In the process of time,

Steps have been taken,

In the course of our sojourn,

More steps are to be taken,

Even though,you might be reluctant,

With your veins filled with resentment and disappointment,

More steps are to be taken,

No matter the risk involved,

With shame,reproach and failures,

That sometimes emerge as outcome,

More steps are to be taken,

More steps, more conquest,

More steps, more failures,

More steps,more battles,

More steps,more victory(s).

In life,nothing seems to be enough,

In life,everything cries for more,

Our yearnings to do more is unending,

Our crave to become better is unquenchable,

Our struggles to get more is insatiable,

Our longings to be the best is unsaturated,

Indeed,human wants are unlimited.

Every road,i have taken,

Are always different,

No matter the difference,

All remind me of those that have taken all the roads,

The consciousness of this,

Seems to be heavy and hectic,

The remembrance of this,

seems to be burdensome and cumbersome,

With many questions seeking and demanding for answers,

While they were on these roads,

What is their impact?

While occupying a space on these roads,

What is their impart?

Every path taken by me,

Forced a waves of remembrance through my veins,

Many were on these paths before me,

No legacy was left behind,

Nothing to point to as a contribution,

steps 1

Nothing can be traced to them in the annals of history.

Surprisingly, many are still adamant to learn,

From the mistake of their progenitors,

With the repetition of their mistakes,

With no consciousness to leave a mark in the test of time.

This indifference,

This unconsciousness,

Confirmed the saying,

“those who cannot learn from history becomes history,

 that others will learn from”

Every step taken,

Every path tread upon,

Every road walked upon,

Remind me of nothing


Vanities of life,

Frailties of life.

Such is life!!!!!






Without mincing words,anybody that is carefully observant will notice the emergence of a new waves of social imbalance inform of a class surfacing in the strata of the Nigerian Society,though the emergence might seem to be gradual to some extent but it is quite visible in almost all our highways especially in the urban areas of the country.

Any moment I am on my way home in the evening,my eyes are always filled with pity with my mind being occupied with deep thought that boil down to the plight of the less privileged and the downtrodden that keeps on increasing in number in our country due to the low ebbed economy being experienced now.

Lagos State as an emerging metropolitan state in Nigeria with close to 21 million people occupying its space.The efforts of the past and present administration in Lagos State to turn the state to the largest economic hub in Africa can be seen by all with the recent bill passed in the state legislative chamber banning street hawking on our highways.This can be seen to proffer solution to a particular challenge but in the long run it will give birth to another one that is more challenging than other,if palliatives to cushion the effect of the economic recession is not put in place by the concerned authorities.

No doubt about it,banning street hawking on the highways will reduce the exposure of many life to the risk of accidents but with the way the the economy is biting hard many will take solace in finding respite in criminality.Without any effort made in making the economy of the country friendly,it can be deduced that the ban on street hawking on our highway can simply be described as “running after shadow”.

With the numbers of teenagers that display trays and exhibit their petty wares  by the roadside at First Gate Bus stop along Agindigbi Road  Lagos in the evening,it can never amount to exaggeration that there is an emergence of certain class of Nigerians that can simply be described as the HAWKING TEENAGERS.

Young boys and girls that ought to be in the comfort of their homes in the evening are busy looking for customers that will patronize the petty trading their parents and foster parents probably forced on them.

hawking 2



No doubt about it,they are the potential tools for the perpetration of criminalities and other social vices that are detrimental to peaceful coexistence of the entire society with the exposure of the young girls to prostitution.As young as these girls are,seen them with skimpy dress that hardly cover their bodies was really disturbing and i kept asking questions about the genuineness of their intention by the road side at the wee hour of the day.

Are they plying their trade or are they using their trade to cover up for their perpetration of the illicit act of prostitution?


These are the  questions that bothers my mind any time i see them by the road side.

It is not a gainsaying,Nigeria economy is really bad but it will be worse if we sacrifice the future of our children to get respite from the ailing economy that they have no idea of how it started.

Every stakeholder must channel all necessary efforts in their capacity to protect and preserve the future of our future leaders.The only evil will can do to posterity is to mortgage the future of the young generation for the economy woes bedeviling the entire Nigerian States now.

