This write-up formed my opinion on facebook yesterday that seems to be a refelection of my experience of the worse form of leadership that has been the realities of our society.

I believe it will serve the purpose of educating and enlightening my teeming viewers,readers and followers.


It goes thus:


It is foolishness for a leader who contributes nothing to expect followers and subordinates to contribute something.


Being inactive and passive in discharging your duties,roles and responsibilities as a leader makes your subordinates and followers passive and inactive in discharging their duties,roles and responsibilities.


It is share wickedness and extreme insensitivity on the part of any leader who fails to release the magic wand of good leadership to followers and subordinates but expect subordinates and followers to perform any magic that will entrench and establish the essence of good leadership.


Being inactive and passive exhibited in the form of levity,laxity and laziness dampens the spirit of your followers and subordinates leading to the trigger of a chain reaction culminating into confusion and poor performance.


The only reflection and exhibition of loyalty and respect that will be shown by your subordinates and followers will be done through unhealthy rivalry thatv is poisonous,acidic and toxic accompanied with eye service and lip-service chanelled towards expressing their loyalty to you at your presence but when you are absent,their loyalty to you fizzle out and their real self emerges in the form of deceit and mediocrity.




The blame should be apportioned to the leadership style being adopted.Any leadership style that compromises truth and toil with falsehood will end up becoming a farce,an object of ridicule and inefficiency, and a subject of ineffectiveness.


The real purpose of leadership defined through leading by example must be shown vividly in terms of selflessness,sacrifice and through service that is qualitative,compassionate and unparralleled.


If you fail in making an impart by being a source of example in terms of hard-work to your subordinates,the value placed on leadership through the post or office occupied by you becomes challenging and your struggle to uphold efficiency and effectiveness among the rank and file of your staff that will birth the contiinuos and constant emergence of good performance will remain a hard nut to crack.



Leadership fails when it first of all fails followership by failing or refusing to lead by example.


An examplary leadership is a reflection of the values inherent in you that must be a totla package of your existence so that your subordinates and followers will not find it tedious to tread on the path you are treading upon.


As a leader, you should not ask your subordinates and followers what you fail in giving to them.


If you are lazy,expect your followers and subordinates to be lazy.If you are a perpectual late-comer,expect them to be perpectual late-comers.If you are weak in reasoning and you lack basic application of maximizing discretion at your disposal for the progress of your juridiction,expect your folowers and subordinates to follow suit by being weak and unreasonable.



Leadership is all about the stuff you are made of and it has a way of having a boomerang effect or green-house effect on the governed or the led.All that is in reality in our society is a function of the reality obtainable on the corridor of leadership.


It is the system in the society that makes leaders.The society makes leaders and leaders makes the society.


Confusion and grudges will be the order of the day coupled with unhealthy rivalry whenever any of your subordiantes tries to right the wrong you placed on ground in your domain because likes beget likes.


If you expect good followership,kindly become good leader that is good in proffering good and reasonable leadership style that will make leaders out of your followers and subordinates.


Any deviation from this concept is nothing but fluke and self-deception with foolishness being the resultant outcome.















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