It is appalling and quite disheartning how the expectation of the management of Nigeria National Petroleum Corporation NNPC turned bloody and sour as their hope in exploring and surveying mineral geological deposit of crude Oil in the Lake Chad resulted in kidnapping of their staffs in which some of their staffs and officers of the Nigeria Military lost their lifes.

Though, it was also reported that many Boko Haram Islamists were killed in the shoot out that accompanied the rescue of the abducted officials by the Nigeria Military.

This gory incidence could have been avoided and averted if the Nigeria Government and the Nigeria Military Authority are proactive enough in being reasonable in their appraisal of the security of the area before allowing the search for crude oil to be carried out along that axis.

This is a needless occurrence and it is quite uncalled for.The exploration was badly planned and poorly timed without giving any consideration to the unexpected that end up marring the aim and objective of the exploration.


According to available news online:

The kidnapping of the 10 staffs was carried out around Jibi village in Borno State after a gun duel between security agents acompanying them and the suspected Boko Haram Fighters.Jibi village is in the Magumeri area of Borno, northwest of the State Capital, Maiduguri.

It was reported that the vehicle conveying the exploration team was trapped and it fell into a ditch which was followed by Boko Haram Fighters shooting at the entrapped convoys, although the security personnel were able to repel the shooting but they were overpowered by the Boko Haram Fighters.

This led to the loss of many of the exploration teams and many casualties were recorded at the end of the gun duel.


At this juncture, it must be noted that the the Nigeria Government has not in any way defeated Boko Haram Insurgents which has been recorded to have killed more than 30 thousand Nigerian since the insurgency started in 2009 with many children and women being kidnapped.

It is wrong and unacceptable for anyone to assume that the state of security in the North-Eastern part of Nigeria can be based on feelings, permutations and assumptions because if the real state of security has been accessed properly and professionally,the killing of Military Officers and some of the exploration teams could bave been avoided.

This waste of life is needless and uncalled for.

It is a show of disgrace and a slap to the quality of Nigeria security apparatus which has been viewed and submitted in many quarters to be sub-standard .


May the soul of the departed find solace in the bossom of the Lord.

May their soul rest in Peace.


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