I was on transit recently in a bus one beautiful morning and there was this young man who sat just close to me.He started a converstaion and we got talking in the course of the long journey.He obviously was an extrovert, so it wasn’t difficult for him to pick up a chat.


Somehow I got to know he was thirty-three years old sometimes after that day.He was keeping my company with all his gists.


And then, he asked me about what I am doing for a living.Gladly,I told him what I was into at first and then smiled with greater hope for years to come.


Suddenly,he kept mute and his countenance changed and went down.




You aren’t saying anything….I said.


He took a deep breath and sighed…


Hmmm….could this be what people refer to as “enemy of progress”.I thought.


But he doesn’t know me,I pondered.


It was glaring that something was wrong at that point.I needed not a soothsayers to tell me.


But I chose to keep quiet.Then I turned to the window side and avoided anymore talk.


Few minutes after I turned, he called for my attention, and then he later opened up to me that he was frustrated with his career choice.He made it clear that where he was at that point was as a wrong decision made back in high school by trying to be where his friends and colleagues were or doing what they wanted.


According to him,he wasn’t satisfied, he was struggling with such inner pain and the height of it all was that he had just made a decision to start all over again from sciences to arts and humanities.


Of course, it’s never too late to right the wrong but then, time is no man’s friend.He missed out at the early stage.


At this juncture, I want you to look at yourself deeply,check your life in the mirror of the path you are treading on and ask yourself these questions:


Am I fulfilled?

Am I happy with the choices I made?

Can I stand alone without trying to bank on people in this journey where I am towing?


I really need you to take a pause and answer these questions wholeheartedly without deceit and with a clear conscience.


If your answer is positive, I congratulate you.


If your answer is negative, I really also appreciate your sincerity and then I asked that you paused, ponder and have a rethink on the danger of following someone’s else’s dream.


There is one thing you should understand,which is,there is only one ‘you’ and you were born,made and wired for a specific purpose.


People, friends and familiars might laugh at you while you are moving on your path but you must understand that all jesting and mockery would only be for a season that would end up fizzling out when the result begins to manifest.


You were not born to be like everybody or someone else.You are unique and special.


Now tell me,what would be unique about you if your life was exactly like someone else or you do exactly what every of your friends do?


The specialty and uniqueness in you was set to affect someone’s life or even a large number of people.


In my days in high school, there was this notion about those in the arts department which is somehow negative,It was about art students not being intelligent and smart pupils are meant for science and technical departments.


There were conflicts within me.I knew I had an inbuilt affinity for arts naturally but then I never wanted to be recokned with anything that has to do with being tagged, counted and called a dull or an unintelligent student.


Fortunately for me,I thank goodness for sending my then English Language teacher who came at the right time and whispered a seemingly light but then strong word to me.He said,’it is better to be where you can be at your best than to be where you might end up being confused’.


And today,with a glad heart,I can proudly say that Art is life.I would have been less relevant if I had gone my way because of what people think or what people would say.




I have mentors–People I looked up or admire their lifestyle but that doesn’t neccessarily mean that I have to be like them.I can only emulate some attributes, values and virtues that sustained them in their journey to be whom I was meant to be.


In other words, it is not wrong for you to have mentors, as a matter of fact having a mentor challenges you to greater and lofty heights but you must put on that mentality of wanting to be better than your mentor by reaching for more higher grounds.


This does not come easily by mere wishes or wishful-thinking, it comes by extra responsibilities, sacrifices,selflessness,commitment,dedication and responsiveness.


Being succesful entails doing more to get more.It comes as an outcome of discipline that is incomparable in terms of dedication, diligence and commitment.


When you find yourself on the right path, there is a kind of easiness, candour, calmness and self-fulfilment that accompany such.


It is when your purpose is discovered and when it is followed strictly that the essence of your existence becomes achievable.


To make personal discovery demands personal investment in terms of personal development that entails soul searching  fashioned towards understanding your area of strength and your area of weakness which is one of the focal points of what SWOT ANALYSIS entails.


SWOT ANALYSIS simply entails identification of internal strength and weaknesses as well as external opportunities and threat.


The benefit of SWOT ANALYSIS is to make you to understand the essence of taking personal responsibilities that will birth self discovery fashioned towards self development wrapped with continous and periodic self appraisal that will aid the total development of the entirety of any human life.


The best you can do for yourself in the course of your existence is for you to stop running after another person’s dream and make sure you run after your own dreams until it becomes handy and a subject of practical reality that will be dynamic and flexible enough to entertain and accommodate others who are yet to understand what it takes to run after personal dreams in the course of earthly existence.


As it is, we are all created, designed and wired to deliver a message to the world in the course of our exitence on earth but it is pitiful that it is only few people that are prepared and have what it takes to deliver the message before the curtain of their existence on earth is drawn.


In conclusion, your best is reserved for that moment you are able to define your path and you are able to walk on it without being distracted with what people might end up saying about the path you decided to take.



**Special thanks to Onyekwere Joy Ify— for sending part of this article to me for editing and also allowing me to publish it .























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