Oh! My God!


Is this you?


You are now a big lady…..


How is mum and dad?


When did you come back from school?


I am fine ma—-Tiffany responded.


My parents are fine and I am about catching up with them so that we can go home together.


School is fine Ma,I travelled back home on Friday to attend to some personal obligations.




Extend my regards to your parents…Mrs.Taylor replied.


Ok!Ma!—Tiffany replied.


Bye for now…Mrs.Taylor moved away from Tiffany waving to her.


Thank you Ma…Tiffany replied.


Immediately, Tiffany bolted out because she knew that her parents would have been waiting for her in the car in order to go home together after the sunday service that just closed some minutes ago.


Mrs.Taylor was Tiffany class teacher while she was in high school.Since, Tiffany was a brilliant  and bright student with great prospect of becoming recognised as one of the best in her chosen field of endeavour,it was easier for Mrs.Taylor to recognise her even after almost four years that she has not seen her,though Mrs.Taylor always ask of her from her parents anytime they see each other in the church but it was a great reunion for Mrs.Taylor running into Tiffany as she was about leaving the choir stand of the church in order to meet her parents after the sunday service.


It can be seen that Mrs.Taylor was elevated into ectasy seen one of her promising students then growing up into a woman that will end up becoming an authority in her chosen field of endeavour.


Both of them, departed and turn their back at each other bidding themselves goodbye.


Tiffany, on her part came back home after the semester break to spend her holidays with her parents this time because most of her holidays had been spent with her uncles in the city but she decided to ensure that this holiday will be spent with her mum and dad.


Four years ago, Tiffany got admission into one of the prestigious university in the country after her brilliant performance in her final high school examination.She was admitted to study Law and since then she has been in the university being studious and serious with her academics.


Though, the journey has been arduous and tasking but due to the fact that she has been trained formally and informally to be hardworking as a high school student,the stress of coping with academic demands and other exigencies on the university campus was a walk-over for her.


At the end of her final semester examination, she is expected to finish in brilliant colour being one of the best student that will graduate from the Faculty of Law in the coming year with so many awards awaiting her on her convocation day and probably some of the awards might go along with scholarship.


After her convocation, the next move is for her to proceed to the Law School, though she is not yet sure of the particaular campus she will be posted whether Lagos Campus or Abuja Campus.


No matter where she is posted, her dream of becoming a barrister at Law is almost coming to fruition.








Why did you kept us waiting?


What have you been doing immediately the service is over?


We have been waiting for you to come over so that we could all leave for home….Tiffany parents kept bombarding her with series of questions.


Sorry Sir!


Sorry Ma!!


I was delayed by My old class teacher–Mrs.Taylor….Tiffany started explaining what kept her late.


I ran into her as I was about exiting the entrance close to the choir stand.


She kept me waiting probing about so many things simultaneously.


She later asked me to greet everybody.




Now, I understand you now…Tiffany mum’s nodded her head.


Mrs.Taylor!Mrs.Taylor!!Mrs.Taylor!!!….Tiffany’s dad kept mentioning the name.


I can’t remember any of your past teachers with such a name or maybe my memory is failing me…Tiffany’s dad was struggling to remember the teacher.


Dear!!! You should remember now…Tiffany’s mum replied.


She was Tiffany’s last class teacher that handled her class at the tail end of her stay in high school and she is also a member of this church and she used to come around whenever she sees us and greet us and she has never in any way forgot asking about the welfare of our daughter whenever we meet.




It was my memory that is wanning, I could remember the good hearted woman very well now.She is so nice that she treated our daughter like one of her daughter.


Yeah!!! I can recollect now….Tiffany’s dad kept nodding his head.


At this point, the ignition key has been turned on and the car was already in motion.


While the discussion was ongoing, Tiffany was just quiet while his parents were busy reminiscing about those good old days when Tiffany was in high school and they could remember that she has been blessed with so many good teachers who treated her well and believed in her ability to excel in any chosen field of endeavour.


Then, Tiffany’s mum engaged her the more.


How is Mrs.Taylor now?


Hope she is fairing well?


Hope she is looking good?—Tiffany’s mum kept asking questions about Mrs.Taylor from Tiffany.


Oh!!!The woman is looking good and even young.She has not lost her good demeanour that I knew her for.She is still kind-hearted and she almost asked me questions about almost everything she could remember from personal,family,social,spiritual lifestyle to academic lifestyle.


Now, we are at peace now knowing fully well that it was Mrs.Taylor that kept you waiting….Tiffany’s dad submitted.


Yes dad…Tiffany replied.


And in a few minutes after leaving the church gate,Tiffany’s family drove at a reasonable speed and the speed of the car came to a halt when they got to the front of their duplex.


Tiffany alighted from the car and collected the gate’s key from his mum so that she can open the gate for his dad to drive into the premises of their modest house.


In a space of five minutes, the gate was opened and Tiffany’s dad drove in and parked the car while Tiffany’s mum also openned the car’s door and alighted from the car.


At this moment, it was almost 01:00PM in the afternoon and the scorching sun was blazing high.


The whole family got inside the house quietly and everyone rushed into their rooms to undress and got prepared to make provision for lunch on this sunday afternoon.




What next…..


Kindly keep your fingers’ crossed for the next episode….











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