It was a bright sunday morning at around 8am,Tony woke up late for  sunday service that has started 15minutes ago.Despite his lateness, he quickly dashed into the bathroom and took a shower for few minutes before he dashed back into his room to prepare himself for the sunday service.


Being a worker in the church and a fervent member of the Christ Healing Deliverance Mission International Church with his Headquarter in Lagos.Within few minutes, Tony was already by the road side looking for a bike to get him down to church since he resident not far away from the church.His journey to his church will take him just 15 minutes.


Bike!Bike!!Bike!!!….Tony beckon at a bikeman.


Can you take me down to Christ Healing Deliverance Mission International Church at Dolphin Road.


Ok!The bikeman replied.


My money is #100…..the bike man informed Tony.


No problem.Lets go…Tony hopped the bike and the bikeman zoomed off.


After 10 minutes of riding by the bike man,Tony signalled the bikeman about his readiness to alight infront of the church gate.The bikeman slowed down and engaged his break and slowly the speed of the bike came to a halt.


Tony got down from the bike, brought out his purse and paid the bike man.




My money is #100…the bikeman called Tony’s attention.


Don’t worry, keep the balance, I am late already….Tony replied and dashed into the church.


Thank you Sir…Godbless you sir….I am grateful Sir….The bikeman replied.





By the time Tony rushed into the church, the service has started and the pastor-in-charge has started the homily for the day.

Tony rushed again to get a seat and settled down  listening to the preaching of the day.


The homily of the day was handled by one of the firebrand pastor-in-charge of the church.


While Tony was struggling to settle down and align himself with the serenity of the environment and the calmness of the congregation, as he raised up his head,his eyes went straight into midst of the choristers ministering on this beautiful sunday.


Though, Tony was not surprised by the assembly of choristers that was around on this beautiful sunday morning.


After a few minutes, his face went towards the choir stand once again and Tony noticed that within the space of time he looked at the choir the first time, someone has joined the choir.


And since then, Tony starred and was unable to stop gazing at the choir side of the church till the end of the sunday service.


Infact, the presence of this new face became the only thing that caught Tony’s fancy throughout the sunday service.


Tony’s emotion and feelings became uncontrollable and he dedicated his time throughout the sunday service gazing at the chorister stand.


What a wrong motive!


Tony’s motive as planned for the day initially, is to get to the church on time and participate acitvely during the service but he came late.While he was in the church for the service, he was unable to pay rapt attention to the homily being dished out from the holy altar,he lost his attention and he was distracted by spending all his time in the presence of God gazing at a damsel that seems to be new in the church.


Then Tony decided to take the next step.



What is the next step?


Watch out for the next Episode.














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