This write-up formed my opinion on facebook yesterday that seems to be a refelection of my experience of the worse form of leadership that has been the realities of our society.

I believe it will serve the purpose of educating and enlightening my teeming viewers,readers and followers.

It goes thus:

It is foolishness for a leader who contributes nothing to expect followers and subordinates to contribute something.

Being inactive and passive in discharging your duties,roles and responsibilities as a leader makes your subordinates and followers passive and inactive in discharging their duties,roles and responsibilities.

It is share wickedness and extreme insensitivity on the part of any leader who fails to release the magic wand of good leadership to followers and subordinates but expect subordinates and followers to perform any magic that will entrench and establish the essence of good leadership.

Being inactive and passive exhibited in the form of levity,laxity…

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