When the expected future leaders of a nation are busy trading at a younger age with our streets and highways filled with teenage hawkers competing with fast moving automobiles in order to attract customers day in-day out, someone begins to wonder what the future of our nation looks like.

I wonder what the future will look like when our little girls expected to become a heroine and an amazon are busy hawking at night with make-overs and skimpy dresses.

How will a nation with the largest population of black race will not end up breeding criminals and prostitute when they spend the larger part of their entire life on the street busy hawking and trading at tender age?

What a race?

What a nation?

Parents needs to up their games and hustling.

Parenting is more than releasing sperms, it is not about having sex that ends up in unwanted pregnancy.It is more than sleeping around with men.

It is a task and a responsibility that must be willingly carried out with hardwork, commitment ,responsiveness  and dedication geared towards schooling and grooming our future leaders to a point whereby they will be grounded to become better in the society and an asset to the existence of humanity.

Lets protect their lifes.

Lets protect their future.

The keys to our glorious future is inherent in them and resident with them.

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The future will be at the mercy of the past when salient issue that reared its ugly head in time past are not addressed and solutions that will curtail the extension of its effect in the present and in the future are not proffered.

This simply  triggers a kind of repetition of what has happened in the past taking control and even affecting what is available in the present and in the future.Hence,a vicious cycle of repetition that seems to be tagged as hereditary and generational in certain school of thoughts becomes visible.

When will leave many issues behind unattended to in the past and think that we are heading towards the present and the future,we will just discovered that we mistakenly bring our past into the present and the future which end up controlling the present and the future but after a while we will discovered and realized that we are still living in the past.

This simply tied people down on a spot without any visible motion and movement that can be viewed as a progression from the past to the present and the future.

Some of this salient and cogent issues often times than none rallies around habits,limitations,weaknesses,fears,challenges and failures that are always in control of the past but at a point when we think we have overcome all these,we surprisingly see it rearing its ugly head suddenly.

This made us to engage in repetitive fight concurrently over these forces that put our progress in clutches,bound and chains for a long period of time.

The battle to overcome these forces are continuous and it will be forever if we fail to take cognizance of their realities in standing as a clog in the wheel of our progress.

No doubt about it,many people that are chronicled in the annals of human history as being successful are those who are able to identify these forces on time and they maximize these forces as a catalyst to bring their success to the limelight.

Anyone that shy away  to admit the control of these forces might without any iota of doubt end up being a victim of their bondage but those who admit these realities might end up mastering them and use them as a tool to force their success to emerge on a platter of gold without any struggle.

It is pertinent to master the forces that pull us apart and pummeled us from obtaining success in order for us not being entangle with vicious cycle of their effect which seems to hold us down in the past even when we believed that we have bid goodbye to the past.

It is until when the negative forces of the past are taken care of and put on hold that we can boast of a present and a future that will launch us into eldorado and will forever be a mecca that will reveal the essence of our existence while on earth.

Certainly,the future is real if we take bold step to gag the past.





There exists a certain period in our life filled with moments whereby all we crave for is tranquility,calmness,serenity,achievement and accomplishment with yearning for the purpose and essence of our existence becoming a reality and a subject of inspiration and aspiration to all our subordinates and subjects with their plan to experience a day in their lifetime when all they hoped and wished for becomes a reality with diverse evidence available to hold on to.

A period whereby all our efforts defy failures and imperfection with the maximization of the little resources in our domain with little effort as input but more results as output.A period whereby we experience the beauty and reality of eternity while on earth.

Despite all these wishful thinking,nobody in existence can boast of basking in the euphoria of of self satisfaction that have a resemblance of what is obtainable in eternity without relaying the panorama of moments whereby questions that centers around our fates in destiny which seems to be gloomy are  being asked loudly,quietly and soliloquisingly

Moments whereby all that we see in our dreams are nightmares coupled with the inability of our eyelids being subjected to the pressure of dozing and slumber.

As the air we breathe in are real,these moments form a larger part of our lifetime, they are real and handy with the effects being written on the walls of our earth clearly.

No matter the gloominess that surrounds our existence at any point in time,

One thing that is sure,

Light will beckons at the end of every tunnel,

Behind every dark sky,there is always a silver lining.

