It can never be viewed as something strange and unnecessary when someone is bothered, wondering and pondering when one of the major cities in Nigeria that could be classified in terms of industries, housing,infracstructures and population as a metropolitan city is  gradually loosing her splendour, beauty,administrative grip and efficacy in terms of proper and efficient management of both indstrial and domestic wastes in recent times.


The approaches and methodological dexterity and acumen maximized by past administration in the area of waste management should be appraised and recommended eventhough it might not be one hundred percent  but comparing it with the recent one being used by the administration of Akinwumi Ambode,one could easily noticed that the past administration performed far better than this present administration.


The present administration of Governor Akinwumi Ambode should have studied the loopholes in the method used in managing municipal waste by the past administration and make sure that the loopholes are filled up.This would have made waste management in Lagos State better and more efficient.


The rate or rural to urban migration in Nigeria has always beeing overwhelming with Lagos being one of the choicest destination state in Nigeria bearing the brunch of this economic and demographic imbalance that is forcing and luring many Nigerians to find economic solace and respite in Lagos State by clusterring together with no respect for the green-house effect of such decision on the immediate environment.It is factual that that as the population keeps increasing, the momentum at which waste is generated will keep inceasing geometrically and astronomically which is directly proportional to the population growth of Lagos state and its environs.


With this, it is quite important and pertinent for the administration of a state populated to the tune of more than 22 million inhabitatants to have an efficient and effective waste management blueprint and methodological practical approach that is potent enough and reliable to make the entire Lagos environment neat,claen and habitatble.


A situation whereby Lagosians strugle to dodge the dirty and filthy scenery that is presently cheaply and freely occupying every availaible vacant space is quite mind-boggling,unacceptable and mind-blowing and it is simply a show of shame for our environment and it is also a sign of disrespect for human dignity thereby creating an avenue for rodents,microbial and viral growth to scale up taking over our immediate environment which might end up triggerring infections and epidemics.


There is an urgent need and necessity with quick and swift evacuation process and procedures that will be strictly adhered to by the private waste management company that is saddled with the statutory responsibilities of managing waste in Lagos State.


Recently and presently, it has been observed that many highway cleaners have been employed and seen performing their duties of removing dirts from our streets but the sight of heaps of waste on a mini-scale is still a constant scenery on our roads everyday.This can be asserted to be an oucome of an ineffective method of prompt evacuation that will ensure that at least three times in a day,there will be a patrol by the evacuation team positioned in each area or Local government area saddled with the responsibilities of ensuring that all the mini-waste dump sites created by the residents of Lagos State on their own are located, marked-out and they should ensure that all the heaps of waste are removed promptly.




The evacuation,removal and clearing of all these mini-waste dump sites should be preferably carried out in the middle of the night so that the irritating scenery of waste removal that residents of Lagos State are subjected to will be minimally reduced thereby enhancing human dignity.


The transfer of the statutory responsibilty  or function of waste management to “VISION SCAPE” is a good idea but it would have been better if the transfer was done to consolidate that of LAWMA.This sort of collaboration would have made waste management in Lagos  State to climb up a little bit by gradually being transformed to what is obtainable in developed world whereby waste management can end up becoming a very good source of human development capacity building that is viable enough to become a source of IGR increment  with its ability to become a means of generating manure,fertilizer,power, and raw materials locally for the ailing manufacturing industry in Nigeria.


Drifting along political line a little bit, a metropolitan state would end up becoming a metropolitan dump site when our political terrain is filled up with the choice of leadership that believed in the prospect of electing and selecting representatives based on relegating,subjecting,jettissioning and substituting merit for mediocrity.


When the choice and the election leadership is based ,promoted,prompted and platformed by nepotism and god-fatherism a chicken or rat end up becoming the lion of the jungle.


A governor that is struggling to control and manage waste properly and efficiently is already having his posters pasted in all the nooks and crannies of the state seeking chance for a second term in office and canvassing for votes and support .


This is nothing but a show of ineptness,mediocrity and ineptitudeness.


In conclusion,let’s join hands in saving, redeeming and salvaging Lagos State from being turned into a state of filthy splendour whereby heaps of waste becoming a source of tourist attraction ironically.A situation whereby heaps of waste is struggling to be in control of all available vacant spaces is unacceptable and it should not be a story any part of this country should be relaying.


All hands must be on deck to maintatin a cleaner LAGOS.







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