Without mincing words and without any iota of doubt,no matter how terrible and fearful you might be,whether you accept it or not.Every human on the earthly pedestal is wired to take some certain steps in form of decisions and personal physical engagement at a certain point in our life,even at the point of you being conscious or unconscious of it.

No matter the sulleness,silliness and surlleness of the approaches applied in taking such steps,you either get the best or the worse from the step taken by you.

Irrespective of the insignificancy and the irrelevancy of the steps,the making of the stars in you is embedded in the nucleus of these steps.

For the emergency of the star in you,these steps must be taken by you.

Your steps will simply define when and how the seeds of greatness in you will germinate but failure and reluctance in being oblivious of the steps to be taken by you will end up making you being a burden in life and even becoming irrelevant and a persona non grata in life.

Your life counts when you are responsible and responsive to your personal role of taken steps that will make you being relevant within the vicinity of your divine assignment.

What makes someone to be missed by people around can simply be traced to the certain positive investment made in planting your presence in the mind of people around you.

Be responsible in being relevant when you are still existing.

It is your responsibility in being relevant that makes your living worth a while and makes you not to be a mere addition to human existence and the population of the world.

Be responsible!

Be responsive!!

The world awaits your impact.

relevance 1

Every feat achieved and attained in the course of your existence has a way of influencing the world around you and the world that is yet to come.The feats might not be gagantum and gigantic but every feat has a fragment and fraction that when invested appropriately will end up multiplying and reproducing to effect other areas of human endeavour that is unknown to the initiator of the original achieved feat.

No doubt about it, everyone on earthly pedestal has a yearning that is difficult to be fulfilled in the sense that people that are reliable and dependable are scarcely available and there is an urgent need to find such people if humanity really want to escape the realities that keeps pushing humanity away from the realm of existentialism with terrorism,extremism and all sorts of social vices having full control in decimating the essence of human existence.

This is a challenge that needs to be tackled with its genesis being triggered on a personal level whereby the determination to be relevant will become the essence of living for everyone on the surface of earth.

You and I need to make this a reality by determining to go a long way in contributing our quota to self development and personal appraisal that will make our world a better place for us and for the generation unborn.

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