NO GUT,NO GLORY….(3 Minutes Read)

On my way to work ,early in the morning,I saw a particular inscription at the back of the shirt wore by a cart-pusher.The words of this inscription hit me hard and I felt inspired, eventhough the cloth wa dirty and it was even a rag.


With this, it can be simply concluded and deduced that gut and glory go parri-passu.They are two-sides of a coin.They go hand-in-hand.One is incomplete without the other.You cannot have the former and miss the latter, and you cannot have the latter without the former.They are messages that are paramount and pertinent for our generation to understand that any form of success or accomplishment becomes impossible when the neccessity for the needed gut is unavailable and missing.


Once the gut needed for success in a particular task is provided and put in place, glory always emerge as the end-point.


Guts becomes visible and apparent when your view towards a particular undertaken fashioned and tailored towards taken a stand in terms of contribution needed to make such an endeavour a success that is large enough to give the desires of others rooms that are large enough for the accomplishment of their success.


Every human hope and long for success but it is a known fact that success will remain unattainable until what is needed to make it a reality is provided adequately.


Guts needed for the attainment of any form of glory can be defined as an attributes in terms of:

  1. Being Hard-working
  2. Being focussed.
  3. Being committed and dedicated
  4. Being passionate and being persevearance
  5. Being consistent and resolute
  6. Being reliable and unrelenting.
  7. Living a sacrificial life
  8. Being selfless.

no gut

It is the possession and the appropriate application of some of these attributesb that the guts that will transform into glory become feasible, obtainable and attainable.


The attainment of any form or level of glory should not be a wishful-thinking and a dream but it should be a drive and a desire that must be made possible through your contributions to a particular endeavour or a task that is geared towards contributing positively in ameliorating the plight of humanity in the process of time.


It is tantamount to a waste of time for a lazy hand to desire any form of glory.Glory is not for the lazy.Though a lazy mind can dream of glory but when a lazy mind is accompanied with a lazy hand, such desire for glory will remain a wishful thinking till eternity.Glory is obtainable by those who are willing to sacrifice any available resources at their disposal for the upliftment and success of a particular course of endeavour that will end up announcing the greatness of people who are willing to sacrifice immensely for the emergence of glory.


In conclusion, let everything in you be a source of inspiration and motivation to others no matter how inconsequential and insignficant it might be.Even the rags and the dirty clothes, linen and apparels in your house should be an object of motivation to others.


Be like the dirty cart pusher with a dirty hand and a dirty shirt that has the inscription:


“NO GUT”……



Our contributions defines and determines the gut in us that will  accompany and announce the expected glory desired by us and every other person around us.


It is possible for a mess to transform into a message.


“There is sense in every nonsense”.

“Every nonsense makes sense”.


MESSAGE simply connotes:


Every mess becomes a message when AGE is added to it.

AGE simply connotes maturity in terms of composure, views,understanding,visions, passion and insight.


No matter where you are now, you can still start again and become great in life.


Your story might end up uplifting others.


The world awaits to listen to the mess in your message.



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