God is waiting!God is watching!!—(3 minutes read)

The significance of every moment remains irrelevant until premium is placed on the tickling of the clock that announces subtly the passing and the disappearance of our lifespan with the feebleness of our life.

Moments are the elements that make up our life in aggregate and in totality,no matter how insignificant our life might be,moments are simply the fragments and fractions of our lifetime which counts and add up in bits to either mar or make the essence of our existence.

Humanity has been prone to spend a bunch of available moments to discover the essence of creation but little has been gotten as a result from the discovery.And the search for an answer we are known for has been a recurrent decimal and denomination for ages .


god is watching 3

It is a pity that the whole essence of our existence need not to be searched for once the relationship between the creator and the creature is firmly established.Without mincing words,the whole essence of every human existence rallies deeply in the relationship between God and man.

Discovering the essence of our existence comes to bear without any shade and dim when our service to better the lot of mankind and other creature in existence is paramount to us and it is carried out within the confines of the plan and purpose of God.

Confusion that is available and obtainable in every facet of human endeavor can be traced as the outcome of the disconnect that occurred when the original manual and manuscript of creation were replaced with man’s ideology and philosophy which is prone to trial and error with endless mistake and imbalance.

The yearnings of mankind to be independent of its source and origin is the reason for the upsurge of confusion that is tearing the fabrics and stratum of human existence apart.

No doubt about it,every nooks and crannies of the earth is burning with challenges and vicissitude being the order of the day.It is until when there is a genuine repentance and return to the content of the original manual and manuscripts of creation with every effort geared towards abiding by the instructions of the manual and manuscripts that the abysmal confusion humanity is thrown into will be defeated and deflated.

An endless search for solution to the alarming problem humanity is facing will disappear when we are ready to comply and conform in totality and not in part to the commandments of God.

Reluctance and part obedience simply connotes disobedience

God is your source.

God is waiting.

Go back to HIM.

He has all answers to your questions.

Nobody that is existing on earth can claim total freedom from the maker of heaven and earth.We are all products of God’s ingenuity and creation with all that is in display on earthly pedestal.

Staying away from God is simply a means of expressing ingratitude that every human is known for .The acknowledgement of God in all that concern us is what makes us to be appreciative of what God has done for us in creatiing a world that is accommodating for every human to exist.

Your living without the knowledge of God is an insult and a slap to God’s personality but the mercy of God has given us an ample opportunity to return to God  before it is too late.

Your acknowledgement of God will save you from the perilious time.






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