Do you know HIM?(2 MINUTES READ)

Without mincing words,without any shadow,without any coloration,without any shade and without any dim,giving is giving no matter how irrelevant,insignificant and inconsequential it might be.What matters when we give are:

1.The cost

2.The heart

3.The motive

Giving can never be too small or too much.Whenever it gets to a point whereby we think we have nothing to dole out in giving to others,we should sacrifice ourselves and time to service the needs and benefits of others without any flash of resentment and exhibition of reluctance.

Like never before,humanity is in need of sacrifices that are tangible and substantial enough to pull mankind out of the abyss and doldrums of extreme penury and abject poverty.

This simply signifies that giving should be an art and a culture that should be endless and continuous because the essence of our existence on earth is not just to be around and fill a space but to contribute our quota to meet the needs of others around us.

Our world needs selfless service and sacrificial endeavours that will cater for the needs of the present generation and that of posterity like never before.As new births are recorded with a soaring population across the globe,this is a confirmation that more people will be in need of one thing or the other.


The imbalance that is obtainable in every stratum of our global society will be defeated once the haves are going a long way in meeting the needs of the haves not in deeds and in sacrifice.

No matter how unimportant we think we are,someone very close to us believe in us and thinks that we are important in meeting his or her immediate needs.

As a matter of fact God believed in giving to the point of death that he gave His only begotten Son for our salvation and the redemption of the world from the grip of darkness and stronghold of hell which was triggered and orchestrated by sin committed by Adam and Eve in the garden of Eden which was coined and regarded as the fall of Man.

Since then,God has been looking for a way to reconcile humanity back to Him in order for mankind to reign supreme in glory.

Nothing can be compared to giving a life in exchange for the lost soul of men.

The greatest gift ever was given through the shedding of blood on the Mount of Calvary by Jesus Christ the Son of God.

JESUS CHRIST–The greatest giver ever.

Do you know Him?

The greatest sacrifice ever paid for the salvation and redemption of mankind was through the shedding of blood of a man called JESUS CHRIST.

However, despite HIS-JESUS CHRIST’S show of sacrifical love,the heart of many are still in quandary of believing whether HIS–JESUS CHRIST death and ressurection is real and many submitted that it is just a fairy tale.

I want to tell you that Jesus Christs’ message of redemption is as real as the life we are living.HIS–JESUS CHRISTS’ death and ressurection assures us all of victory on earth and reignship in eternity.

Nothing is better than accepting JESUS CHRIST as your Lord and saviour.In HIM, the hope of the future is assured.






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