My daughter…..


How are you?


We have not talk since you came back from school….Tiffany’s mum kept speaking.


You have not tell me anything about school life since you came back.




Hope nothing is wrong?…Tiffany’s mum continued.


Tiffany’s mum engaged her in a chat while in the kitchen after they got home from church service and they were both in the kitchen preparing lunch for the whole family.Tiffany’s is the only daughter and the only child that was available to spend her holiday with her dad and mum, others are guys and they are presently in higher institutions studying one course of discipline or the other.








We have been talking about one thing or the other since I came back now…Tiffany responded.


Is there anything I forgot to tell you or add to the discussion we have been having since I came back Mum?…Tifffany continued.


I guess something is fishy.




I guess you are insinuating something, but it is a pity I cannot figure it out presently.


Can you please help me out Mum?….Tiffany asked.


Do you mean you cannot decipher my codes and parable….Tiffany’s  mum reponded.




If you cannot,kindly tell me about happennings while you are in the school from academics to social to spiritual and every other things that happenned while you were in school….Tiffany’s mum asked further.




Everything is fine in school….Tiffany responded.


I really enjoyed my last semester.It was a little bit less stressful and since I am about rounding up,academics seems to be light, it just my final year thesis that I am suspecting might be energy sapping and time-consuming now but since I am winding up now, I will not be moved and bothered about it.i will just handle it the way it is.


Also, the school environment has been peaceful, serene and calm. The trend of social life has been a little bit upped courtesy the freshers and sophomores due to the fact that time is still on their side to flex and enjoy school environment but on my side, I am tired and eager to write my final exams and leave the school environment.So, social life has not been somehow irrelevant to me now.


Hmmmm….Tiffany’s mum sighed.


My daughter…


You have not tell me what I want to hear now….


Mum!!!…Tiffany called.


Whatelse do you want to hear again….Tiffany asked her mum.



I am beginning to suspect that what you are asking me is more than what I have given you…Tiffany responded…




It is more than what you are giving me.I am oliver twist.I need more gist from my only daughter…Tiffany’s mum voice went up.


What is going on there in the kitchen…Tiffany’s dad interrupted from his sitting position in the living room where he was busy reading daily tabloid and watching an afternoon lifestyle program on one of the cable network on the Television.


Nothing much sir…Tiffany answered.


We were just in the middle of an interesting discussion with your darling wife.Sir, please,kindly come and pick your wife in the kitchen.She is putting hand in my mouth too much to extract information I didn’t have any access to and I am yet to figure out what exactly is your wife stand about all the questions he keeps asking me.Though, I have answered her but she seems not satisfied with my answer and I am getting fed up of her.Please, come and take her away so that I can finish cooking for both of you on time.




Tiffany’s dad burst into sporadic laughter but later answered Tiffany that she should give all the necessary answers to her mum’s questions because I will not want her to disturb me while you are back to school.Please, help me out and give her all the necessary answers….Tiffany’s dad paused  but kept laughing with the funny discussion that has engulfed the whole house on a sunny sunday afternoon.






I will answer all her questions before I go back to school but not now.Kindly, help me to tell her to come out straight so that we will not be beating about the bush using questions to answer questions but I am still suspicious of what your wife is up to.


No Problem!!!


My dear daughter…Tiffany’s dad responded.


I will ask her to go straight to the point.


Better!!!…Tiffany continued with his dad.


It can’t be now.Let’s finish cooking lunch and rest.It might be later in the day when we are all calm and relaxed that we will dedicate time to give answers to all her questions.




No problem…Tiffany’s dad and mum chorused in unison.


We are eager to listen to our dear daughter answering our questions one after the other.




As it was gradually getting to break-time, Tony was so much eager to unbottled himself.He managed to concerntrate with his work because his mind was on the planned and proposed discussion he will be having with his close pal and also he is still bothered and anxious about meeting the figure he saw on sunday soon.


As he saw Titus walking from his office door gradually nearing his office, Tony’s heart leapt for joy and he speedily round up whatever he is doing in order to ctach up with Titus before he get to his door so that they can both proceed to have lunch and have a deep discussion as promised in the morning.


Good Afternoon Sirs….Madam the spoon greeted the duo of Tony and Titus together.


Afternoon Ma….Tony and Titus replied.


What do you want sirs….Madam The Spoon asked further.


Do you have Fried Rice and Chicken….Tony and Titus asked.


Yes!!! I have Fried Rice.


While Madam The Spoon was preparing for them, the discussion started.




How far now….Titus asked.


What really happened in the course of the weekend….Titus probed further.


Hmmm…..Tony started.


I started my sunday morning being late to the church because I woke up late.So, I got to late to church and I wasn’t able to officiate and on getting to church hurriedly, though I managed to calm down and accept my fate by listening attentively to the sunday sermon.


As I was settling down,while looking around in the course of the service, my eyes sighted somebody that caught my fancy on the spot.Though, I made up my mind to see her at the end of the service.


At the end of the service,I tried to catch up with her but someone delayed me with a useless chat and on getteing to where she stayed which is the choir stand, I met her absence.Though, I was fortunate to ask of her from the choir master to the extent that we both glanced through the officiating attendance for the day, the choir master didn’t allow me to go with her biodata but promised to help me by asking me to come over next sunday.


I have no choice but to consent with the choir master’s proposal.


Was that why you are bothered and pensive…Titus asked.




Why could I have missed opportunity with God and man by being late throughout yesterday….Tony responded.


And now, I am so much eager and anxious of what might happen next sunday.


At this point, Titus burst into laughter and it attracted other eyes that were present in the canteen.


Tony was a little bit shy and embarrassed with the number of people that turned their faces towards their sitting stand in the canteen.


It seems you are gradually falling in love….Titus pointed it out to Tony.


You need to calm down and be patient with yourself.


If you are destined to have her, no problem.If you are not, life goes on.You will surely meet another person in due time.Stop killing yourself gradually by being moody.


Is that all?….Tony asked.



Let’s eat our food.


At this point, one of Madam “The Spoon” waiteress has already laid down the food the requested for on the table where they are sitting with bottled Table water.


They both enjoyed the delicacies till the break-time was over.


They both engaged themselves with other frivolities till they got back to their respective offices.




Is Tony’s motive right or wrong?


Let’s keep our fingers crossed for the next episode.


It promised to make you ask for more.


Any comment, suggestions and observation is welcomed.













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