Bye for now…Tony bid Tricia farewell.


Bye  and take good care of yourself…Tricia replied.


While Tony was away to work, Tricia was busy cleaning and dusting the entire house that Tony was living in.The heaps of dirts that was removed in the course of the general sanitation and cleaning was overwhelming that it kept Tricia on her feet working like a Trojan from the morning to the aftrenoon of Tuesday.


While Tony was in the office,he find it difficult concentrating on his duty because he is yet to recover from the thought of having a stranger living with him and only God knows when Tricia will get a place to live so that Tony will be able to breathe a sigh of relief.


Tony was also in quandary of what to do because he thinks that Tricia is a lady that is gradually becoming part of his life and he noticed that both of them have a soft spot for each other but Tony controlled himself by telling himself how immature he is to be thinking along the line of becoming emotionally attached with a lady that he barely knew recently.


While Tricia was busy making sure that everything in Tony’s apartment is in order, she started thinking at a point towards how generous and benevolent Tony is for allowing a stranger he barely knew to be staying underneath his roof.


Tricia!!!…Tony called Tricia through his office phone.


I am fine and cool..Tricia replied.


Hope you are not bored?….Tony probed further.


I have been busy cleaning, dusting and rearranging the entire house since you left in the morning….Tricia updated Tony about happenings in the house.


Have you eaten at all?…Tony asked.


Eat….I have even forgotten…I have just been busy….Tricia replied.


Kindly, find something to eat…There should be something in the kitchen you can lay your mouth on in the kitchen or probably check your refrigerator….Tony adviced.




I will do just that immediately I am done with what I am doing…Tricia replied.


I got to go,see you later in the day…Tony bid farewell.


Thanks…Enjoy your day….Tricia replied.


Then, Tony hung the phone and got back to his work.


While at work, Tony helped Tricia to check on the Human Resource Manager asking him about Tricia’s submission of her letter of posting which she submitted through the Human Resources Manager’s receptionist a day before.


The Human Resource Manager was confirmed the reception of the letter and still affirmed that Tricia should come around the following day to pick up her confirmation letter and make sure she resume duty fully the following week on Monday.


Thank you Sir…Tony appreciated the Human Resource Manager.


Never mind…Human Resource Manager replied.


Tony!!!!….Human Resource Manager exclaimed.


Where on earth do you know that pretty lady…Human Resource Manager.


At this point, Tony was blushing and he can not hide his shyness because the question from the Human Resource Manager was unexpected and shocking but after few seconds of being caught unaware, Tony summoned courage and answered the question thrown to him by the Human Resource Manager.


She is just a normal friend I ran into the day she came around to drop her letter of posting for primary assignment.We talked, known each other and since then she has been a sister and a friend to me.I just took it as a responsibility to help her know what is going on about the letter she submitted.Everything about her and me is platonic, no string attached and the relationship at this stage can never be squalid because she is still a stranger to me to a large extent but we have been able to get along well for this couple of days.


She seems to be a good lady….Tony concluded.


Alright!!!!…The Human Resource Manager answered Tony.I just feel like keeping myself abreast of the situation on ground and you have been able to defend yourself to a large extent.She is so lucky that she is going to be the only Corp Member that will be given chance for primary assignment in this company this year.She seems to be fortunate.That was why I want to know maybe she knows someone here and since you have been able to explain to a large extent how you know her and what you knew about her, I think you will be in the best position to append your signatory for her in the attestation column of the forms she is going to fill next week for due processing of her employment letter and other biodata.


That’s so nice of you Sir…I really appreciate your concern…Thanks a bunch Sir…Tony replied.


Immediately, Tony went back to his seat and continued his daily duty but while on seat, he was just disturbed about the present reality on ground and he kept engaging in a continuous deep thinking and soliloquizing.


Tony kept talking to himself…..


Hmmmm….Just as the Human Resource Manager mentioned.She seems to be beautiful and pretty.Initially, I didn’t noticed it, it was as if my face and mind were covered with a veil until the Human Resource Manager mentioned it.Honestly, she is a damsel.




No problem.One thing at a time….Tony concluded and face his duty.


While working, something in Tony’s mind whispered to him that he should engaged his right hand man about this new development during lunch time again.


I will do just that….Tony concluded.


Immediately,Tony pushed a call on the phone to Titus and he made another arrangement for both of them to meet at Madam “The Spoon” Canteen just the way they it was yesterday.


No problem Tony…Titus replied.


I will be there on one condition…Titus continued.


What is the condition bro…Tony asked.


You will foot my bill….Titus replied.


No problem pal…Tony consented to Titus proposal.


Thanks bro…I appreciate…You are God’s sent…Tony showed gratitude.


Don’t mention bro….What are we friends for..Titus replied.





You don’t mean it…Titus exclaimed.


Are you sure of what you are saying?…Tony asked further.


Yeah!!!..Tony replied.


