Without any iota of doubt,much have been written and published in this serial,topical and Knowledge-based inspirational and motivational articles that started at the beginning of the new year to serve as a booster and enhancer of pushinh any form of of positive intention and expectations that always accompany the line of thought of veryone at the commencement of the new year.



It has been an all-encompassing publication that is construed and designed in form of daily nuggets specifically attached to each day of the first month of the new year which accounted for the reason why the basic necessities are 31 in number.



It is a fact of reality that obeys both natural,spiritual and supernatural law that there is always a beginning and an end to everything.





The beginning of this episodic-serial publications has been awesome and fulfilling ,also the end has been accomplishing ,overwhelmimg and satisfactory as this publication has imparted and prepared many viewers,readers and followers who took their time to read along and digest the contents of this topical publications.



This is an idea pushed by the author and it is prone and available to criticism and any form of additional contribution that will serve the purpose of enhancing all- round human capital development aimed at making human development a reference point targetted at making the world a better place.



In view of this,I declared and presented this page as the concluding part of my publication for the month of January 2018.



It has been 31 different nuggets targetted to enhance your views and beliefs that 2108 becomes fulfilling when your service, selflessness and sacrifice are not compromised and toiled with.







Without any gainsaying,the efforts and time invested by all my readers,viewers and followers can never be overlooked and underestimated because this has been a source of encouragement to me to do more by taking my time to give my best in satisfying  and meeting up the desire of everyone who are already part of my dream and success story to build a media channel that will have a household brand accompany with meaningful imparts in the course of life.


It has been wonderful and magnificient having the crops of personalities that have been part of my blog since inception.




What I can just offer at this moment is my heartfelt appreciation.


Thank you all for giving me chance to publish “31 BASIC NECESSITIES FOR A BIGGER,BETTER,BOLDER AND A BRIGHTER 2108—NUGGET 1-31.


Thanks for reading.













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