EARLY MORNING THOUGHT….A life of impact and a lifestyle of impart are the author of relevance and greatness—( 3 minutes read)

Without mincing words and without any iota of doubt,no matter how terrible and fearful you might be,whether you accept it or not.Every human on the earthly pedestal is wired to take some certain steps in form of decisions and personal physical engagement at a certain point in our life,even at the point of you being conscious or unconscious of it.

No matter the sulleness,silliness and surlleness of the approaches applied in taking such steps,you either get the best or the worse from the step taken by you.

Irrespective of the insignificancy and the irrelevancy of the steps,the making of the stars in you is embedded in the nucleus of these steps.

For the emergency of the star in you,these steps must be taken by you.

Your steps will simply define when and how the seeds of greatness in you will germinate but failure and reluctance in being oblivious of the steps to be taken by you will end up making you being a burden in life and even becoming irrelevant and a persona non grata in life.

Your life counts when you are responsible and responsive to your personal role of taken steps that will make you being relevant within the vicinity of your divine assignment.

What makes someone to be missed by people around can simply be traced to the certain positive investment made in planting your presence in the mind of people around you.

Be responsible in being relevant when you are still existing.

It is your responsibility in being relevant that makes your living worth a while and makes you not to be a mere addition to human existence and the population of the world.

Be responsible!

Be responsive!!

The world awaits your impact.

relevance 1

Every feat achieved and attained in the course of your existence has a way of influencing the world around you and the world that is yet to come.The feats might not be gagantum and gigantic but every feat has a fragment and fraction that when invested appropriately will end up multiplying and reproducing to effect other areas of human endeavour that is unknown to the initiator of the original achieved feat.

No doubt about it, everyone on earthly pedestal has a yearning that is difficult to be fulfilled in the sense that people that are reliable and dependable are scarcely available and there is an urgent need to find such people if humanity really want to escape the realities that keeps pushing humanity away from the realm of existentialism with terrorism,extremism and all sorts of social vices having full control in decimating the essence of human existence.

This is a challenge that needs to be tackled with its genesis being triggered on a personal level whereby the determination to be relevant will become the essence of living for everyone on the surface of earth.

You and I need to make this a reality by determining to go a long way in contributing our quota to self development and personal appraisal that will make our world a better place for us and for the generation unborn.

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My Line of thought….

One was crucified with tantrum and invective thrown at him and his tenure of office for given credence and support for gay rights and abortion.It was on all these that many American Christians defer in voting for his party and Hillary Clinton.

It was somehow disappointing and at the same time amazing that the wife of the presently newly elected President,in person of Donald Trump was a model that has been seen been nude and almost exposing her body in Bikinis.

It will not be too extreme to submit that confusion and hypocrisy is swiftly consuming the conscience of many all over the world.The devil is just busy and dedicated in getting many Christians confused in the last days.The ability of discerning good from wrong this end time by many Christians is quite substandard and questionable.

Whether we like it or not,none of the devils paraded for contest in American Election is better than the other.Both parties are guilty of contributing in one way or the other to moral decadence and the end time agenda of the devil.

It is appalling that the world is lying between the devil and the deep blue sea.

Too bad……




My Hero……(4 Minutes Read)—TRIBUTE TO THE FALLEN HERO.

              ”Gentlemen,stay alert,alive and be prayerful.I don’t want any of my soldier injured

                 or lost his life in this operation,and if at all someone may go down,let me be the

                 the one”.

                 Lt. Col.Abu Ali.


Since Boko Haram insurgency started pummeling the entire Northern Nigeria for some years,many officers and soldiers have lost their life in the course of protecting the fathers land without anybody given reference to their demise.

In the course of the weekend,the news of a recent attack at Mallam Fatori broke loose and engulfed social media platform in its entirety in a way no one expected,this attack cost the life of some officers just as usual but what made the furore about this attack special is it that cut across every line of division Nigerians have not able to overcome in time past.

From every nook and cranny of the entire Nigerian nation,everyone gave a mouth to this attack with the mention of a particular character that remains more popular after his death than when he was alive.

The quote above was said to have been his last word before he was consumed by this attack.When i stumbled over it yesterday on social media platform,i cannot but do anything throughout yesterday but to muse over the richness of this prophetic sacrificial submission made by the deceased before he lost his life in the line of action.

I was disappointed further when i saw his picture and in one of my submission on Facebook,i described him as ‘this tiny slim guy’. His stature and physique is not in any way a true reflection of what was chronicled that he achieved for Nigerian Military and the entire Nigerian Nation.

