In a recent report published on on the 23rd of November 2017.


According to a new survey, technology is reportedly killing a children’s imagination following the rapid decrease of imaginary friends.




A new survey conducted by Snarzaroo has learnt just 17percent of children have imaginary friends,which is a rapid decline from the 2001 record that found almost half of British kids had made up invisible playmate.


And the study believes devices,such as iPads and other electronic goods are the culprit and are damaging a child’s creativity.




Speaking about research, Dr Amanda Gunner-who is the founder and CEO of Fundamentally children- said:


“Imaginative play is hugely beneficial for childre-being able to transport themselves into -make believe worlds with imaginary characters can help them make sense of their world or provide an escape from it(something that supports good mental health in later life).


“Suspending reality give children the opportunity to think outside of the box and be as creative as they like,with none of the restrictions that are placed on real life activity”.


And Gummer has urged parents to encourage “imaginative play” or artistic outlets.


She continued:


“Parents can help children engage in imaginative play by providing them with a balanced play diet and managing the amount of time children spend as passive receivers of digital contents”.

“Tools such as face paints, building blocks,dressing up clothes and play dough can help to stimulate this”.


“Free, child-led play is the super-food of the play diet and can balance the less imaginative play activities that are sometimes found in high toys and screen play”.


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