The responses and comments that accompanied the previous episode were encouraging and overwhelming, and this spur my intention to write more on the concept of parenting with practical real life issues,experiences and encounters designed to serve as an addition to give the role and responsibility of parenting a face lift that will be a source of inspiration to the entire society at large.


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I appreciate my followers,my readers and all viewers who took their time to read through and comment on the Episode 1,2,3 and 4.I have decided to spend more of my time and writing for articles that will serve as a motivation and inspiration that will be a source of eye-opener to every parent and every children who desire to understand the purpose of their existence while existing on the surface of earth.


The desire of parents anywhere in the world is for their wards to become better in the course of their existence on earth.This simply put a very tasking and arduous responsibility on anyone who desire the beauty of parenting and this responsibility is a task that must be carried out and fulfilled.

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Parenting is one of the major responsibilities that has rewards  transcending the physical to the spiritual accompanied with impact and impart that have eternal renumeration potent and efficient enough to attract transgenerational blessings if such responsibilities and roles are maintained and enforced to become a heirloom and a legacy across family line.

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Good parenting is a kind of parenting that is exhibited by good tutelage designed to add values purposed to bring out the best in our children by allowing them to understand the purpose of their existence so that they will be able to emerge more as a blessing to their generation than emerging as a burden or a source of concern to the entire society.


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Not quite long,around two weeks ago,I was baffled and overwhelmed with a sense of fulfilment when I observed a particular scenario that has to do with my little daughter.


It started on a Sunday, when at the end of Sunday service, that I and my beloved–my wife went to pick our daughter from the Childrens’ class.It was then we are aware that she has threw up by vomitting,a situation that was quite strange and unexpected but we managed the situation until we got home with her body temperature too high to bear but her mum took her to the hospital immediately we got home.


After a visit to the doctor for medical checkup and comprehensive treatment, she was later diagonised of malaria and she came back home with drugs administered to her by the doctor with adequate and proper prescription about the usage.

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Immediately, we started applying the prescribed drugs  coupled with the combination of anointing oil.


As a Christian and a member of Living Faith Church Worldwide, the application of anointing oil which is biblical and scriptural is part of our doctrine and belief that members of the church do not play or joke with.

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By the morning of the next day which happenned to be Monday Morning,she was a little bit balanced,better and recuperating gradually.


While I was in the bath preparing in the morning to go to work, I was amazed with her request from me which goes thus in form of a conversation:

Ko! Ko!! Ko!!!…..she knocked.

Daddy!!!……She called.


What do you want?….I asked her.

Daddy!!!…..She called again.

I need the anointing Oil…..She asked.

For what?Why do you need it…I probed further.

To put it on my head…..She responded.

At this point I felt elevated with her demands because I was oblivious of the fact that she is grasping everything that is being done around her.

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Among others, one of the major purpose of parenting is training that influences our wards to become better and matured in life.Training can b e in any form, be it physical,financial,spiritual,economical and emotional.Training must be total in content and context with the inherent ability to go a long way in moulding and shaping the destiny of the Children GOD gave to us in the course of our existence on earth.


As a parent, God empowered us to be a role model to all the Children HE gave to us.This enforces a form of responsibility on us that is expressed in influence and our apt responsiveness in meeting their needs  and standing in gap for them in order  for them to become confident and balanced in life.


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Any form of approach to parenting that is devoid of enforcing positive influence on our children simply connotes the exhibition of irresponsibility and irresponsiveness.


Since our children are made to be a mirror image and a reflection of their parents, any acts of wrong doing that is being exhibited by them can be counted as a result of laxity and levity displayed in the course of grooming our children.


It is what our children exhibit that will end up being a reality of the society in its entirety.


It is pertinent to admonish every parent to do everything within their means to mould the leaders of tommorrow to emerge as giants that will become trailblazers while existing on earth.


The purpose of parenting becomes justified and fulfilling when the desired responsibilities are made available and provided in raising a complte and a balanced children the entire society will be proud of.

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