Good Morning Sir!!!


I am looking for Global Resources Limited.


Am I at the right place Sir?….Tricia asked.




You are at the right place….the security man replied.


Who do you seek?


I would like to drop my National Youth Service Corp posting letter to the Human Resource Manager…Tricia continued.


Ok!!!…replied the security man


I will direct you now to the Administrative block and when you get there, just relate with the receptionist, she should be able to answer all your questions one after the other.


Thank you Sir…Tricia bid the security guard farewell.


As Tricia was being ushered into the Administrative block to drop her posting letter to Human Resources Manager at the Administrative block, her mind was just busy thinking about the stress she passed through in locating the company and also what could be the outcome of her meeting with the Human Resources Manager.


Ko!Ko!!Ko!!!…Tricia Knocked at the Reception.


You can come in….a lady-like voice asked her to open the door and come inside.


Good day Ma…Tricia greeted.


How are you?


What can I do for you young woman….the receptionist asked.


Thank you Ma….Tricia replied.


I have been posted from the National Youth Service Corp to drop my posting letter with the Human Resources Manager.




Can I see the letter….the receptionist asked for the letter.


Later, Tricia dropped the letter with her and she promised to forward it to the Human Resource Manager for processing but asked her to check back in two day’s time.


You can check back in two day’s time…the receptionist gave her a promise.



Thank you Ma..Tricia replied.


I will surely call back….Tricia promised.


As Tricia was about leaving the receptionist, she was faced with a reality she has been trying to dodge since the moment she left the orientation camp.


Tricia is out of cash and her posting to her place of primary assignment with the time that has being wasted in locating the company has made her to run out of time.Time is really running out and it is already getting late.Now, she is faced with a situation whereby she didn’t know where she would put her head for the night.


While she was in the midst of thinking and fashioning a way out of the situation on ground, she nearly bumped into someone unconsciously.


Hope there is no problem Ma… a male voice asked her a question.


Sorry Sir…Tricia responded.


I am just lost in thought.




Hope you are good?….Tony asked.


As Tony and Titus was about getting back to the office, as Tony was about openning the door to his office,Tricia nearly knocked him off unknowingly but the situation was salvaged because Tony was able to see her from afar and he styishly dogded her from hittin him with her head because Tricia was lost in thought looking down and walking at thesame time.


Despite the reply from Tricia,Tony was not satisfy with her reply and Tony has to run after her and stopped her to engage her in a chat because the look on her face says it all that all is not well with her at that moment.


Hello, Pretty face…Tony started chatting with her.


Though, I am a little bit late to resume in the office after break-time but I am not satisfied with the look on your face at all.I believe there is more to the look on your face than your reply when I asked about your welfare some few minutes ago.


Please, I am all hears, I would like listening to you and maybe I can come in in anyway and offer the needed assistance.



Never mind…Tricia replied.


I don’t want to bother you and place a burden on someone who is a stranger to me…Tricia continued.




Sorry for my poor attitude.I didn’t tell you my name on time.


I’m Tony by name and I am an  Administrative Officer in this company.


Can I meet you please….Tony asked.


I am Tricia.I come around to drop my National Youth Service Corp Posting letter with your Human Resources Manager.Though, he wasn’t on seat but his receptionist promised that I should check back in two day’s time which is Wednesday.


Ok!Hope her response and demeanour are positive abd encouraging…Tony asked.




She attended to me very well and I believed she will keep to her promise.I will be right back on Wednesday but….Tricia paused.


Why did you paused…Tony asked.


I don’t want to bother you with my personal issues…Tricia responded.


Why now!!!Why are you doing this now….Tony responded.


At least, we are no longer strange to each other.You knew my name and I know yours too.I think this is enough for us to leave the stage of being a stranger to the stage of being a close friend.


Can we be good friend…Tony requested.


Hmmmmm…..I am somehow scared.I barely know you now…Tricia continued.


