At this point in time in the history of our national existence where all that is being obtained on the corridor of power can be submitted to be a deviation and a digression from what is expected from a country that is clamouring to be classified as one of the top economy in terms of development in near future.

All around us are so many issues and myriads of challenges that are begging for attention and all round solutions but it is applalling that our approach to give a lasting meaningful solutions to these challenges seems to be a mirage and a hard nut to crack.

Someone can never be wrong in asserting that our legislative arm of government–upper chamber and lower chamber are not in anyway performing optimally in putting the entire nation on the path of national rebirth and development.

From this,it will not be a disservice to Nigeria as a whole if someone try to dissociate himself or herself from the macabre dance our leaders are known for with mediocrity being on display without any pause and control.

One of the main security outfit in Nigeria that needs total rebirth and urgent overhauling is the Nigeria Police Force.It is a security outfit that is shaddled with the responsibility of protecting the entire citizenry with basic statutory function and duty of maintaining law and order across the length and breadth of the country.


Renaming 1

It is quite disheartning that the recent realities of the unprofessional and inimical conducts of many officers within the rank and file of the Nigeria Police Force seems to be an abberation of what is expected in terms of standard of operation SOP of our Police Force that might end up giving birth to national development of every sectors of the Nigeria Society that has been eluding the entire citizenry for a long period of time.

Instead of fashioning ways by which Nigeria Police Force will be people friendly with their performance in curbing crimes and vices to be a top notch among all other security outfits in Nigeria, it is quite disappointing that our refferred senators of the red chambers embarked on a naked dance in the markets by merely changing the name from Nigeria Police Force to Nigeria Police.

The question is:

Will this renaming give birth to a security outfit that is professional enough in diffussing the waves of criminalities and social vices that has been rearing its ugly head in terms of extremism,terrorism,political thuggery,militancy,financial crimes and frauds and all other vices that have eating deep into the fabrics of the Nigeria Society.

Nigeria Leaders need to buckle up and fasten their seat belt in being reliable, responsive and responsible in toiling on the path of reasoning by engaging in intellectual approach that will douse the waves of insecurity that seems to be defeating any reasonable solutions in recent times.

Our legislative arms of government are expected to pass bills on the floor of the National Assembly to proffer workable solutions to the issues of insecurity that our Police Force seems to be struggling to find solutions to.


Renaming 3

Nigeria Leaders should up their games in being proactive in their legislative duties by promulgating laws that have direct impact and impart in tackling the myriads of challenges being faced by the masses.

Renaming the Nigeria Police Force is nothing but a show of low understanding or utmost lack of understanding of what is neccessary to take Nigeria as a country to the realm of development that will make Nigeria to be referenced and recognised in the comity of Nations.

This is simply a deviation from the right path.

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