Never give up!!!!!




My yearnings….—-(4 Minutes Read)

With or without my consciousness,something in me yearn for expression.In my capacity, i tried many platforms where my voice will be heard,i tried many methods in order for me not to end up as a noise but time without number something in me still crave for more silently at times but often times than none,the voice becomes loudly demanding.

Many times i thought the loudness is heard by people around me but when i look at the faces of people around me,i discovered that i am the only one hearing this loud voice that keeps pestering me to climb the mountains,to walk on the valleys and to run the races that have been set ahead of me in the course of my existence on earth.

Most of the times,distractions on my path overwhelms me and made me to be unconscious of the loud voice that is demanding my attention all the time.At a point,i think i can relayed my ordeal and my yearnings to people around me but i discovered that my vision is personal and its execution can only be communicated by me to the larger world.

aspiration 2

To be candid, i know that the world need my attention and my contributions to challenge the status quo and to change what is obtainable in my immediate society.

Nothing is more pressing and demanding in our world today like change that will be triggered by men and women that are tired of what is being offered as a form of standard that is giving nothing but a little results.

Epidemics,injustice,apartheid,wars,extremism,terrorism, poverty,hunger,crimes and social vices can never defy all possible solutions, and men and  women of like minds will shy away from the impart of all these on the fabrics of the larger society.

If we are not doing it for ourselves,it will not be too much to tackle all these menaces in order for our names to be inscribed in gold in the annals of history and for posterity to remember us as one of the soldiers that fought and won the battles of imperialism and neo-colonialism that has been in existence for ages in the history of mankind.

Though,every vision is for an appointed time but the need to channel all present resources at our domain to seek the salvation of mankind from all these challenges can never be too late,we all need a platform no matter how small it might be in its scope of operation.We need to stand in the gap for people around us in order to see the dignity and potentials deposited in them at creation by God which needs to be expressed,displayed and exhibited because no human is created to be a slave,it is evil of mankind against mankind that made some people to be superior while others are perceived to be inferior.

The world system can be seen and viewed to prosper on injustice with every sector designed to prosper the course of a certain class of the society which are minute in number while the other major class are left unattended to and they are viewed to be at the base of the ladder.

Class mentality and all the glamorization it offers can only offer nothing but unending injustice and inhumanity.A situation that can be seen to be one of the origin and source that trigger the affinity of many to criminality and their unending thirst to seek for attention and conspicuousness in the strata of the society.

There is a need for every efforts to be channeled towards the abortion and the abandonment of class mentality that the system of the world offers.If leaders on the corridor of power cannot destroy this monster,we should all endeavor to stem the tide of class mentality that has eaten deep the fabrics of our society.





How can you give up now?

When your best is not yet enough.

Your best can never be enough,

As long as you are still alive,

Something in you cries for more,

Something in you yearns for satisfaction,

Your desire for betterment is elastic,

It  has no limit,

Its extension has no bound.


Keep pushing,

Keep pressing,

Garnish your wishes with actions,

Polish your desires with steps,

Complete your talks,

Walk your talks,

Give life to your dreams,

Spark up your talk,

Take the right step.


No doubt about it,

Your best is not yet enough,

You need to do more,

With the little you have,

You have more than enough,

To be the best.

You get more when you do more,

You get more when you give more.


Your enough is not enough,

Till the end,

When your eyes are closed in the grave.

As long as you are still breathing,

Keep moving to get the best.

Keep striving to be the best.


The world is waiting for you,

For the emergence of your greatness,

Kept silent by your fear,

Learn your fear,

Master your weakness,

Your fear and your weaknesses,

Are enough to hold you down.

Your fears and your weaknesses

Are enough to launch you to the top.


To some,

 Sky is the limit,

To others,

Sky is the starting point,

Whats is the difference,

If not the fear of the unknown,

And the despair of failure,

With the thought of,

What others will say.

 Those who fear the worse ,

Will end up being the worse,

Nothing gets done,

With the presence of fear and failure.


Your best is not yet enough,

Do More!Do more!! Do more!!!



The irony….(3 Minutes Read)

One of the irony of life that i found so amazing is that often times than none we are the architect of our own misfortune.

