The 5th of July 2017 is a precious day in my entire family that I cannot forget as long as I am still breathing.It is a day that is a simple confirmation of the fact that no human on the surface of the earth has any reason to throw in the towel and give up.

Winners never quit and quitters never win.

This is my story.

Are you ready?

Let me share my story with you.

The 13th of December 2017 was a great day in my family as my brother who happenned to be the last born and the last of the three men my mother gave birth to walked down the isle and tied the knuptial knot with his hearthrob.

Though I was unable to attend the wedding due to the nature of my official duty that is quite demanding but the wedding was succesful and everything went the way it has been planned and projected.

It is expected that every marriage must be fruitful after some months into the marriage but this marriage I am writing about failed to produce a child and it became a very sensitive issue that everybody keeps believing God for.

Many stories and incidence of miscarriages became the order of the day and at a point, our hope for this marriage becoming fruitful was out of view.

The only thing we hold on to was our faith in God that has promised never to leave us nor forsake us—Hebrew 13 verse 15.

Days started counting with weeks and months adding up to make a year and years keeps adding up from 2014 up till 2017.The marriage seems to be barren.

In the course of this year,like two months ago,while in a mobile telephone conversation with my sister, she informed me that my brother’s wife is now an expectant mother that we should pray for a succesful delivery.

Since the moment I received this message, I have raised an altar of prayer for the succesful delivery of my brother’s wife.

On the 5th of July 2017, i received a call from my sister who happenned to be the only woman my mum had and the first born of the house that my brother’s wife called me that my brother’s wife is already in the hospital in preparation for delivery and she asked me to pray along but all i told her was that she should not worry that she is coming out of the hospital strong with a baby looking healthy.

Few hours after this conversation, another call was received by me through my sister again that she had delivered a bouncing baby boy.

It was on this incidence that the glory of God descended on us in our family and the barrenness and delay close to three years now was terminated and destroyed.

It would have been three years by 2017 December without an issue but God disgraced the devil and gave the entire family reason to be glad and rejoice.

My brothers and sisters with all my friends,what is that issue bothering your mind and you think all hope is lost?


never give up 1

What you need is to believe in God that is interested in making you happy by fulfilling all promises made by Him.

There is no need to give up as long as we are still breathing.

Giving up is for the cowards but those who are strong and fearless are seen to be brave without loosing any battle.

God is not yet ready to loose any battle no matter how inconsequential and insignificant it might be.

For you to live a winning life, there is a need for you to know and believe a God that has never lost any battle because the battles of life are real and they are quite different from every other battles being fought in the physical.Battles of life are real ,invisible and spiritual but with help of God, they are not invicible.

God is never too late to attend to your situations and turn around your circumstances for your good.God is the omnipresent that is busy doing the right thing that will make you realise the purpose of God for your life.

To humans, God might be slow but in the midst of God slowness, God is busy using time to perfect the situation around you.

God has promised to turn every issue in your life to an occasion of testimony–Luke 21 verse 13.

With this, why do you have to give up when God is just starting with you?

Why are you complaining and murmuring?

Is it becoming too late?


God is never late.

God always answer us at the right time .

God always show up at a time when all hope has been lost.

No matter what you might be passing through now, God is telling you to slow down and look at what He has started doing in your life.

God has done it in my family and God has promised to do more but what is remaining is that you have to be patient to allow God to finish the work HE started in your life.

Just as my family received their bundles of Joy,so it has been confirmed that you will receive your bundles of Joy at the appropriate time and season.

Dont give up!!!

Your miracle is on the way!!!

Just keep trusting God!!!

God has promised to fulfill all His promises concerning you whether the devil likes it of not.

No matter how turbulent the tidal waves might be, God has promised to stay with you and grant you a safe landing at the right moment.

For it is written:

“Those who put their trust in God shall never be put to sahme”—-Romans 10 verse 11.

As it is written concerning my brother having a child after almost three years,everyone of us should remember that those who wait upon the Lord shall be strong .

No matter what it will take,

I will admonish you to wait,

For God to perfect that which that conerns you.

No matter the time,

No matter the wasted years,

It is better to wait now.

Never give up!!!

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