Yea!!!I know that we are knew to each other..Tony gave her assurance of his seriousness.




No problem.Let’s start from being friend on a platonic level.


Thanks Tricia…Tony was elevated because of her consenting to his demand and request.





Is that all….Tony asked.


Is there any other thing bordering you….Tony probed further.


Nothing again at least for now….Tricia responded.


I don’t know how you will see and viewed my proposal because we are just meeting today and I don’t want to be too forward so that you will not think that I am trying to play a fast one on you or I don’t want you to think I am making use of the opportunity on ground to cheat you.


What are you talking about Tony…Tricia asked.


I need help now and I am less concerned with the source of the help.I f you can give me a solution,I will take it with all happiness and joy.


Please!!!Help me!!!I am already at my wit-end.I am kneeling down begging for God sake.Kindly, help me.


Though I am somehow shy to grant you request but I will grant it.I am still a bachelor and I have a 2 bedroom flat apartment to my self.If you can manage with me for now and whenever you are buoyant enough to have your own accommodation, you can then get one.


Hmmmm…..I am scared…Staying with a guy….Will I be safe?Tricia kept asking many questions in a row.


What about your girlfriends or fiancee?…Tricia asked Tony.


That is a sensitive question that I am shy of answering and if I answered you, you might end up not believing me.




What is the answer…Tricia asked.


I am not into any relationship.I am free as the bird in the air…Tony replied.


Really!!!Someone is not being truthful hear.Someone is a saint here…Tricia bursted into laughter.


I don’t believe you…Tricia exclaimed.




Tricia believe me and lets leave it like that.Let’s reach a consensus because time is no longer on my side.My boss would have been boiling now because he has not seen me since break time was over.


Can we agree…Tony asked.


Ok!I don’t want to keep you waiting.I am in.I will bunk at your residence.


Thanks Tony.You are my angel.You are God’s sent….I am in…Tricia replied.


Just wait for me at the security post.I will introduce you to the Chief Security Officer and when it is closing time, I will come around tom pick you up.


Thanks Tony…Tricia was elevated.


Tony quickly dashed out and rushed back to the office to resume after the break.


Where have you been since….Tony’s boss asked.




I have been having serious running stomach immediately I finish lunch and I have been in the toilet since.




Are you alright now…Tony’s boss asked further.


Yes Sir!!!I am stable now…Tony replied his boss.


As Tony settled down on his seat, he was being totured with the agreement he entered to.While it was a mix-feeling, he kept encouraging himself that what he did was to help someone in need by giving her a room on her head for the mean-time but something keeps telling him and warning him to be careful.


Anyway, I will be careful,I promised myself….Tony was busy talking to himself.


As it got to 4pm–office closing hour, Tony started arranging his table to close for the day but the thought of spending the night with a stranger and a lady made him to have goose pimples.Since, he has consented to her request and as a man, he didnt want to break the promise he made with Tricia some few hour ago, he has to just keep his promise and face the reality on ground.


As Tricia noticed that it is already 4pm, her heart started skipping too because something kept telling her that what she consented to seems to be wrong and strange to her too but she consoled herself that what she consented to was due to the situation on ground that seems to be critical and require a critical solution at that moment.


Tricia heart kept skipping and pumping but she kept consoling herself.


Tony bid everybody in the office goodbye and he exited the office to face the reality he consented to.Immediately, Tricia saw Tony from afar,she stood up in preparation for her new found accomodation for the moment with his new landlord that call himself Tony.


They both greeted each other at the security post and moved out of the company’s gate.


Now, it is Tony and Tricia in a 2 bedroom flat apartment.


Tony–the landlord.


Tricia–the new tenant..



Is Tony’s move right or wrong?


Is Tricia’s move right or wrong?


Can Tony forget the damsel she saw in the church on sunday?


Let’s keep our fingers crossed for the subsequent episodes.


Watch out….










©Wordsmith Scribe 2018.


©Fadeyi Felix Femi.




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