EARLY MORNING THOUGHT….A life of impact and a lifestyle of impart are the author of relevance and greatness—( 3 minutes read)

Without mincing words and without any iota of doubt,no matter how terrible and fearful you might be,whether you accept it or not.Every human on the earthly pedestal is wired to take some certain steps in form of decisions and personal physical engagement at a certain point in our life,even at the point of you being […]

My Hero……(4 Minutes Read)—TRIBUTE TO THE FALLEN HERO.

              ”Gentlemen,stay alert,alive and be prayerful.I don’t want any of my soldier injured                  or lost his life in this operation,and if at all someone may go down,let me be the                  the one”.                  Lt. Col.Abu Ali. Since Boko Haram insurgency started pummeling the entire Northern Nigeria for some years,many officers and soldiers have […]