Just of recent I had an encounter with the ministry of Holy Spirit,precisely last weekend.It was on the 18th of November 2017.


As I got back from work in the evening,the first issue or challenge I faced was that there was no elecricity supply and my tap has stopped running.


This simply means that there is no water.The water stored in case there is a challenge like this was almost running out and all I could do at the moment is to be bothered thinking about how the weekend will be without water coupled with the fact that there is so many domestic chores that are calling for attention like laundry and general cleaning of the entire house.


At a point, when power was restored, I dashed out to put on the pumping machine but to my chagrin,the pumping machine didnt power which trigger a kind of consternation in the process because I was overwhelmed with the thought of the pumping machine being faulty.


Later, I thought of the pumping machine being repaired but that will be a long-term solution due to the fact that before other co-tenants will rally around to get technician and contribute money for the repair,it might take a couple of days for such solution to arrive.


This disappointment made so many things to run through my mind at a time.And I was like:


“What is the way out now”


Am I going to be sourcing for where to get water from outside?


“What of if I didnt get a place”?




Later, I submitted that I will simply get the serve of “mai ruwa” and pay for some buckets of water but something in me kept asking another question that:


“What of if I didn’t get mai ruwa?


“What am I going to  do”


At this juncture,I was bottled up with emotion and anger blaming myself for not putting some palliative measures on ground to avert this type of situation like getting a bigger container that I can use in storing more volume of water that can last me and and my family for a period of three days.


I was in quandary of what to do and anger has started consuming the whole fabrics of me and I started reacting to everything and everyone around me.


The first person to receive such backlash was my wife.


But at a point I heard my inner mind telling me quietly in a low voice, though it was audibly telling me to calm down.


Despite this, I kept asking myself how the weekend will be without water or how are we going to manage with insufficient volume of water because power outage is easy to manage but managing water is something that can make someone life unbearable.


It is something I dont think someone should envisage or pray for because sourcing for water outside someone’s vicinity is quite arduous and painful.The thought of it is killing and suicidal.


This was the experience I have to manage and deal with on Friday evening–18th of November 2017 till the dawn of 19th of November 2017.


In the course of being moody and angered,I heard a voice telling me many times to calm down that things will sort itself out without any stress.It was by the second time, that I started being calm down.


And by the third time, I heard a silent voice telling me to be careful not to transfer the aggression on my wife.At this point, I realised that it is the Spirit of God cautioning me to be very careful with the situation on ground.


By the dawn of 19th of November, when I suddenly woke up in the middle of the night still thinking about an easy way out from the present predicament being faced by me.It was at this point I took a practical step to just uttered a point of prayer silently within me in this manner:


“Holy Spirit!!!”


“What can I do now?”


Then I heard a voice telling me to calm down.


It was at this point i was able to hold my peace.




Suddenly, around 6am,in the twilight of 19th of November 2017, I just heard noise of water splashing on the floor which simply signalled that the overhead storage tank is filled to the brim.


It was at this point that I realised that it was not our pumping machine that is faulty but it was the designated pre-paid meter for pumping machine that has run out.


Then, as a family we were able to attend for all the necessities that is on ground in the course of the weekend.


This encounter and experience offer me an opportunity to learn some practical gift that every christian is endued with in the spiritual.



It was recorded in the scripture that the Holy Spirit is a person with a pronoun “HE” by JESUS CHRIST.

It reads:


“These things I have spoken to you;while abiding with you.”But the Helper,the Holy Spirit,whom the Father will send in My name,HE will teach you all things, and bring to your remembrance all that I said to you”.


Many Christians are oblivious of the fact that Just as we are in relationship with God-the father and Jesus Christ,the son,so also is our relationship with the Holy Spirit ought to be by seeing the Holy Spirit as a person in like image as any one of us.


With this,it is pertinent for any good christian to relate with the Holy Spirit as a person by offering prayers to Him as a person just the way we pray to God but the form by which our prayers should be offered to the Holy Spirit should be in the form of questions asking Him salient questions about issues that are not clear to us in every facet of our existence.


The Holy Spirit is a member of trinity that offers answers to prayers that have to do with questioning,leading and searching of deep things in the physical and in the spiritual.


It is a pity that many Christians are oblivious of this salient truth and they have not been doing anything to maximize this opportunity given to us by God which was announced to us at the point when Jesus Christ was returning back to heaven.


Another important virtue I learnt is:



While the earthly ministry of Jesus Christ was about coming to an end,Jesus Christ handed his disciples over to the Holy Spirit asking them to wait for the enduement of the Holy Spirit before they start their ministry which came to pass on the day of pentecost.—Acts of the Apostle 2.


In the book of John 14 verse 26:


It was chronicled that:


“But the comforter,which is the Holy Ghost,whom the Father will send in my name,he shall teach you all things and bring all things to your remembrance whatsoever I have said to you”-KJV.


With this,it was explicitly written that the Holy Spirit is our comforter while other biblical verson recorded that the Holy Spirit  is our helper.So the “comfort and the help seeking” ministry in divinity is inherent in the Holy Spirit.


In the light of this, whenever our supplication and petition falls within the confines of seeking comfort and help,it is always being handled by the person of the Holy Spirit.


Many Christians are unaware of this application because they think that our relationship with the Holy Spirit is all about speaking in strange tongue and languages as it happenned on pentecost day.


This is quite wrong and it places a limitation on our relationship with the personality of the Holy Spirit.


Among other ministry, the ministry of the Holy Spirit relects in this areas:

  • Provision of comfort and ease.
  • Teaching
  • Leading
  • Remembrance
  • Help.
  • Empowement and enduement.


In addition,it is important to know that just as we relate with God and Jesus Christ in Prayers and worship, the Holy Spirit desire and deserve thesame level of relationship.This is something that is amiss largely in christiandom presently.If we can reference the first two members of divinity or trinity, why do we leave the third member without according to Him thesame reference and recognition.


No matter what you are passing through now,no matter how miry and dirty life might be,I want you to rely and rest on the comfort and help of the Holy Spirit.He is ready to bring out a coin from the mouth of the fish in order to meet your needs.


Before this can come to reality,you must recognise, reference and relate with the Holy Spirit so that His ministry will reflect and be visible in your life.


In conclusion,I will ask us one question.


It reads:


“Why are you panting or panicking when you have THE HOLY SPIRIT.”



NB:“The word “mai ruwa” is used in describing anyone who uses a cart-pusher to sell water in kegs usually 20 Litres Keg.It is an HAUSA LANGUAGE.










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