We are always compassionate about people when we observed that they are enmeshed in one challenge or the order.We are swift in trying the best within our means to help them out of their vicissitudes, problems  and predicament by pulling the resources around us to see that they break even in no distance time.

While we are busy scratching the surface by scavenging for solutions that we are ignorant of the genesis and foundation, we waste a bunch of our resources in terms of material and physical belongings and properties to serve as a source of help to the person passing through the eye of the needle at such a moment.

Someone might be asking what do i mean by “waste of resources”?

It is until when we understand that people that we are trying to help in pulling out of problem does not worth a while that we will realized that we have wasted our precious time and resources in listening to the stories of woes and deep challenges that is tossing them around, even to the extent of wasting our time in showing concern to whatever they are passing through.

At a point in my life,when i subjected myself to deep observation and truthful personal analysis, i realized vividly and clearly that a bunch of the challenges people passed through are caused by them and the reason why the challenges keeps defying possible solutions is all about the pretense and the untruthfulness of such people in accepting that they are the cause of the problem they are facing.

A fruitful marriage is the hope of every married couple but we always feel bad seeing couples that are waiting unto God for their marriage to be fruitful.Even-though,God designed and divined every creature on the surface of the earth to reproduce without any stress and delay.It is quite alarming recently seeing many marriages being denied the fulfillment of this covenant.

Most of the time, we seek the face of God for solutions for the affected couples but at a point in my life ,in the course of asking some salient questions that boiled down to reality,i was able to identify easily that many of the people enmeshed in the woes of barrenness caused it consciously or unconsciously.

mystery 1

You cannot maltreat another person’s child and you think GOD will be foolish enough to give you a child.The reason for your barrenness has its root and route to you not being worthy of being blessed with one by God.

How on earth do you expect God to attend to your request and petition concerning marital fruitfulness when along the line you established a creche to take care of little children but it is amazing that you treat these kids as non-human but in your foolishness you are moving from pillar to post seeking for spiritual solution concerning your predicament.

mystery 2

Though,my submission seems to be harsh but truth must be told.No solution is in view if your behavior and character is not in tandem with the contents of your petition to God.If you want to be blessed,it is until when you understand the essence of being a blessing to others that your desired blessings will emerge.This simply confirm the law of God as it is chronicled in the Lord’s prayer:

“forgive our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us”

May the Lord give us understanding…..



MY yesterday….THE dawn of a new day…..

Just like never before,

every fiber of my being yearned for strength yesterday.

nothing can be compared to rest.

nothing can stand at par with what rest stand for,

Rest is good.

REST–the secret of longevity.

I didn’t believe that i will will be strengthened this morning,

The weakness that overwhelmed my body yesterday is second to none,

My blood cries out loud for rest,

My bones aches with flames of pain.


This morning,i realized that,

New day is marked by new strength.

No matter how stressful your day might be,

No matter how energy sapping your day might be,

It is expected of you to be happy,

at the radiance of a new day,

dawned with new  streams of strength;

dressed with new waves of vigor.


Often times than none,

 experience mothers revelation,

exposure fathers inspiration,

My line of revelation and inspiration this morning is,

Weakness is of yesterday,

Failure is of yesterday.

Strength is of today.

Vigor- the ambassador of  a new day.


Every ‘yesterday’ is marked with weakness,discouragement and failure,

Every ‘today’ is marked with strength,revelations and inspirations.

No matter how terrible and miry your past might be,

Just be calm,

Today will be better with more strength and vigor.


More battles shall be won,

More land shall be occupied,

Every obstacle shall be destroyed,

No more desolate coastlines and territories,

With the dawn of a new day.








The exhibition,display and pronouncement of earthly bliss is always known and renounced with the possession of earthly mundane and material bliss.Possession of earthly material is not an evil in itself,it goes a long way in making life convenient and comfortable but how it is managed matters a lot while any one is in existence on earth.

As real as earthly possession is,but experiences of life made it known to everyone that every earthly possession has its limitation by being ephemeral and transient.No matter the value and worth of our earthly materialistic possession,often times than none,if they are not managed properly,they end up becoming a burden and an oasis of unending profligacies.

