Change is a constant denomination that is common to all human and it has a peculiar influence on everything in existence on the surface of the earth.Change could be positive or negative.


It is quite ironical and quite unexplainable what makes everything on the surface of the earth to be subjected and prone to the influence of change.Everyone in existence will pass through the phase of positive change or the phase of negative change while some existence will experience a combination of the two phases either at thesame time or at different time in the process of our existence on earth.


Without any iota of doubt, it is the yearning of every human for a change that will influence and affect their life positively and progressively.There is no one who would desire and yearn for a retrogressive or negative change in any ramification of life.


Whether our desire is for positive or negative change,human being has a limitation to a large extent in determining the kind of change that could happen in the process of time.


Nature,divinity and destiny are all common factors that determines the fate of everyone existing on earthly pedestal.No matter how good and detailed our plans , programmes and wisdom might be,human beings are limited to an extent to explain their fate at a particular moment in the process of time.


Life itself has a way of forcing human being to pass through a certain particular phase whether it is planned for or not.It just happen without any sign and inkling about what the accompany predicament and responsibility are all about.


This is simply a confirmation to the common parlance common to every human being.It simply states:

“Always expect the unexpected”


The two variables of change are:


  1. The expected.
  2. The unexpected.


The expected and the unexpected are two-sides of a coin that goes hand-in-hand in dictating the phases of change every human will pass through in the process of time.The expected and the unexpected can either be positive or negative.They are the variables that triggers the phases of change that every human encounters or experience in the course of their earthly existence on earth.


More often than none,the expected and the unexpected are two realities that wisdom is needed in planning and preparing for.It is not that planning and preparation might prevent these variables from showing up, but planning and preparation enhances and help in understanding and knowing what the requirements for managing these variables entail.



  1. Being hard-working.
  2. Being knowledgeable.
  3. Maintaining good planning and preparation.
  4. Learning from other people experiences.
  5. Being prayerful and spiritual.
  6. Being under the mentorship and tutelage of other people that are ahead of us.
  7. Being serious and studious.
  8. Being dedicated and committed to a course of endeavour.
  9. Ability to stand in the gap for others as a source of help and a source of hope.
  10. Maintaining a positive composure about every issue of life.
  11. Persevearance and consitentency in our efforts to get better.
  12. Being focussed and determined.


These are some of the attitudinal behaviours that are needed as a neccessity in handling the variables of change that everyone existing on the surface of the earth might pass through at one point in time or the other.


No doubt about it, no one is deep enough to doubt the inevitability of change.The variability and the inevitability of change can be seen all around us.Whether change is expected or not expected, it is bound to happen as a confirmed reality everyone must pass through in life.


Change is a condition that is not permanent.


This simply confirmed the common popular parlance that states that:


“No condition is permanent”


Without any iota of doubt,no condition in life is permanent.


Everything in existence is bound to change either for good or worse.

No condition is permanent



Recently, while ruminating on the some of the experiences I had and the ones I have been able to listen to,I concluded in the end that it is a reality that the condition of everyone living on earth is damn to encounter change.


It was while I was deep in thought about many issues of life recently that the desire to pen some few lines of thought on this topic designed to touch  the consciousness and sensitivity of all my viewers,readers and followers about whatever they might be passing through now.


Without mincing words,I want you to know that conditions of life are not designed to be permanent and constant.They are bound to change gradually or automatically.


Though the issue of positive change is relative and subjective in contexts and contents which is due to the differential in views, understanding ,exposure,knowledge,ideas and philosophies.The positive change of today  might becomes something relegated to the ground that some us keep pushing for a better experience of change while the positive change relegated and trashed by some of us is what is needed to meet the desire of another person that has been crying and craving for a better and a brighter day.


The kind of change considered as positive and progressive by party A might be negative and retrogressive for party B.This is exactly what defines the differentials and discrepancies in the desire of every human existing on the surface of the earth.


The desire and craving of all human are always different and distinct but the purpose have thesame uniqueness and quality which is geared towards being better.


When life experiences becomes thorny,harrowing and gory,all that is needed in the course of such experiences are:

  • Candour and calmness.
  • Faith,spirituality and prayers.
  • Persevearance and deep thinking.
  • Being focussed and unrelented in our approach to get better.
  • Maintaining a positive attitudinal behaviour and mentality.


These are some of the needed prequisites for a life that is enmeshed deeply in harrowing experiences to hold on to for the beaming of a brighter day to become a reality.


It will be an overlook and an oversight not to assert that even in the midst of rosy and colourful life experiences,you need to manage the current waves of bliss very well so that it will not be a story of “once upon a time when I was this and that with many people running around for me”.


