In the process of time,

Steps have been taken,

In the course of our sojourn,

More steps are to be taken,

Even though,you might be reluctant,

With your veins filled with resentment and disappointment,

More steps are to be taken,

No matter the risk involved,

With shame,reproach and failures,

That sometimes emerge as outcome,

More steps are to be taken,

More steps, more conquest,

More steps, more failures,

More steps,more battles,

More steps,more victory(s).

In life,nothing seems to be enough,

In life,everything cries for more,

Our yearnings to do more is unending,

Our crave to become better is unquenchable,

Our struggles to get more is insatiable,

Our longings to be the best is unsaturated,

Indeed,human wants are unlimited.

Every road,i have taken,

Are always different,

No matter the difference,

All remind me of those that have taken all the roads,

The consciousness of this,

Seems to be heavy and hectic,

The remembrance of this,

seems to be burdensome and cumbersome,

With many questions seeking and demanding for answers,

While they were on these roads,

What is their impact?

While occupying a space on these roads,

What is their impart?

Every path taken by me,

Forced a waves of remembrance through my veins,

Many were on these paths before me,

No legacy was left behind,

Nothing to point to as a contribution,

steps 1

Nothing can be traced to them in the annals of history.

Surprisingly, many are still adamant to learn,

From the mistake of their progenitors,

With the repetition of their mistakes,

With no consciousness to leave a mark in the test of time.

This indifference,

This unconsciousness,

Confirmed the saying,

“those who cannot learn from history becomes history,

 that others will learn from”

Every step taken,

Every path tread upon,

Every road walked upon,

Remind me of nothing


Vanities of life,

Frailties of life.

Such is life!!!!!







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