One of the irony of life that i found so amazing is that often times than none we are the architect of our own misfortune.

We are always compassionate about people when we observed that they are enmeshed in one challenge or the order.We are swift in trying the best within our means to help them out of their vicissitudes, problems  and predicament by pulling the resources around us to see that they break even in no distance time.

While we are busy scratching the surface by scavenging for solutions that we are ignorant of the genesis and foundation, we waste a bunch of our resources in terms of material and physical belongings and properties to serve as a source of help to the person passing through the eye of the needle at such a moment.

Someone might be asking what do i mean by “waste of resources”?

It is until when we understand that people that we are trying to help in pulling out of problem does not worth a while that we will realized that we have wasted our precious time and resources in listening to the stories of woes and deep challenges that is tossing them around, even to the extent of wasting our time in showing concern to whatever they are passing through.

At a point in my life,when i subjected myself to deep observation and truthful personal analysis, i realized vividly and clearly that a bunch of the challenges people passed through are caused by them and the reason why the challenges keeps defying possible solutions is all about the pretense and the untruthfulness of such people in accepting that they are the cause of the problem they are facing.

A fruitful marriage is the hope of every married couple but we always feel bad seeing couples that are waiting unto God for their marriage to be fruitful.Even-though,God designed and divined every creature on the surface of the earth to reproduce without any stress and delay.It is quite alarming recently seeing many marriages being denied the fulfillment of this covenant.

Most of the time, we seek the face of God for solutions for the affected couples but at a point in my life ,in the course of asking some salient questions that boiled down to reality,i was able to identify easily that many of the people enmeshed in the woes of barrenness caused it consciously or unconsciously.

mystery 1

You cannot maltreat another person’s child and you think GOD will be foolish enough to give you a child.The reason for your barrenness has its root and route to you not being worthy of being blessed with one by God.

How on earth do you expect God to attend to your request and petition concerning marital fruitfulness when along the line you established a creche to take care of little children but it is amazing that you treat these kids as non-human but in your foolishness you are moving from pillar to post seeking for spiritual solution concerning your predicament.

mystery 2

Though,my submission seems to be harsh but truth must be told.No solution is in view if your behavior and character is not in tandem with the contents of your petition to God.If you want to be blessed,it is until when you understand the essence of being a blessing to others that your desired blessings will emerge.This simply confirm the law of God as it is chronicled in the Lord’s prayer:

“forgive our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us”

May the Lord give us understanding…..




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