Whenever we are experiencing  the reality of our dreams and desires,one needs to be careful, sensitive, conscious and attentive to the fact that the bliss and the beauty of our dreams and desires are delicate, slippery and sensitive.Any form of error,mistakes and oversight in our approaches in managing and maintaining the reality on ground might be costly and irredeemable.


My heart bleeds anytime I sat down listening to people narrating their stories of convenience and comfort in the time past.I always see such realities as  opportunities that that are uncommon and rare in the course of time, and once the doors, gates and windows of such opportunities are shut, it might not be re-openned again.


Anytime I remembered such story of men who had influenced and kept the ball rolling in the past but they are unable to wield such influences again, I always ask myself about this pertinent questions that has to do with:


Change is invitable (1)

Often times than none, my deep analyses and observations always reveal:

  1. Mismanagement.
  2. Lack of good maintenance of available resources.
  3. Running after vagaries.
  4. Watefulness and profligacies.
  5. Running after mudane lifestyle.
  6. Laziness and lack of focus .
  7. Pleasure.
  8. Comfort and convenience.
  9. Over-confidence.
  10. Pride.
  11. Vain-glory.
  12. Slothfulness.


These are some of the silent killers that maim and choke realities of bliss and beauties expected to be exhibited by the destiny of anyone.Once any of these starts showing up and influencing our lifestyles, one should be careful about the effect on the present realities.They are evils that steal and drag away the desired comfort and convenience that you desired at one point in time.


Everyone existing on earthly pedestal is bound to encounter and experience situations in the forms of challenges and viscititudes.Just as the realities of life are real so also is the realities of challenges and viscititudes.They are real and their influences and effects on the fabrics of human existence can never be looked down upon.


It is in the nucleus of the challenges and viscititudes of life that the history of greatness in men are obtained.There is hardly a story of greatness and conquest that are devoid of narratives of challenges and viscititudes.


It is  challenges and viscititudes that defines the phases of change that every human passes through in the process of time.Challenges and viscititudes are realities that sneak in gradually before taken total control of whatever is available as a form of turn-around or breakthrough achieved as a  success whether in the present or in the past.


While in retrospect of the realities of the past,what I observed is that change is inevitable.Change is bound to happen within a particular destinied time and season but before the reality of any change can become achievable and obtainable,personal efforts and sacrifices in terms of investment of available resources is needed for anyone to witness any atom of change.


Once sacrifices are missing,the thought and desire for a turn-around will remain a desire, a mirage and a hope that might remain till eternity.


With our personal efforts plus the assistance of faith and every other spiritual efforts geared towards knowing God intimately,negative realities that is thesame as negative change is bound to fizzle out in the process of time.While some will fizzle out gradually, others might be automatic but no one is empowered to know and understand when the desired change might surface.


It is pertinent for everyone who are hopefully desiring a brighter day to remain calm while their faith remains intact.The contents of their hope for a better and a brighter day is bound to become a reality if only their faith can be as little as a mustard seed and strong as a rock of gibraltar.


Moments and phases of negative realities and change are not always moments of tea, butter and bread.They are moments of shame,reproach,hunger,anger,lack and wants,joblessness,underemployment,sickness,loneliness, abject penury,anguish and total darkness.They are moments that should not be wished for by anyone for just a few seconds but the realities of these moments are visible around us.


The world we live in is filled with realities of anguish, sickness,quagmire and pestilience with many people living from mouth to mouth.There is an imbalance in the distribution of resources globally with few having more than enough and many are left to struggle and scamper with the scarce resources left.


This is the one of the basic realities of injustice that our world is known for and no one has been able to proffer any meaningful solutions to such display of injustice.The haves are having more while the have-not keeps having none.


These are the realities of negative and retrogressive change that is being exhibited in all the nooks and crannies of the world with no part of the world being left out of this abberration,anomalies and abnormalities.They are realities that is dragging the existence of all human on earthly pedestal into extiction and perdition with the basic essence of humanity fizzling out.


In conclusion,what is needed for everyone living on the surface of the earth is to fashion every effort at their disposal to bring the totality of their dreams and desires for a better days to reality.No one should be satisfied about the present realities on ground now.Life should be seen and viewed as a battle ground where no party , jamboree and fun-fare are allowed.There is a need for seriousness on the part of anyone who desired to see the beauties and bliss of a brighter day and this seriousness should be expressed in terms of upholding whatever is good and acceptable in moving the essence of humanity forward and this should be developed as a legacy other coming behind will be able to relate with as a guide and a guard for posterity.


Posterity will be blessed if the present generation are serious in finding solutions to all the challenges pumelling the existence of humanity at this moment.Without this,we are all going to remain on a long walk to freedom.





Change is invitable



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