Though,the believe is loud and the conception is deeply entrenched and enshrined in our cultural norms and ethos  in African society that material possessions add to self worth. This can be submitted to be a misconception and a deceit,though it can be subjected to arguments and diverse view.Deep analysis and truthful self discovery with our inner mind will reveal that material possession do a little in adding to our self worth.

What add value to our self worth are not in any way handy and physical,values are added to our self worth when our inner value is invested to through personal self discovery that ends up in personal development.

Material possession no matter how luxurious it might last for a while,every material possession has an expiry date even our life is bound to face a kind of depreciation that will terminates in death.

You might have been in affluence of extreme material possession one time or the other and the challenges and vicissitude of life might have taken them away from you but i want you to know that the value on your life is  worth more than any value you  placed on your material possession.

Above all,material bliss is real but never allow it to rob you of eternal bliss.

Values of eternal bliss outsmarts earthly bliss.

Vanities upon Vanities,all is vanities says the preacher.

Good morning to all my readers.



The prospect and prosperity of evil with its accompanying gains are ephemeral.Although the prevalence and preference of evil over good might have been in existence for ages with its reign and ruler-ship being celebrated to high heaven by many for a long period of time with no one having the time frame when it will be over.

The ripple effects of its existence in correspondence with its multiplication in the mind of every mankind will end up producing mortals having the wall of their souls and conscience being seared with hot iron rod.

good 6

This simply inhibits the propensity of good overcoming evil with the  birth of a kind of sophistication in the form of confusion that is platformed and premised on the acceptability of the celebration of good been enshrined on the walls of individual conscience based on the concept of evil profiting more than good .

This configures mortals that will go to any extent to perpetrate evil and ensure the propagation of the message of evil as a culture and habits but the tenets and the requirement needed to be in possession of good conscience and the operation of the mind within the confines of what is generally acceptable as good in the society ends up becoming an outcast and an outlaw.


The only means by which the multiplicity of evil and its extension can be properly controlled,checked and curtailed is for men of good conscience and records to rise up and speak against evil with every available paraphernalia and efforts that will be geared and channeled towards banishing the presence and the emergence of evil that has eaten deep the fabrics of the society.

good 1

Conscience is an open wound,only truth can heal it.—Uthman Dan Fodio.



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There is always a time when life ask us some pertinent questions pertaining to our seasons in the past.Those who are prepared will give the right answer but those who are not prepared will wallow in the regret of not having an answer to the questions life throw at them.

The questions life always throw at us are always in the past and about the past which when answered appropriately and correctly will trigger the emergence of a ‘great present’ that  transcend without any clog into a glorious future but when the questions life throw at us are not answered correctly and appropriately,it makes the  motion and movement of the past into the present to be stucked at a point with the future waiting without any result from the past.

It is a pity that many are carried away with the vagaries of the present without reckoning with the content of the past but it is a reality that no matter how long the past is covered,the present will expose it and translate its contents and context to the future.No matter how long the past run away from “the present”,there is always a day of reckoning where the past and the future will meet and this always triggers what is obtainable in the future.

No one can live in the reality of the future without the reality of the past raising its ugly head at any point in time.This depends on what we left behind in the past whether it is good or bad.The seed we left behind in the past forgetting that it can germinate will blossom and grow with its leaves budding into the present till it gets to the future.

With all these, it is pertinent for all and sundry to be cautious and courteous about how we spend today because our today is the tomorrow we dream about yesterday and our tomorrow is the future will envisage today.

Some mistakes can be erased while some remain as a scar that can never be erased.

Be warned!!!

Be Careful!!!






The little moment we have on earthly pedestal should not be platformed on earthly treasures but it should be geared towards the attainment of heavenly treasures with no stone left unturned to spend the entirety of our time being a treasure to people around us thereby influencing our immediate environment positively and progressively.

This is the only means by which our world can be a better place for posterity and the emergence of a world where the plight of indigents and downtrodden can be taken care of with the destruction of class mentality that has been a bane to the development of an egalitarian society that will go a long way in accommodating every form of social factors that seems to be pulling the society apart before.

