The quietness of the night elude them,

Their rest became vaporised,

The heaviness of their eyelid disappeared,

They woke up in fear and with trembling,

They ran helter skelter,

In the middle of the night,

Their sleep was truncated with topsy-turvy,

And the cry for help took over,

The beautiful atmosphere of the night became sullen,

Vampires are everywhere,

Killing,murdering and maiming without control,

With their clubs and swords,

They expressed their meaness by butchering innocent souls,

Innocent souls slaughtered like cows,

Innocent souls butchered without control,

And the flow of blood surpassed the flow of blood in an abatoir.




While the fury of the rampaging vampires gushed out,

The blood of the innocent gushed out like water from a cistern,

While the flesh of the innocent were butchered and massacred,

While the bones of the innocent were crushed,

Hell was let loose,

And Benue State became a home of fury,

And blood was on the dancing floor,

Dancing and merrying were aborted,

Laughter and smiling were replaced,

With regrets,angusih and gnashing of teeth,

The dignity of humanity was disrespected,

While human body and physiology were destroyed.




It would have been understandable,

If this show of barbarism and cannibalism occurred during war time,

It could have been better if it happened on the battle field,

It became worrisome how a sovereign state in a sovereign country,

Governed by constitution,rules and regulations,

Suffered a gory incident,

Not from outsiders and strangers,

It was perpetrated by mere herdsmen,

And they succesfully take the life of others.

Without any remorse on their part.




Children were attacked,

Pregnant women lost their lifes,

Men’s throat were slith opened,

Foetus were opened up,

Many eyes were plucked out,

Limbs were broken,

Arms were lost,

Human parts were disembered.

Families were separated.

Widows amd widowers increased.





What an indiscriminate act,

What a show of indignity and apartheid,

What an act of inhumanism,

What a show of cannibalism,

What a display of terrorism,

What an exhibition of callousness and coldness.




The authority on ground were caught unaware,

Security apparatus became weak,

No one to render help,

And innocent souls fell into the hands of vampire,

Blood sucking demons were high in their kingdom,

At the sight of sword and gun shots,

The dove of peace left their nest and flew away,

As the crimson of blood occupied available spaces,

Vultures descended and took over the scenes,

And the carcases of lost human body became accessible to all eyes.





Where is the missing link?

Why is human souls cheap as water?

Why is our land is being torn apart?

Why is blood on our dance floor?

Why is living in Nigeria is extremely risky?

Why is human existence in Nigeria is a curse?





Till now,

No single arrest has been made,

No one has been locked up,

Everybody is folding their arms,

Everybody is using their mouth playing blame games,

And the anguish and agony,

From the affected and the deceased family remained.





Till now,

There seems to be no single way out,

A pointer to the fact that,

We should expect another attack in a the course of time,

Since our government are handicapped to toil on the part of reasoning and wisdom,

The vampires will be let loosed very soon,

And the vulture will take over again.












This is dedicated to all the people of Benue State at this down moment in their history.Even if we agree with our Vice-President that the perpetrator of this dastardly act should be forgiven,we should all remember that history will not forgive those who fan the amber of this show of cannibalism and barbarism.




This is a pointer to the fact that we are blessed in this part of the world with irresponsible and irresponsive government who have no value for human life.




All other states in the federation are planning and beginning to arm their indigenes especially local hunters to the teeth and it is becoming more clear that a nation that ought to be demilitarised is fastly becoming more militarised with arms and ammunition becoming cheap as water available at the disposal of every dick and harry.




No doubt about it,the APC administration under the leadership of President Muhammadu Buhari keeps disappointing the Nigeria nation by deviating wildly and making all their electoral promises unachievable.




No part of the country is safe now,every part of the country is having her own security challenges and there has never been no form of workable solution proffered to nib this in the bud.




All concerned Nigerians should rise up to challenge the level of insecurity being experienced in Nigeria presently if only we are passionate about our dreams of having an indivisible geographical entity called Nigeria to remain as one nation.




In conclusion,this is dedicated to the repose of the more than 70 Benue indigenes that were massacred and butchered by Fulani Herdsmen.




May their souls find peace that eluded them while they are alive.




Rest in Peace.





#Fulani Herdmen#


#Benue State#










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