I read this piece on the 18th of August 2017 on my childhood friends’ timeline on facebook and I quickly request for his consent to allow me publish it on my blog in order to satisfy the reading thirst of all my followers.

It is a piece that I am cocksure that it will motivate you.

Can I INSPIRE you?

Are you ready?

It goes thus:

Mary could have had a quiet normal life with Joseph, then she became favoured and everything changed.

However, nobody would have thought being favoured to be the entry port of the saviour of the world would have come with its own troubles.

Imagine as a lady,telling your fiancee you have been impregnated by a ghost.

Imagine scrambling for an inn to birth the kings of kings with no avail and eventually had to be a manger.

Imagine becoming a fugitive after the birth of a child.

Many of us would have cursed and gave up but Mary rode it all out.

Today, she is an integral part of the gospel because she mothered our saviour.


Listen to this.

You might be going through whatever you are going through now because you are favoured and like mother Mary ride it out and you’s be glad you did.

There are obstacles on the road only because you are bound on a destination.


“It is the storm you weathered that makes you a champion not the storm you run away from”—FADEYI FELIX FEMI.

ref:Luke 2 veres 1-20.

Special thanks to OLUWASEUN FATILEWA



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