From time immemorial,it is known across every stage of human civilization that the essence of human beings putting on clothes are all about adding value to both inner beauty and natural beauty.

It also serves as an object that offers coverage of human intimate parts or private parts.

No doubt about it, the fashion world has evoled tremendously throughout history to the point that some fashionista believed in deliberate and intentional indecent exposure or flashing of their intimate parts which is usually done when they decided to leave their private parts exposed.

Nowadays,wardrobe malfunction seems to be a common incident and a common language or terms across the length and breadth of the world entertainment industry and it is common among superstars and megastars all over the world.

With these,the need to understand the meaning of this popular phrase tagged “WARDROBE MALFUNCTION” is ripe.


It is simply “an unanticipated exposure of bodily parts”.

It is an accidental exposure of a person’s intimate parts due to temporary failure of clothing to do its job.It is quite different from indescent exposure or flashing,as the latter are intentional and deliberate.


The question is:

Have you ever experienced wardrobe malfunction before?

Without mincing words,experiencing it is always embarrassing with it making such a person cynosure of all eyes because the attention of every other audience will be shifted to the embarrassing accidental exoposure of parts of the body that are tagged to be private.

In conclusion:

Have you ever experienced wardrobe malfunction before?

If yes,kindly comment and share your experience.



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