The quality of your life.—(5minutes Read)

It is exactly one year that I push this write-up across.I stumbled on it right now and I believed it will have an impart and impacts on my readers in their desire to understand the purpose of life through the message of redemption.

And it goes thus:

The quality of our life is a function of the quality of life we spend with divinity.A life guarded and guilded by rules and regulations of divinity that has its core values derived from God through the throne of grace can never be devoid of authority and influence on earth.

The commandment of God and every other dictates of the word of God was given to us for the purpose of:

  • Correction
  • Instructions
  • Teaching
  • Inspiration.

Every genuine believer has been commissioned and empowered to be an influence to our world and it is pertinent for all to achieve this feat by relying and living our lifes in accordance to the will of God through the spoken word of God.

Every word of God is a pointer to the essence and purpose of creator for all creation which must be strictly adhered to for every follower of God to achieve the beauty inherent in the destiny given by God.

The purpose of our destiny remained unachievable until it is centred around and programmed around the word of God.

The call for salvation or redemption is not just an appeal for a change of life and, it is not just a call to live in fear and being timid.The call of God is a call to influence every sphere of human endeavour.It is pertinent to point out that the world will remain chaotic and unsettled until every believer has the understanding that they are purposed to influence their environment.

Leadership in the world has been filled with people that knows little or nothing about the purpose of God for humanity because children of God that were destined to be the light of the world are unconcerned with happennings around them while on earth due to the fact that they are busy waiting for the last day when they will be raptured to meet God in heaven.This can be submitted to be ignorance and lack of understanding on their part.

Being oblivious that one of the purpose given to every child of God on earth is duplicating the beauty of heaven while on earth is against the will of God.

Since it is a known fact that everything heavenly stands above all, so every believer that is heavenly conscious must be above every challenge and circumstances on earth because we have been destined to be above all in every ramification of life.

Many child of God give up when God is just starting with them due to their lack of understanding that God’s way are not our ways and God’s thought are not our thought.

It is expedient for every child of God to take up their place of dominion while on earth.No child of God is redeemed to be timid and to be a coward and a push over.Salvation make us to be fearless like a lion and swift like the Eagle.Salvation makes the best in us to be triggered and used for the betterment of the larger society.


redemption 2

The time is ripe and rife for every child of God to take up the role of leadership they are destined for.Being leaders in the church is not enough because our call to leadership and influence permeates every barrier and they are meant for the world in its entirety.

Being a lion in the church but a chicken outside the church is not scriptural and it is against the will of God for mankind.It is an abberration of the purpose of God for redemption and a deviation from the path God laid down for us to tread upon .

God’s intention in its originality at this moment is for children of God to take over the mantle of leadership and rule the world in accordance to the will of God and in accordance to the benefit and elevation of the people.

No doubt about it, I know the purpose of salvation or redemption for my life by having a deep understanding through the word of God and I am living my life in accordance to the manuscripts of divinity for  all mankind.

I am redeemed to rule the world.

I am redeemed to silence my enemies.

I am redeemed to be trail blazer.

I am redeemed to be the head but not the tail.

I am redeemed to be above all.

What about you?

Do you know and understand the purpose of God for your life?

Are you living in the reality of the purpose of God for your life?

If yes, congratulations.

If no, you need to discover yourself by discovering the almightiness of God through belief, repentance and a mutual walk with the God of heaven who created all that is available here on earth.

God wants you to be free and become fearless by being free from sins and trangressions that are hindering your efforts and desire to live a sin free lifestyle which is the whole essence of redemption by confessing your sins with a promise that you wont be like the dog that will go back to its vomit.

God is too holy to behold iniquities, so there is a need for every believer to live a life that is free from sin and all its similitude.It is at the point when we are sure of been free from iniquities that the purpose of God for our lifes will emerge for the entire world to benefit fom such emergence.

Without mincing words, the world needs us more than we need ourselves.Going by the myriads of challenges that the world is filled with,it is until when every child of God becomes genuinely responsible to understand the purpose of God for their life that the global peace being yearned for will emerge because men and women that understand what is needed for the purpose of God to reflects and radiates in the life of people in the world would have taken over the mantle of leadership that will channelled every approach needed to birth a society whereby equality of all men and women will be entrenched in the fabrics of the society with various opportunities that will trigger the emergence of a class-less society.

In conclusion, the quality of your life depends on the quality of your time with God.

Stop wasting your time, spend more time with God.


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