Trending Topical Editorial on Kidnapping.

No one residing in Nigeria either foreigners or Nigeria citizen can deny the upsurge of a particular form of criminality that the Nigerian Society has been struggling with over a long period of time.

Many victims that are lucky and fortunate to experience this kind of act of babarism and inhumanism are still living with the scar,injury and the psychological effect such an experience placed on them while others that are unfortunate are beneath the earth surface.

Recently, there was a breakthrough as one of the notorious kingpin of kidnapping that has been been declared wanted over a long period of time by the Nigeria Security Operatives was caught at the Magodo Phase 2 area of Lagos State and the news of his capture with all the accompany confession that followed suite has engulfed all the social media spaces with every news media houses having one thing or the other to present as news and editorials about the capture of a guy named CHUKWUDUBEM ONWUAMADIKE aka EVANS.

It was the popularity of this event and the reaction of the Nigerian populace that propelled “mysimplelittlethought” to present an editorial.

The editorial goes thus:

Without any serious resistant in nibbing the bud of your--(EVANS) enterprise,conglomerate of criminality and kidnapping with your monstrous extremism in putting tears on the face of many innocent Nigerians, the long arm of the law caught with you and you are now looking for a subtle way to seek public sympathy that will end up leading to public empathy.

The most worrisome of the issue on ground is how deep the reasoning of many Nigerians have been eroded to the point of giving support to the senseless parroting serial confessional statement linked to you–EVANS.

How did our value and virtues got infected with viruses to the point that we are now giving credence and credibility to an extent whereby we see criminality and vices as a culture and criminals are been elevated as celebrities.

evans-the-kidnapper 2

This simply conotes and imply that values and virtues inherent in the fabrics of our society have been torn into shred with no one that is capable of sowing it.

Meanwhile, if some of us are reasonble enough, we ought to understand that nature has a way of rewarding every deed whether it is active or passive.

Some of us have forgotten that we might be the next target to be pinned down by this dare devil criminals that have been escaping the trap of Nigeria Police for a long time.If the long arm of the law has not caught up with him, many Nigerians would have been caught in the web.Only God knows who is the next victim?

It is painful and appalling seen what the Nigerian society has turned into and we are always swift in pushing blames to our leaders on a daily basis forgetting that we ought to rermove the log in our eyes before pointing to the specks of wood in another man’s eyes.

They are everywhere.In both public and private spaces, we have many devils that are supposed to be caged and lowered into the abyss of perdition.Once they occupy a position by sitting down infront of a table with chairs, they always go to any length to perpetrate evil with many being thrown into discomfort, agony and anguish because of what they will gain as a form of tip, bribe and all round personal aggradizement.

If you have spent and apportion any moment of your lifetime supporting and sympathising with this dare devil and his family,think and imagine a moment whereby you will end up becoming a victim of kidnapping or any of your relatives and family members been in a kidnapping den for a second, it is then you will realise that giving support and sympathy for such a crime is an act of injustice and inhumanity.

No reason is substansive, tangible and reasonable enough for anybody to support and empathised with the devil because a day has been assigned and apportioned for judgement but if you are doing it, no doubt about it ,you might end up sharing in the judgement that will be reeled out to the devil one day.

We need to develop our society right from ourselves.If you look at some of his confessions, you will realised that he is a victim of many inadequacies our society is known for.

Often times than none, broken families breeds kidnappers and criminals but in rare cases and through the intervention of God with determination on the part of some of the parties and stakeholders, some broken families produce great minds that ends up becoming great men.

A society that is propelling towards achieving eggallitarianism in all her concept must be developed from the confines of the family structures because the family is the microcosm of the society.The family is the foundation and the pillar of the society.Once the foundation is faulty and the pillars are having cracks,the societal structures will end up dilapitating and collapsing without any doubt.

There is a need for all and sundry to see to the development of a society that frown against criminality to the extreme and shun any approach inform of ideas and philosophies that fan the amber of vices in the society.No society can be assumed to get it right until the families in such a society gets it right and it is from this that the products of a right family will contribute their quota immensely to build the right society that will cultivate and nuture seeds that will produce the best of great men and women that seemed to be getting decimating in this present days of ours without any control and approach to curtail this swift decimation.

No society can function appropriately,efficiently and effectively with many people been attracted to criminalities and vices.Vices and criminalities are viruses,caterpillars and cancerworms that will do nobody no good in a society.They are anti-developmental, retrogressive and anti-social that is destructive with accompany pains and pangs that will felter its nest for eternity except its swift movement is curtailed and punctured with sensitisation,correction, education and the provision of agenda that are targetted towards making our society safe and free from the grip of ciminality and social vices.