MLST ARTICLE:Is there any reason for Prostitution?—(10 Minutes Read).

I wrote this piece on a particular social media platform yesterday and it was a product of my recent observation on Sunday,9th of July 2017 while on transit in a particular area in Lagos which is popularly known to be the base of prostitution in Lagos Nigeria and I think it is befitting to pen down some few words about my experience and observation that confirmed to an extent that this particular area in Lagos State is an abode of prostitute.


Here comes a piece that describe what I observed in simple words that will be easily understandable to my readers.

Are we set for the gist,

If you are ready,

Lets keep the ball rolling.



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They started taking up a spot.

They started coming out from different angles.

The sight of blouses exposing belle buttons filled my eyes.The sight of fresh lumps with mold of flesh and boobs was on display.They have their skimpy dresses on exposing their laps which is a raw material for advertising to would be clients,pimps and other business associates.

My eyes were filled with breast popping out of their bra-less top.

I was initially unconscious of the realities around me and when I checked my time, I realised that darkness has taken over and the daughers of the night are strolling out of their enclave one after the other.


It was when a would be commuter signal led and beckoned to the automobile conveying me that I was conscious about happenings around me.


It was then I noticed that I am transiting through the popular OPEBI-ALLEN AVENUE axis famous for her ability to accommodate the trade or the business of prostitution which made it to be the headquarter of prostitution in Nigeria.



Prostitution is one of the oldest profession or means of survival and making ends meet known to mankind with different histories of humanity having it chronicled and it cut across every race,ethnicity, tribes and nationality.



Even places and parts of the world that are known to be popular with the application of Islamic Law known as SHARIA LAW are not exempted from the practice of the profession of prostitution.



I could remember vividly in the course of my compulsory one year National Youth Service Corps–NYSC in Yobe State,I stayed in NEPA’s Lodge then with a brother and a friend named Bola Ogunbanjo in 2005/2006 Batch B NYSC Scheme.



To my utmost consternation,chagrin and dismay, the next street or junction close to our abode habours a place or a joint where sexual businesses are being transacted very close to the football and movie centre where we normally relax and unwind.



In a State whereby Sharia Law is being practiced.


What a deviation to what such a society is expected to be.


Back to my subject matter.


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It was really surprising that it was not all the young ladies I saw were beautiful and attractive in the real sense of it and it made me to ponder and wonder about the rationale behind men that engages their services for being loose and randy.


Most of the men that patronised them are well to do in the society and I am still amazed and perplexed why men will descend so low and trashed their dignity and integrity in having just a second with these ladies because I observed that some of them are even looking tattered and unkempt.


It is quite baffling how a young lady that has a promising future will wake up one day and all she could think about as a lifestyle is to decide and determine to spend the productive part of her life filing by the road side looking for a man that she will be an object needed to satisfy his uncontrollable “randiness”.


Though, I dont want to be judgemental in my view and analysis but I want to be objective in the sense that if some of them are queried about their chosen profession and lifestyles,all they might embark upon is to go to the extreme in having streams of alibi to hold on to as a defence of their illicit and illegal means of livelihood.

At this juncture, we should not be oblivious and forgetful of other class and categories of ladies that are not professional in their approach but believed that life is all about maximizing and mortgaging their private parts or properties to satisfy men by sleeping with them.


No one can feign ignorance about the risk of contacting other deadly sexually transmitted diseases that can be gotten from having sex with several partners.The thought of this deadly diseases made me wonder about what could make a reasonable person to embark on a journey of self destruction by chosen prostitution as a way of life.


They are everywhere.They are busy plying their chosen profession.The city is filled with prostitutes and their contamination is on rampage and knows no bound.


In conclusion, there is one OPEBI-ALLEN in Nigeria but there are many OPEBI-ALLEN around you and the next person by your side might be one.

They are in your offices with every private and public organisations having a space for them.


They sleep with their bosses and even subordinates to obtain favor in the form of promotion and sometime it is done for all -round sexual satisfaction but some of the mundanes they achieved through this dirtiness does not worth a while.


Some “OPEBI-ALLEN AVENUE” can beg and sleep with a mad man in order to get what they already have or what they did not need.


It starts with nothing but a lifestyle that is centred around having a begging mentality.

Once a man noticed this in you , you end up paying for what you bargain for.

May God give our daughters a good life that is based on self-confidence devoid of begging mentality.

Self-confidence makes a man, if you do not have it,

You are twice defeated in the race of life.

Godliness with contentment is a great gain.

Why prostitution?

Someone should give me an answer.











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