It happened immediately we departed after break time yesterday on my way to my office.I ran into her immediately she was attended to by the Human Resource Manager’s reception and by the time we broke the ice, she was able to narrate her predicament and ordeal to me,at the end of her narration, I saw through her eyes a lady that is confused and desperately in a need of a shoulder to bear the brunch of the heavy load situation around her placed on her.I really pitied her and consented to offer her a solution in my own way which I explained to her.Though, she reluctantly consented to the proposal but she realized she has no option at the moment, so she openned her arm in acceptance of the offer.Though, I have been watching and testing her to know if she is a good lady or not but she seems to be a good lady to me.Not that I have any feeling and emotional attachment with her but it was as if there is a veil covering my eyes until the Human Resource Manager used the word “pretty” while talking about her this morning.And since then, my eyes were opened and I have been deeply thinking about her and sincerely she is really beautiful, a product of the best natural artistic creature.


Hmmm…..Quite funny…My teeth are out already in laughter…My friend is already catching cold of love….Titus started talking and at thesame time making jest of Tony.


This one that you are even serious about this pretty lady.I would like to meet the lady before I will give you my advice whether to go ahead or not but since she is under your roof, you don’t have to be bothered.Just keep watching her and keep being a good friend to her on a platonic ground.


Less I forget…Titus continued.


What about the one we discussed about at this same time and at this same place yesterday that you promised to meet on Sunday in the church….Titus asked.


Are you jettissioning the plan already….Titus probed further.


You have just hit the nail on the head…Tony answered.


This is one of the bone of contention that is making me to be in quandary about the situation around me that made me to seek your advice.I am not laying the plan aside.My mind is still with her and I am meeting her on Sunday….Tony replied.


And this one that we have used Monday and Tuesday lunch time to discuss about ladies and love,I hope we will not use the whole of this week to discuss issues about one lady or the other?Hope tommorrow and next tommorrow’s afternoon will not be for another damsel again?….Titus kept making mockery of Tony and he kept laughing widly to the point that it attracted others that are eating in the canteen.


You are not in anyway serious Titus…Tony replied.


You have turned me to your source of entertainment and comedy?..Tony continued.


Anyway,you are still my right-hand man…No hassle….You can use me to do whatever you like…Tony continued.


You have to make sure that you call on me another time for business issues.We should not be using our lunch time discussing ladies only.Hope you get my drift?…Titus continued.


I got your drift bro…Tony responded.


They both left the canteen feeling refreshed and calmed, though it was already getting to the end of lunch time.Both Tony and Titus walked slowly back to the company’s premises gisting and making jest of each other.


Meanwhile,Tricia has been able to finish the domestic chores that had engaged her since morning and now, she is busy preparing food in the kitchen.


Then around 2:30pm, Tony called her again from the office to get acquainted with her welfare.


How are you Tricia?…Tony asked.


Are you done with what you are doing since morning?….Tony asked further.


Yeah!!!I am done…Tricia responded.I am busy preparing rice and stew now.



Alright….Tony replied.Just feel at home and take good care of yourself.I will soon be around….Tony stopped and bid her goodbye.


See you soon…Tricia replied.


As Tricia was busy putting things together in the kitchen, she started entertaining and being weighed down by the thought of how Tony has been nice to her for the past days without any signal of him taken advantage of her in anyway.


He seems to be a nice guy that is neat and clean in all his ways…Tricia murmured.


I guess he is well-mannered, he might be engaged to someone but I think the person might be out of town.Such a good guy with a good job like this can never be single without any relationship.So, I need to be swift in looking for a way to have my own accommodation once I started collecting National Youth Service Corp allowance and the one that would be paid by my place of primary assignment.I would not want his fiancee to be in town and I would be scampering for safety of where to put my head.He has done well by being my angel and I will forever be grateful to him for being considerate in listening to me and consenting to put me under his roof without any demand.


I am somehow fortunate and lucky to have run into him.I think it is divine that I met him.How will I have cope if I didn’t meet him and if he was not patient enought to listen to me and understand my predicament despite the fact that I am just a stranger that he didn’t know anything about me.


Thanks to God,


Thanks to Tony….Tricia continued talking to herself loudly without any control until she felt that she is becoming unconscious and the food she is preparing started burning.


Later when the food was done, she served herself on the dinning and Tricia devour the plate of food speedily.Then, she went to the bathroom to clean up and take good care of herself expecting Tony to come back from work.


She also dished portion of the rice for Tony but kept it inside food warmer because she was not sure if there will be public light to operate microwave when Tony comes back from work.



To be continued……


Is anything wrong in Tony’s motive accommodating Tricia?


Is Tricia and Tony living under thesame roof is right or wrong?


Will their motive of staying under thesame roof be benefiacial in anyway?


Do not stress yourself?


Just keep reading and keep following my blog for the continuation of this entertaining fiction that promised to keep you glued.


Just keep your fingers crossed for more episode.


Thanks you all.










©Wordsmith Scribe 2018.


©Fadeyi Felix Femi.


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