and needs,in a way that I didn’t have the courage to be in previous monogamous relationships.So, I think I have grown as a person, and have better and stronger relationships now.


“Of course, all of that is possible in monogamous relationships, and I am not suggesting polyamory is in any way better,just different.But it works well for me personally.


“I don’t have children,and have no desire to have children.I see no problem with bringing children into a polyamorous set-up though, because I have seen co-parenting work really well for other polyamorous groups.It is not something we plan though.


“Mostly people have been great.They had lots of questions about it,and some family members needed reassurances that we were all happy and no-one was getting hurt.I find that I have a huge capacity for romantic love.


I just naturally fall in love with more than one person at a time.So to settle down with just one person for the rest of my life just doesn’t feel natural to me.


“People somtimes ask me if it means that I love my husband,or any of my partners less.And I san no.Perhaps it is a bit like how we love our children-when a parent has a second or third child,it doesn’t mean that they love their first child any the less.Time is limited of course.But I do not believe that love is.It certainly isn’t for me.


“I get different reactions.Most people are interested and people often say ‘I wish my wife/husband would let me do that’.I somtimes get negative reactions too-I have been called a slapper or a slag.I think that negatively mostly arises because I am doing something a bit different and sometimes that can make people feel uncomfortable.


“I have had women assume that I am a ‘man-eater’and will try to seduce their husband-to be honest that just makes me laugh.I have also been told that what I do is ‘against God’s plan though in fact there are many instances of multiple marriages in religious texts, and there are denominations of both Christianity and Islam that allow multiple marriages.


“Mostly though, people are open to my lifestyle-they can see that I am honest with my partners and that we are all happy, so they see it as no-ones business but ours.


“Polyamory is more widely known about now too so it is perhaps less of a shock to people now than it might have been, say, 10 years ago.


“We all go out togetehr.For example all giving out drinks for my birthday or to social gatherings and events organised by friends or trips to the cinema or whatever.Tim, John and I go down to London to see my family the three of us.And my sister’s children refer to us as ‘Auntie Mary,Uncle Tim and Uncle John’.


People have the idea that polyamory is all about sex which isn’t the case.i don’t do one night-stands.I generally ait a month or so at least before becoming sexual with anyone I start dating.I suppose in that sense I am old-fashioned.My relationships themselves vary in how sexual they are-one of them being more platonic with not much more than cuddling and kissing.I suppose that, for me, is another good thing about polyamory-each relationship can find its own level in terms of sex and with other things too.And there is no pressure on one relationship to tick all the boxes,so to speak.


“Some of the biggest benefits of this way of living are those I have already mentioned,but I guess there is a financial benefit I haven’t mentioned-cohabiting with two of my partners makes things easier financially for us.So much so, that the three of us took decision that I would reduce my paid-work hours and do more unpaid voluntary work in our community.


“The only negative for me really is dealing with other people being judgemental sometimes.But thankfully I am quite thick-skinned.And I hope that my being open about it with friends, and yours readers, will help people understand polyamory better.


“Maybe this will mean that there will be less judgement from strangers in the future, just as homosexuality and transexuality have become more accepted in society as people have been more aware of them”


Mary is standing at the next local election for Chorlton ward representing the Green Party.




Reported by KATIE BUTLER 18:44,8,April 2018.Updated 18:56,8,April,2018.