No to domestic violence!!!—(3 MINUTES READ).

Marriage was covenanted and instituted to be enjoyed but not to be endured.God instituted marriage with a covenant for the purpose of enjoyment and procreation right from the beginning of time.



Just as everything in existence on the surface of the earth faced a kind of paradigm shift after the fall of man as a result of sin committed by Adam and Eve in the garden of Eden,so also the institution of marriage have its own fair share.



Though,the issue of domestic violence in its variety has been in existence from time immemorial but the upsurge of its occurrence recently is mind-boggling and mind blowing  and heart melting.



To an extent the institution of marriage is expected by divinity to be respected and maintained carefully by all the parties involved due to the vows and covenant it is premised and founded upon but nobody can deny the deviation in the context and concept of the institution of marriage  as it is obtainable  recently cutting across race and tribe globally.



There have been stories of battering,emotional and psychological abuse with maiming and killing in so many marital institutions recently which is a deviation of what is expected to be the outcome of the institution of marriage.




The scripture frowned against divorce but the scripture is also not in support of any marriage that will endanger the lifes of the parties involved.



Without mincing words,no marriage is worth dying for no matter how rosy or roughened the marriage might be.



It is better to part with your life intact than to part with your life snuffed out in the course of managing or maintaining any marriage. due to the negative orientation and the stigmatization of our society viewing divorce and separation as a sacrilege and a taboo especially in African Society.


DV 2

Once any trace of sinister and threat to life started showing its ugly face in your marriage,you should not be floppy and sluggish in calling it quit because nothing is worthy enough to be mortgaged or used in replacement for our life.



Life is sanctimonious and sacrilegious above everything in existential on the surface of the earth.It is expediently expected for everyone as a custodian of life to do everything reasonable to protect the life given by God.



Violence and all forms of abuse should be prevented from eating the fabrics of our marriage.It should not be allowed to swallow up the essence of marital bliss desired by God for every human being.It destroy  homes and it increases the rise in the occurrence of single parenting that has been viewed as one of the reason for the decadence that is on the increase in our society.


DV 1



Without any iota of doubt,successful marriage can never be obtained on a platter of gold.It requires selflessness and sacrifices that is devoid of self-centredness.All the parties involved need to be responsible and responsive to physical,spiritual,financial,emotional and psychological needs and necessities of the family because irresponsibility and irresponsiveness of one partner triggers the abuse and violence and the effects of this ends up destroying the beauty of the institution of marriage.



Life is good.

Protect yourself .

Don’t be careless about your life.

Life is beautiful.

No to domestic violence!


No to violence against women(VAW)!!


Every form of domestic violence is anti-human and it is cancercerous and malignant to the existence of humanity.


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