Like the saying goes, a father who loves a child,corrects the child.


Correction is simply a sytematic practical, prompt and pragmatic control approach that makes any given instruction or laid down rules and regulation to be effectively and efficiently  carried out in order to achieve and accomplish laid down aims and objectives of such instruction.


It is when an instructionis not adhered to properly and accordingly that correction is triggered or applied in order to make such instruction to be free from error or mistake in the course of its being discharged.


It is a known fact that as human,we are fallible and prone to mistakes and errors which made any source or traces of correction of any committed by us to be as important as the given instruction itself.


Light beckons and our horizon enlarges when we adhered to corrections in details without any form of resentment and reluctance.


The channels of correction might be from any source and it might be at any given point in time but no matter what the source or channel looks like, no matter how irrelevant the timing and contents of the correction might be,our response to the contents and contexts of the particular correction matters because it is a viable determinant of the outcome of the correction.


It is when the outcome of the correction is in tandem,in alignment and in consonance with the given instruction that we all agreed that progress has been made in our efforts to make neccessary impacts on a given assignment or given endeavour.


Your response to a corresponding correction determines the corresponding outcome.Corresponding to a corresponding correction determines corresponding outcome.


Adhering and accepting correction is always difficult and it is a virtue that is scarce in this generation whereby humility and simplicity has become paleolithic and archaic.


Being corrected and accepting to adhere and pay the needed sacrifice is a product and outcome of humility, simplicity,humaness,understanding and maturity.




All these are virtues and values that have gone into extinction with the little traces of any one of it becoming a luxury that the millenia cannot afford to abide by and cope with.


Abiding by any form of correction without resentment,reluctance and complaints takes discipline and sacrifice.


Errors committed without the approprriate commitment to correction of such errors constitute a cancerous clogs that will become a viscious cycle of contaminants that will aid prolong spread and extension of such errors till it becomes a culture confined deeply in the totality of any individual who seems to be oblivious and unconcerned about the effects of such errors thereby making the entirety of such individual’s life conditioned to permanent phases of errors.


A life that accepts coorection easily and cheaply without any form of cuddling,pampering and enforcement is can simply be described as a disciplined and a matured one.


Discipline, I would break it down here means:


“Doing what is right and what you like”


Do you see how that word is?


It doesn’t seem to be sweet or easy.Everyone desires to do what they like,but do you also know that sometimes, what we like or what we want can be a source of danger to us unknowingly?


Get this the person who takes time to correct you is that person that understands that you are yound and have your own ‘likes’ but takes it upon himself or herself to streamline your ‘likes’ and desires in order to pull you off the path or radar of perdition and destruction thereby making you to see reasons why you should be on the right path or on the radar of self discovery that will announce how matured you are in the course of your existence.


Have you ever thought about why lots of young people dislike or hate anyone who push them to be serious and studious?


Why do young minds tag those who try to push them out of their comfort zones into being useful for themselves as heartless,wicked, hard and harsh?


It’s simple.


This is simply because as human being, we are wired for pleasure which is against any form of pressure that is attached to any form of correction.


Correction as it is, no matter how inconsequential it is, when adhered to brings you out of darkness and obscurity, and then lace you into limelight whereby honour and success becomes the order of the day.


One of the days I cannot easily forget in a rush as a yound person was on an occassion when my high school director had to correct me openly.I was late for the normal morning assembly and devotion which was always held at the school compound.


Unfortuanately for me,that morning, I was feeling unusually funny and unnecessarily tired,fagged out,weak and irritated over nothing exactly.It was a proper mood for lazy students actually.Akind of mood swing.It wasn’t like I has a personal challenge as such.I was taught manners in the hard way.If only you knew the way I was sluggishly dragging my foot as if I was not going to face the task of the day before I was called to order.That was what I felt like doing or maybe what I chose to do but it wasn’t the right thing to do.I had the option of walking smartly and putting myself together through self-discipline but I was doing what I felt like doing.I got corrected immediately but at that point,I thought he was a wicked person but I was wrong, so wrong.


Infact that correction gave me a lasting effect.Those who knew me personally or have come in contact with me physically can tell that I am up and doing.


On your own part, it may not be as similar as mine, but in essence, take it,accept it,it is not always pleasant but I tell you this, it brings out the best and the gold in you.


You must understand that those who correct you today,loves you and are trying in their own capacity to connect you with the beauty and with the reality of your destiny.


They are willing to displease you and even loose their familiarity, friendship and companionship rather than seeing your destruction.These set of people can do bitter things just to make you and mold you into maturity thereby making you to become a complete person that will not end up becoming a burden and a source of concern to the entire human race.


At the point of being useful, responsible, responsive and matured in the right direction, you may call the experience obtainable in the process as being bitter but as time passes by, those memories will become sweet at last.


On the other hand, those who hate you will allow you and give you a free hand in doing whatever is pleasing to you.


It is high time you understand that every praise is not good and every criticism is not bad or evil.


If you really ant to make a good place in the journey of life,whenever you are corrected, take it,sit down and then reflects on what you were corrected about.


Pick out your weaknesses from what you were corrected about and act positively upon it.When you do that ,you have just helped yourself out of a weak point because of your humility to pick up correction and then you end up becoming better and your race to fulfill your aspiration in life ends up becoming a reality.





Post originally written and presented by ONYEKWERE JOY IFY—#ifyinspires#


Edited by FADEYI FELIX FEMI on the 27th of February 2018

















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