I spent part of my time in the course of last week attending to a sort of issue that has to do with my help in putting mind into a personal issue that has to do with a familiar being reported to me about her view concerning what she is passing through at the moment.


Interestingly,I found myself being called to attend to an issue through a phone call yesterday but at the end of the day while ruminating on the content of my versed and lengthy discussion on the phone, my mind was inspired along a certain random line of thought  which resulted into a kind of deep rumination and I kept on asking myself thesame question.


At the end of my rumination, the title of this publication popped up into my consciousness and I asked myself this question.


How can someone be idle for so long doing nothing productively?


Lets embark on a story-line that will lay bare what exactly transpired in the course of my discussion on the phone.


Tolani has graduated a couple of years ago precisely since 2009 from one of the best university in Nigeria and she had her degree in one of the humanities.Since graduation from the university, she has been hell bent looking for a good job, a kind of job that is commonly referred to as dream job.


It can never be submitted to be a wrong desire for anyone to have the kind of dream Tolani had in terms of job she is looking for.It is a normal thing and even almost every young graduate has been seen to be guilty of this wishful thinking at one point or the other.


As time goes on and as the days keeps adding up,her desire and dream of getting her dream job keeps becoming a source of hope and a mirage because she needs no dibia for her to understand and comprehend that such a dream might take eternity to be fulfilled.


Though, she is not to be blamed for beibg hopeful for a better and a brighter day but she is expected to understand some basic realities of life and one of it says:

“When the preferrable is not available, the available becomes preferrable”.






The inability of Tolani to reason along this line of thought became a foolishness on her part by refusing to take up some jobs that came on her way, though these sets of jobs are far below her expectation but she was expected to understand that a drop of water with sand makes a mighty ocean.


Inspite the numbers of years she has spent fruitfulessly in search of job, till now she is still busy hoping for a day when a particular dream job will surface from the blue sky.


It is a known fact  and it is a common global imbalance and disorder that unemployment is on the rise across the length and breadth of the entire world.Unemployment and under-employment is a social malaise that is ravaging the existence of humanity without any possible solution in view.


Though, many societies across the world are making necessary efforts to curb the effect of unemployment, other societies could be concluded to have no inkling of what could be done to nib the scourge of unemployment in the bud especially in the continent of Africa.


And one of such country in the continent of Africa is Nigeria.


Unemployment Rate in Nigeria increased to 18.80 percent in the third quarter of 2017 from 16.20 percent the second quarter of 2017.


Unemployment Rate in Nigeria avaraged 10.63 percent from 2016 until 2017 reaching an all time of 19.70 percent in the fourth quarter of 2009 and a record low of 5.10 percent in the fourth quarter of 2010.


Unemployment is often used as a measure of the health of the economy.The most frequently measure of unemployment is the unemployment rate,which is the number of unemployed people divided by the number of people in the labour force.


Unemployment is the situation of actively looking for employment but not being currently employed.The unemployment rate is a measure of the prevalence of unemployment it is calculated as a percentage.


In Nigeria, while some people are unemployed, others are underemployed with take home pay not conmesurate enough to meet up with daily personal and economic needs and other forms of exigencies.


Eventhough, the scourge of unemployment has been somehow difficult to be curtailed and curbed, it is important and pertinent for everyone concerned and those who are in search of job to be up and doing by making sure that they are creatively and productively involved in one  economic endeavour or the other.


It is quite wrong and unacceptable as a form of motive and idea for anyone who is on the line of seeking employment to be caught up in the web of idleness because many of the people concerned are found of giving excuses that they are waiting and expecting their dream job, hence they fold their arms doing nothing.


While you await that dream job that will meet up with your expectation and aspirations with salary rolling up to six digits figure,it can never be bead, if you get yourself engaged practically and productively with any form of human endeavour that will give little to you before the actualisation of your dream job becomes a reality.


According to common parlance:


“A single bird at hand is more than millions in the forest”.


unemployment 2


Often times than none, the actualisation of your dream job always take time before it materialised but before the reality unfold, one needs to be engaged practically, productively and economically in a simple way that will enhance and ensure your chances of not being found idle.


Having your dream job could be concluded to be a blessing from God but it should be known to anyone seeking God’s blessing that the emergence of God’s blessing always prosper on the fact that the person seeking such must be found doing something meaningful that is a source of value-addition.


The blessing of God can never multiply on nothing, it multiplies on something tangible because no matter how many times you multiply zero with something, the end result will be zero forever but when the blessings of God meet the little in your hands, it ends up expanding and enlarging.


You have to be busy doing something contributory and productively no matter how little it is for you to solve the issue of underemployment and unemployment that has been starring at you over a long period of time.


Get busy and stop being idle.


Idleness kills!!!


Get busy!!!


Get something doing.


Time waits for no one.


Don’t be like Tolani.































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