I wrote this piece on the 22nd of July 2017 on a particular social media platform and when I submitted it to my viewers, followers and readers, someone close to me , an elderly person to be precise commented that:

“Son, you are conjuring a new earth where perfection will reign.This present world will continue to slide into disorderliness until it is replaced.Take heart son and let us work for our salvation”–Pa Fadeyi Ayoade Samuel FCA.

Since then, I have been asking myself if truly I was conjuring impossibilites because from the above comment, it can be deduced that my wishes are impossible on the earthly pedestal.

My dear reader,

My dear viewers,

My dear followers,

Please after reading my arrays of wishes,

Kindly tell me if truly I am conjuring the impossibilities but before you tell me,

Kindly read along with me.

Lets the reading starts……

How I wish my generation respect the truth,

How I wish my generation placed value on what is right,

How I wish my generation placed premium on virtues,

How I wish the essence of humanity is appreciated,

How I wish equity and equality are meted out properly and fairly in managing the affairs of the society,

How I wish we all believe that injustice to one is an injustice to all,

How I wish every human portrays humility and shun pride,

wishes 1

How I wish the downtrodden has a voice,

How I wish the poor are taken care of,

How I wish my generation witnessed no wars and battles,

How I wish all nations of the world are at peace with each other,

How I wish every society and every community exists in utmost serenity, tranquility and comfort,

How I wish my generation has a mind of building an eggalitarian society,

How I wish we all run after living a purposeful life,

How I wish our leaders are sacrificial and selfless,

How I wish the occuppiers of our pulpit, altars and every place of worship are true representatives of God and spiritual ambassadors,

How I wish humanity can practice agape love,

How I wish my generation believed in doing the right things,

How I wish our highways are free of teenagers hawking,

How I wish rape, prostitutions and child trafficking are no more,

How I wish the hungry can be well fed,

How I wish the son of the mighty and the daughters of the weak can eat together from thesame plate,

How I wish our streets can be free of crimes,

How I wish my generation can have a class-less society,

How I wish child trafficking can be no more,

How I wish famine and drought can be a thing of the past,

How I wish everyone can be educated,

How I wish there is no spread of diseases,

How I wish our world is free of plaques,

How I wish my wishes for a peaceful world can be abated.

As long as our world is filled with wishes and hope for a better day, our generation will forever be on a long walk to freedom.

If wishes were horses,

Beggars would ride.

wishes 2

I hope that my wishes will become a reality one day.

How I wish I am not conjuring the impossibilities,

How I wish my readers, viewers and followers understand the depth of my pain,

How I wish the world can listen to my voice,

How I wish I have a chance to open my mouth,

How I wish I am chanced to influence the plight of the masses,

These are the arrays of my wishes and concern.

In conclusion,

Am I conjuring the impossibilies?

Kindly comment and tell me.


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7 Replies to “IF WISHES WERE HORSES.—(3 Minutes Read)”

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