This short piece was written on the 2nd of March 2016 as part of my daily post or publication on facebook.The source of the inspiration which is personal remain somehow unknown and unclear but I believe the content therin will serve as a sort of resources that will enhance our self-esteem that will birth a kind of re-orientation about our view along the line of maintaining good personal and corporate relationship.


It is observed that many of us become saddened,moody and pensive when we get an inkling that we are been mocked and talked about by others.It is a kind of attitude that is common across the length and breadth of the entire human race whereby many people spend a bunch of their time backbitting and throwing stones at others.Many of us are actors of this irrelevant and many of us are victims of this irrelevant.


It is necessary for many of us to understand and develop a thick skin with blocked ear to some of this irrelevancies that is commonality among human being remains unquantifiable.


According to Winston Churchill:


“You will never get to your destination when you throw stones at every dog that bark at you”


You will get nothing out of life if you are bothered about what people are saying about you.Being bothered and being suspicious about what people are saying about you is a sign and a product of immaturity and low self-esteem.


Like food,people will feed on your matter.


Like water,people will gulp your issue to quench their thirst.


Like a dog, people will nag their loose tongue.


Even the dead are being talked about everyday.


I want you to have this in mind that those who gossip about you remains at your back forever.




When people talk about you!!!


One of the best effective ways of knowing the level of maturity you are made of is simply shown outrightly through your response and reaction to whatever people are saying about you.


When you expected little or nothing from people around you,your reaction and response to disappointment will be minimal and less-shocking but when you raised your hope about people and build your castle in the air, you will end up being saddened and biittered when you are disappointed .


I want you to know this mystery that you are being gossipped about because you are important to them,if you are not important to them, they will never spend a bunch of their precious time debating and deliberating about issues that concern you.




So, whenever you have an inkling that you are being gossipped about, just have this understanding that your life is meaningfully filled with virtues that are important to them,hence they are jealous and they desire having an opportunity to possess such a virtue.


Instead of complaining and reacting to people’s view and assertion about you,the best response to the contents of their gossip is top wave it aside with a bare hand and move ahead with your life being focussed on your purpose in life.


It is only those who are incapable of discovering their purpose in life that spend their little time at their disposal discussing issues that has nothing to do with them.


When you want to know and understand the worth of any man,it is necessary to know what the mouth of such person says about another person.


As life is real, gossipping also is real.It is an evil that almost every human is guilty of but the worst of its evil spring up when the person being gossipped about becomes embittered and saddened about it.


Since no two wrongs can make a right, it is better to manage your emotion in terms of response and reaction towards whatever people might be saying at your back.


Kindly allow whatever is being discussed at your back to remain at your back.Do not brink it forward to your face so that you will not end up frowning and it will prevent you from wearing a harsh look accompany with you looking for a way to revenge by taking your own pound of flesh.


Whatever is being said at your back should remain at your back till eternity.This is one of the secrets of longevity that will help in making you to understand the value of your purpose in life accompany with efforts that will make you achieve such purpose in the course of your existence.


When you are saddened about people talking about you,you have given them cahnces and opportunities to control your feelings and emotions.Once this happened, you have exchanged the power in you in response to your reaction about what has been said about you.


Your response and reactions in the face of adversity is what determines whether you will end up winning or loosing in the course of your fight for conquest or victory.When your reaction and response is negative, you have given your enemy power over you but once your reponse is calm and positive, all your enemies become weakened and they end up loosing their power and potency that might have been used to cage and control you.


The golden key to your happinness lies with you.Never give loose it through your response and reaction to situations around you.No matter how long you live on earth, there will always be moments of ups and downs but it is your preparation and readiness for staying above the reality of any moment that will determine how matured you are and how capable and able you are to ride the roller-coaster of life that is always unstable.




Can you measure the Kilojoule of inherent latent energy wasted and expended when you react and respond negatively to whatever rumour is being peddled about you?It is quite ironical that many of us spend our energy on what we not add any value to us and one of the areas we wasted energy on is our reaction and response to gossip from people around us.


No matter what the situation might be, you have what it takes to live your life above whatever the rumour that might be peddled and spread around about you.


Rumour mongering and gossipping are parts of human life.If humans refrain from this, I dont think the existence of human beings could be possible.


When you consider what is being rumoured and gossipped about you as irrelevant and inconsequential, it will reamin a minor issue that can never remove anything from you and you will be able to stay afloat and be in charge of your emotion.


To cap it all:













Sadness takes away virtues and values from you.It is a stylish and a slow channel to making someone becoming a beast that has lost the grip of what life is all about.


Sadness does nothing but  weakens your nerves and bones thereby becoming old and worn-out withing a little period of time.


Sadness makes you look haggard and unkempt.







#Rumour mongering#














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