Many policies have been made and implemented all over the world to reduce hunger and poverty by government of many nations but the solutions to the alleviation of abject poverty in the world most especially in the third world seems to be a hard nut to crack.This simply connotes a missing gap between policy making and policy implementation.Often times than none,lip services and extreme levity are being paid to measures that will ameliorate poverty and extreme hunger ravaging humanity all over the world.

There is an urgent need to tackle the imbalance being witnessed in the distribution of resources and wealth that is on record to favour one percent of the world population that are pencilled to be stupendously wealthy while the remaining ninety-nine percent are wallowing in abject poverty.It is until when a workable policies are put in place to challenge the status quo of unbalanced wealth distribution that many of the challenges ravaging humanity can be a thing of the past.

No one should turn a deaf ear and a blind eye to the plight of the poor in the society if the desire to have a peaceful coexistence between all the inhabitants of the world is at the front burner of our yearnings in stemming down the increasing social vices,social imbalance,injustice and criminality that is obtainable everywhere in the world.

It can be observed that the unending waves of criminal reports obtainable on a daily basis have a larger portion of its root cause in hatred that boils down to the feeling of negligence and marginalization.It is until when all the inhabitants of the world are given a sense of belongings and a level playing ground that our world can witness a relative peace across the length and breadth of the earth.

Extremism and terrorism seems to be defiling every sort of solutions with new terrorist cells and organizations springing up in every nooks and crannies of the world without any visible solutions to stem down the tide due to the lip service many world leaders paid to address issues that boils down to social injustice obtainable in every stratum of the society.The fabrics of our society is been torn apart with unending desires of militants and secessionist groups to vandalize resources with unabated efforts in shedding innocent blood.  

What needs to be done should be done without any form of shyness and sluggishness on the part of every concerned authorities and policy makers to see that injustice to one is an injustice to all.Leaders on the corridors of power across the globe should live an exemplary life that teaches the essence of good leadership as it is chronicled in the scripture that anyone that wants to lead should be ready to serve.

Leadership should not be viewed as a paraphernalia for personal aggrandizement,wealth accumulations,subjugation,oppression and slavery.It should be a tool for servant-hood that is tailored towards the development of other foster leaders that will climb the mantle of leadership at the exit of the present leaders so that vacuum will not be created in order for posterity to be better off than this present generation. 

Good morning to all my readers.




IN PURSUIT OF VISION—(6 Minutes Read).

Some years ago,I was opportuned to lay my hands on a book titled “in pursuit of vision” authored by the world renowned preacher of the gospel,in person of Bishop(Dr) David Oyedepo.

Little did i know that i will be tested on what i read years ago with a simple and single sentence.

In the midst of a tete-a tete with someone yesterday,suddenly she asked me a question :


Though it caught me unaware,took me by surprise but after a while at the tail end of our discussion,i referred her back to the questions and i was able to enlightened her of what vision is all about.

Vision simply connotes:

“Vision is not about the dream and trance that is commonly  experienced by almost every human being.It is all about the essence of our existence with the discovery of how our existence can impart and influence our environment while we are still living and beyond when we are no longer alive.It encompasses what we stand for and what is needed to serve as a means of proffering solutions to the myriads of challenges ravaging the existence of humanity at one point in time.It usually starts as a little ideas and philosophy that is obtainable in terms of revelation and inspiration”.

vision 1

Just like every form of communication that involves both the donor and the recipient,every communication must terminate with a feedback from the recipient which will signal and show the degree of understanding of the contents of information passed across to the recipient.

Communicating vision across board is one of the major attributes of good leadership because good leadership must not be an island,it must be all encompassing with the full carriage of follower along with the necessary information from the leader that will make them to be independent and prepared  them as good successors for leadership position in the nearest future.



No matter how simple or little a vision might be ,one of the litmus test of any vision is the time factor that determine whether it is a genuine vision or a vision that cannot stand the test of time.Vision conceived by anyone must be able to stand trials and the test of time.Vision must be elastic.No matter how it is stretched,it must not reach a breaking point.It must outlive the visioner and be able to accommodate every tribes and nations of the world because God destined every human to be a global authority not a local authority,so also our ideas and philosophies must carry the essence of our divine existence by being relayed to the generality of the world.

