WARNING!!!—-(4 Minutes Read).

Many of us spend a chunk of our time moving around every religious gathering with the urge to fulfill every spiritual obligations.Not that our presence in religious gatherings is a crime or a sacrilege but lack of knowledge about what is pertinently required to seek the face of God other than the unending attendance of every religious programs makes it an aberration to what is needed for God to intervene in the situation of our life.Even many pays a bunch of their attention and time to religious and spiritual necessities but meanwhile other area of their life are left unattended to with little or nothing to show as a testimonial of their impact and impart of their existence in the process of time.

It can never tantamount to a deceit that any believe that support the fact that God’s intervention on any of the situation of our life is strictly and solely a function of our presence at every religious gathering is a deviation of the truth that the scripture is chronicled and premised upon.

Personally,this observation crept into my spirit recently when i perused deeply on the waves of people on the streets distributing religious tracts and different church programs.The numbers of posters and billboards that occupy spaces on the streets this days is quite alarming that someone needs to think whether the kingdom of God has become a tool of entrepreneurship and a money making ventures by the occupiers of the altars in our different denominations.Since, the message of God as it was chronicled in the scripture is the same,the approach of its publicity by many Christians and men of God seems to be quite unnecessary.

Many men of God and denominations ought to be busy in doing more  feeding their pastures welfare as a matter of urgency, the extreme invitation and numerical increment in the decimals of worshipers that has become the main thing needs to be looked into critically by the concerned authorities in our different denominations.

A nation that is existing with many religious confraternity and association but with little or no industrial revolution at sight can be described as hypocritical and a fertile ground for underdevelopment and unending social vices and crimes notwithstanding their extreme religious piety.

It is pertinent for all religious organizations in Nigeria to do more in being a source of influence to the larger society in terms of industrial revolution that will dissolve unemployment and abject poverty that has consumed the fabrics of the productive part of our society.


If many of the religious edifices occupying spaces in Nigeria can be used for productivity and industrialization,i believe that abject poverty that is on industrial scale in Nigeria will end up being a thing of the past.

There is an urgent need for every religious organizations to see to the development of the totality of their members.Spiritual development alone with other aspect of individual existence not being developed cannot in anyway fulfill what is chronicled in Matthew 5 that we are the light of the world and a salt to the world.It is the development of the totality of every individual that will enhance the influence of Christianity in the world.

In this era of economic recession,everybody must take the bull by the horn for this period to come to an end.The onus of getting out of recession should not be on our political leaders alone,religious organizations must contribute their quotas in being responsible to what is needed in terms of policy making to get our nation out of economic recession.

Moving around one religious programs or the other might make you become a tool of deceit and swindling in the hand of self acclaimed professional and entrepreneurial men of God.

Abiding in the presence of God whenever you are is what matters not your presence in every religious gathering.God is everywhere.He is omnipresent.You can encounter His intervention anywhere you find yourself not necessary in religious gatherings.

I am not submitting that attending churches should be mortgaged ans pushed aside for mundaness but moving around different churches is risky and can give room for someone to sink more into diverse problems because there are many fake men of God now.





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