Tony was really distracted and carried away with what he saw afar off.He started pacing gradually in preparation for the next step as soon as the service is over but he became annoyed and impatient when the pastor-in-charge was too slow in winding up the service for the day.


As the benediction for the sunday service started wanning, Tony’s mind leapt for joy and happinness overshadowed his sense of reasoning to the extent that he became oblivious that he is in the presence of God.


The totality of his motive which was quite unexpected consumed him and he decided that immediately the concluding part of the benediction comes to an end, he will dashed and swing swiftly to the choir stand to engage the source of his distraction in a tété-a-tété.


As the last word of the benediction was dished out by the pastor-in-charge and the congregation chorused “Amen” in response,Tony dashed out from his row.


Peace be unto you…..Pastor-in-charge concluded the benediction.


“Amen”—the congregation chorused in response to the Pastor-in charge.


Go in Peace—-Pastor-in-charge concluded the service.


As the service reached conclusion,Tony was about rushing out of his seat when he sighted brother Timothy afar beckoning at him.









Bro. Tony!!!


Tony has observed from afar that Brother Timothy is beckoning at him from afar and since he doesn’t want any disturbance and distraction that will mar the pursuit and the realisation of his wrong motive, Tony feigned ignorance and tried all he could do to dogde brother Timothy.


Bro. Tony,I need to see you….brother Timothy shouted at the top of his voice from afar.


The shout from Brother Timothy made other members of the church that are within the vicinity to help brother Timothy call upon Tony.


At this point,Tony had no choice other than waiting and pausing to give Brother Timothy attention by waiting for him and listen to him.


Afternoon brother Tony…..Brother Timothy greeted.


Afternoon Sir….Tony replied.


You are conspicuously absent from today’s workers’ briefing, I guess you came late.




I am so sorry.


Of a truth, I woke up late and I came late to the church late.I couldn’t meet up with the early morning workers’ fellowship and briefing.


Anyway,I will ensure that I will be punctual next week.


It is a promise sir.


No problem brother Tony…Brother Timothy replied.


Just make sure that you put it in mind always that the bible admonished us to seek first the Kingdom of God and all his righteousness.God and the kingdom of God should be your priority and one of the ways by which you can ensure this, is by being active and fervent serving God and promoting all that pertains to the Kingdom of God.


You are right Sir…Tony replied.


I will be expecting you on time next week….brother Timothy continued.




I promised to keep up with time….Tony replied.


While the conversation was ongoing, Tony was  panting and becoming impatient internally with Brother Timothy for holding him down against his wish of making sure he get a very good glimpse of the damsel that caught his attraction in the course of the service.


Are you going home now…Brother Timothy asked Tony.




I need to see someone there sir…Tony replied.


I am asking so that I can give you a ride from here to your house or your junction….Brother Timothy replied.


Thanks for your concern Sir.


I appreciate….Tony replied respectfully.


After this,Brother Timothy stepped forward and bid Tony goodbye.


Within a twinkling of an eye, Tony disappeared with the speed of light pacing towards the choir stand but something kept telling him to always expect the unexpected but Tony made up his mind and decided to ensure that something meaningful comes out of his effort.


And Tony kept pacing and moving with his wrong motive that seems to have consumed his entirety on this fateful sunday.


While Tony was close to the choir stand, the die was cast and something happen.


What happenned?


Keep your fingers crossed for the next episode..



Watch out…….














©wordsmith scribe.


©Fadeyi Felix Femi.




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