There is no other way the true meaning of selflessness can be described than what this officer did in the course of his existence while on earth.Since yesterday,many streams of questions have taken over my mind and i kept on asking “who is this guy”?

How can someone be this patriotic?

How can someone be this brave?

How can someone lay down his life for a country like Nigeria?

Can i be this sacrificial?

Many accolades and eulogy were rendered yesterday for this brave soldier with many of his mates and protegees relaying scores of achievement he made in their effort to liberate Nigerian territory from Boko Haram totally.Still i kept asking questions:

why do we idolize and cerebrate the dead in this part of the world?

why do we give credence to the past more than the present and the future?

Why are we not celebrating the feat achieved by our heroes just like the way we celebrate champions league and premier league?

Why do we believe that heroes must be celebrated after they are no more?

Some answered me when i put this questions across on Facebook.

The guy was gratified with multiple promotion when he was alive but i answered him by submitting that celebration is far better than gratification.

No doubt about it without mincing words,Lt.Col Abu Ali has played his part and he has made a mark in the test of time.He made an impart that is not expected from the current millennial who believed that selflessness and being sacrificial in one’s rendezvous is an attribute of the past and it is expected from those who are genuinely spiritual and religious.

He has set a record for others to beat in the course of their existence on earth.His last word says a lot about how dedicated and committed he his while he was alive,a trait and attribute that is quite rare from youth of this present age.

No doubt about it,though you are no more,you have implanted yourself in the heart of every Nigerian and posterity will listen to you history .


It will not be too expensive and demanding for him to be immortalized by the Nigerian Army and by the Nigerian government.He deserves post humors honorary award with some popular monument being named after him.His wife ought to be given an appointment with his little daughter being on Scholarship sponsored by Nigerian Government.

Without any iota of doubt,you are my hero for 2016.

Rest in Peace Sir,

All that you left behind will find favour in the sight of God and men.

Tribute to my fallen hero.

Heaven Please!!!!!

Accept the soul of the departed.






In a bid to get something done about accommodation,i got in contact with a local estate agent last week and both of us were busy combing parts of Ogba and its environs sometimes last week.Even though,Ogba can be viewed to be a suburb of Lagos but its popularity with the population of people living in this environment makes it as important as any part of Lagos Mainland in Nigeria.

I nearly throw up with what i see during this exercise.Not that i didn’t know the dilapidation and the rot that are on display in many of our city centres but i intentionally followed this guy to look at the living conditions of many city dwellers in Lagos State.I was really disappointed with what i saw in these houses because they are not in any way befitting to accommodate any human being.These houses are substandard in every parameters that can be used in describing a good accommodation.

All the houses we combed are short of expectation of what is expected in dignifying the existence of any human being.These houses are flats but they are bit better than what is obtainable in IDP’s camp scattered across the length and breadth of the north eastern Nigeria.

slums 1

These houses can be described as shanties with nothing good about what i saw there.It is quite amazing how congested and overpopulated they are, which is quite unacceptable in adding the value to the existence of any human being.

The waves of thought that flows through me was that how can i raised up my little daughter in this kind of environment,once you stepped out of the main house,the next thing that will fill your sight is rottenness and dirty drainage.

No doubt about it,all these environments are prone to sicknesses from mosquito bite that will end up attracting malaria fever.The social and psychological imbalance this environment will have in affecting the total development of a child can never be quantified now and its domino effect might last forever with no visible solution to it.

Urgent and drastic steps needs to be taken by our government to upgrade the plight of the teeming Nigerian masses that are living below the poverty line.It can never be accepted by any form of reasoning that our government should be allowed to be irresponsible in every area of governance.

The need for our government and law makers to pass a bill with its implementation that will allow the less privileged in the society to have opportunity to affordable housing unit is now.Every form of political will and power should be geared towards making the Nigeria masses convenient at a affordable cost,the concept of embarking on housing project by government which always end up being moribund or a white elephant project is over,drastic measures are needed to curtail the living of our valued citizens in shanties and in ghettos.

If a vicinity like Ogba can be dilapidated to this extent,other areas in the state will be a ghetto and an eyesore to what is expected from a state that is driving towards becoming a mega state and an economic hub of Africa soon.

Though many housing projects have been embarked upon by past and present administration but it can be viewed to have been done either to favour the who is who in the society or the number of units are not that enough to tackle the present menace that Nigeria government are not looking into for now.

In Abraham Maslow hierarchy of needs,housing is one of the basic needs that add value to the existence of all men,so the need to give affordable housing units in their thousands to Nigerians should not be delayed.



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