2.Tool of Correction:

Every vision conceived by anyone must be a tool of correction,it must be able to correct and destroy the original status quo that is in control in any given place.A good vision should not be at par with what is in vogue,rather should outsmart what is in vogue and end up championing another course that will promote the course of humanity in a given space of time.

3.Tool of change:

No matter  the simplicity of any vision,it must serve as a tool of change in the overall society.Vision should be able to approach and stem down any form of societal vices that seems to be in vogue in a particular place at any particular moment of human existence.

4.Tool of Influence:

The conception of any vision when it is ripe must be able to influence the society at large.Good vision influences the totality of human existence without any struggle and cuddling.It must be able to champion another course that will proffer solutions to myriads of challenges humanity is bedeviled with.

5.Vision must be simple:

The essence of every vision lies in its simplicity.Without the the presence of the visioner or at the exit of the original owner of a vision  the receiver of such vision should be able to comprehend and apply its contents to the present needs of the society in its entirety at any point in time.Simplicity of vision is the main thing that makes every vision available to everybody that needs direction at any moment in time.

6.Vision must be written and pursued:

As it is chronicled on the pages of the scripture,actualizing the demands and dictates of any vision will be incomplete and impossible without the vision been written down and without it been pursued with all the available resources at the disposal of the visioner or at the domain of the visioner at a particular moment in the process of time.No doubt about it, many visions have been aborted due to the fact that they are not documented, written and pursued in other to see the actualization in this generation and in the coming generation.

7.Visions are always seed-like:

Often times than none,considering many of the great ideas,philosophies and inventions that are obtainable in the world,one can vividly see that these are visions that started very little in terms of size,volume ,impact and impart but within a space of time,they end up becoming enormous and gigantic in terms of their influence from one generation to another.Visions always starts very small with no bearings and meanings to what is obtainable in the society when it begins but they end up taken forms and shapes gradually with times.Every good vision germinates with time just as a seed germinates when all the conditions necessary for germination are provided.

8.Visions must  be Evergreen:

At one point in time,our world has been occupied with one form of ideas and philosophies that are conceived by someone or group of people but what makes a good vision is the longevity of the vision in the space of time.Many great minds have occupied the corridor of leadership at a point in time but the impart of their vision on the generality of the society made their names to be written in gold in the annals of history.

Martin Luther Kings Jnr,Mother Teresa,Mahatma Gandhi,Nelson Mandela and many other great minds were known to stand for something unique in the course of their existence on earth and the impact and impart of their influence are been referenced to in the annals of history till today.

It can be seen that the visions of these people and host of others can be viewed to be evergreen with their tap root deeply rooted down into the earth surface.

Without any doubt,the essence of every vision is resident deeply in communication.The process of conceiving an idea that ends up into a vision must be relayed and communicated to other for unending continuity.Visions becomes aborted when it is not communicated to other or when its scope of communication is limited to a particular stratum of the society.

It is through the length and quality of the communication of vision that good leadership is birthed.Any leader occupying any post at a particular time in the terrain of human existence must ensure that its scope of leadership with the accompanying aims and objective are deeply engrossed in the minds of its followers.Good leaders always ensure that their visions are not dead at their exit by ensuring that their followers ensure the continuity of what they stand for while occupying the corridor of leadership.


Leadership entails all concepts, methods and approaches optimized effectively and efficiently to offer adequate and appropriate up-to-date guidance, mentorship and tutelage to subordinate and subjects about a particular subject matter, fields and areas of endeavour or area of concern.

The tutelage and mentorship offerred can be formal and informal.

Whether it is formal or informal, the essence of leadership is centred around bulding up and edifying others to achieve the beauty of their purpose in the course of their existence.

For leadership to satisfy its purpose of profferring solutions throgh mentorship and tutelage, visionary leadership must be offerred at every point in time.

Vision always position leaders on a pedestal of being ahead in terms of ideas,contents and philosophies platformed on the ability of giving values and virtues to subjects and subordinates.

Leadership must be total in all concept and approach must be geared towards being ahead in giving out cutting edge solutions birthed through vision.

Effective form of leadership flourishes when it maximizes the opportunities and benefits inherent in the possession of such vision.

Having deep insights into the beauty of the future and having a means of getting the beauty established for the betterment of the society at large signals the possession of vision.

