Life is turn by turn.

Source: Life is turn by turn.


Life is turn by turn.

Yesterday and day before yesterday,after the day’s work, I was at the bus-stop waiting for bus with other commutters to take me home.It was somehow strange to me sighting sea of heads of passengers waiting for commercial bus that will take them home to their various destinations.

Due to this situation and the thought of rainfall that might start all over again because some days ago in recent times have been filled with unabated heavy downpour.The thought of been pensive with urgency occuppied the faces of everyone I was looking at at the bus-stop.

From this, no one need a soothsayer and any form of dibia or clairvoyancy that this period of the day is a rush hour and at the sight of a single bus from afar,the agitation to rush to get a bus filled the atmosphere with many people going to the extreme of pushing others and even forcing themselves through the back door of the bus in order to get a space in the bus.

While I was standing watching and taking my time as a gentle man,I was somehow bothered wondering about the reasons and the rationale behind the rush syndrome that engulfed the atmosphere because I have made up my mind that I will exercise patience till I get a bus that will take me home without any rush or pushing others in other to get a bus.

It was at this juncture I was inspired and motivated to write this piece about life in order to motivate my readers who have made it a conscious priority to take their time in consumng the content of my blog.

Our life was created to be a thorough definition of our existence on earth.It is an encyclopedia that is designed to be a compendium of all activities will engage in from the point of conception to the point of death.Though part of this comprehensive compendium of our existential activities might not be neccessarily important, others are important to be forgotten in a jiffy.


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Everyone existing on earthly surface came into the world separately at different time,even twins might have thesame date of birth but a different time of birth.Even so many scientific discoveries have been made and they have been able to submit that every human on earth are distinctively created with so many uniqueness that are different from one individual to another.

This truth made me to understand that your journey in life is as unique and distinct as every individual is.

So why do we spend the bunch of our time wasting our life on competition and unhealthy rivalry?

I met so many people waiting at the bus-stop to get a bus home but despite the rushing many engaged in ,I observed that itis  not everybody that was able to make it.Some people were still left behind waiting until they patiently got a bus.It is only me and some few other ones that understand the intricacies of life that didnt get pertubed and agitated until we were able to get to our turn whereby we got a bus without any stress.

Human beings have been observed from antiquity to spend bunch of their lifetime engaging in what we described as rat race whereby everybody compete for the little resources that is not enough to be consumed at thesame time except if everybody can manage to wait for their turn.

Life is all about seasons and times,and the seasons and times apportioned for each and everyone of us are quite different from each other.We are all created to get the best in us at different seasons and time which is the reason why we are all products of instinct and distinct uniqueness.

Whether you rush to achieve your goals in life,it has nothing to do with others copying your ways of life.The ‘hows and the whens’ apportioned to all of us are quite differnt from each other.

Your mates and colleagues might have gone far ahead of you with them living large and rosy and you are wondering and being bothered why you are not yet getting your desire in life despite your input to be the best.You need to wait and work on yourself to discover what you are destined and purposed for.It is personal development and self-discovery that makes all of us to determine and understand the uniquness that is personal with us.

No doubt about it, we are all unique and special in so many ways but it is until when we understand what is inherent in us that makes us to be unique that we have started treading on the path of personal development and self -discovery.It is at the point of this development and discovery that we can be able to have peace of mind that will allow us to see where we belong in the scheme of things on earth.

Many of us have been known and seen to run after everything that seems to be available and attractive to us once we notice that is is in vogue and trending but we always fail to ask ourselves some salient questions that will make us to be successful in venturing into such endeavour.Once we noticed that it is widely acceptable by the majority in the society, we always believe that massive and general acceptance connotes that such an endeavour is our purpose on earth.

This makes many of us to wallow in harrowing regrets and the struggle to get something meaningful out of life becomes an arduous task accompanied with unending pains and pangs which is due to lack of understanding that life is turn by turn.

Life is turn by turn.

Different seasons and times available for different people.

Many waste their lifetime using other people’s time and season.

And they waste all the resources available to them running after another person’s dreams and vision throughout their lifetime and if they are opportuned to discover what they are destined and purposed for later,the whole essence of their existence would have been wasted and there might not be any solution again that has to do with personal fulfilment.

No matter how speedily others around you might be moving,never join the bandwagon of people that are moving with the tide of life.There is a need for soul searching that have to do with asking questions that will beam light to what you have been destined and purposed to be.

No matter how thick and trending the rush and the struggle might be,life is turn by turn.

The beauty of our life is inherent in discovering when is your turn and the emergence of this inherent beauty lies deeply in taking steps and acting swiftly when our turn is ripe and rife.

Stop running after shadows by spending your lifetime running after what is trending and in vogue.You are created uniquely to make a unique impact and impart that is original and fresh.

Those who run after the tide of life will be swept off by the waves of the tide but those who wait patiently for their time will be able to weather the storm of life without having any scratch and injury before they get to their destination.

Once again,Life is turn by turn.

Do yourself one favour by waiting patiently for your turn.

“Life isn’t about finding yourself.Life is about creating yourself”—George Bernard Shaw.

This is my inspiration for this hour.

Hope it is inspiring and motivating enough?

If you are motivated,kindly comment.