This publication was originally published on facebook on the 8th of November 2016 and reading it now made me believed that it will serve a purpose of being a source of motivation and inspiration for all my viewers,readers and followers.

It goes thus:


Getting along well in life with all its accompanied vagaries,distractions and disappointment without getting along well with God will author confusion and frustration with its end in vanity.


The strength required for exploit and the vigour needed for being above all can only be sourced from the author of life who called everything into existential without any iota of stress but by the spoken word.


Detaching yourself from the resourcefulness emebedded in using your tongue to confess and profess the right word with you standing aloof from the source of every creation will only end in doom and perdition.


Nothing in life should stand in the gap between you and your God no matter how relevant and important it might be.—Romans 8 verse 28-35.


Unknowingly your reference for men standing as an authority for you might end up standing against you from being permanently attached to God.


When you reference men more than what is expected, God’s wrath is never far away from you.


Men that refer men as God in words and in deeds are doing what is unacceptable by any standard because God is not in anyway at thesame level with any of His creation.



god 2.jpg


No human is worthy enough to be referenced as God.


Remember, God will never share His Glory with anyone.



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