My thought…..(2 Minutes Read)

Can our world know peace without our world being torn into pieces by war?


Can there be prosperity without our penury in our world,


Can there be hailing without wailing in our world,


wordsmith scribe (3)


Can there be abundance without lack in our world,


Can there be kindness without wickedness in our world,


Can there be upliftment for all without some people being pulled down,


Can our world be a true reflection of all her inhabitants,


Can our world be filled with voices without noise from others,


Can humanity exists in integrity and dignity without any human rights abuse,


This is the mind of a troubled man who is looking for solutions to all the challenges


that is tearing the fabrics of human existence.


I looked around with no one around to give me an answer to the seas of questions

bothering my mind.

Heaven Please!!!


I need an answer.





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