It is the possession of insights that makes leaders effective in the course of tutoring and mentoring the subordinate.

Effective leadership suffers once vision is amiss.

Vision adds value to leadership and makes it efficient in proffering adequate solutions to the challenges at hand.

Vision add value to leadership and the accompany respect added is unquantifiable.

In conclusion,the continuity of human existence that is geared towards all round progressive development will become a reality when personal efforts is geared towards deep understanding of what is expedient of every leader with their scope of ideas and contents of their philosophies being communicated to their followers.It is  common every where in the world that everybody is yearning for the emergence of good leadership but it is scarce to see anyone yearning for good follower-ship.

Meanwhile, we all forget that the emergence of good leadership is a mirage without the emergence of good follower-ship.The seed of good leadership is enshrined in the nucleus of good follower-ship but good leadership is birthed when every leader makes it as a responsibility to communicate their visions to their followers and ensured that its contents are enshrined and engraved in the minds of everyone looking up at them for direction and solution at one point in time in the course of human existence.





WARNING!!!—-(4 Minutes Read).

Many of us spend a chunk of our time moving around every religious gathering with the urge to fulfill every spiritual obligations.Not that our presence in religious gatherings is a crime or a sacrilege but lack of knowledge about what is pertinently required to seek the face of God other than the unending attendance of every religious programs makes it an aberration to what is needed for God to intervene in the situation of our life.Even many pays a bunch of their attention and time to religious and spiritual necessities but meanwhile other area of their life are left unattended to with little or nothing to show as a testimonial of their impact and impart of their existence in the process of time.

It can never tantamount to a deceit that any believe that support the fact that God’s intervention on any of the situation of our life is strictly and solely a function of our presence at every religious gathering is a deviation of the truth that the scripture is chronicled and premised upon.

Personally,this observation crept into my spirit recently when i perused deeply on the waves of people on the streets distributing religious tracts and different church programs.The numbers of posters and billboards that occupy spaces on the streets this days is quite alarming that someone needs to think whether the kingdom of God has become a tool of entrepreneurship and a money making ventures by the occupiers of the altars in our different denominations.Since, the message of God as it was chronicled in the scripture is the same,the approach of its publicity by many Christians and men of God seems to be quite unnecessary.

Many men of God and denominations ought to be busy in doing more  feeding their pastures welfare as a matter of urgency, the extreme invitation and numerical increment in the decimals of worshipers that has become the main thing needs to be looked into critically by the concerned authorities in our different denominations.

A nation that is existing with many religious confraternity and association but with little or no industrial revolution at sight can be described as hypocritical and a fertile ground for underdevelopment and unending social vices and crimes notwithstanding their extreme religious piety.

It is pertinent for all religious organizations in Nigeria to do more in being a source of influence to the larger society in terms of industrial revolution that will dissolve unemployment and abject poverty that has consumed the fabrics of the productive part of our society.


If many of the religious edifices occupying spaces in Nigeria can be used for productivity and industrialization,i believe that abject poverty that is on industrial scale in Nigeria will end up being a thing of the past.

There is an urgent need for every religious organizations to see to the development of the totality of their members.Spiritual development alone with other aspect of individual existence not being developed cannot in anyway fulfill what is chronicled in Matthew 5 that we are the light of the world and a salt to the world.It is the development of the totality of every individual that will enhance the influence of Christianity in the world.

In this era of economic recession,everybody must take the bull by the horn for this period to come to an end.The onus of getting out of recession should not be on our political leaders alone,religious organizations must contribute their quotas in being responsible to what is needed in terms of policy making to get our nation out of economic recession.

Moving around one religious programs or the other might make you become a tool of deceit and swindling in the hand of self acclaimed professional and entrepreneurial men of God.

Abiding in the presence of God whenever you are is what matters not your presence in every religious gathering.God is everywhere.He is omnipresent.You can encounter His intervention anywhere you find yourself not necessary in religious gatherings.

I am not submitting that attending churches should be mortgaged ans pushed aside for mundaness but moving around different churches is risky and can give room for someone to sink more into diverse problems because there are many fake men of God now.






My observation while in transit this morning triggers the emergence of a simple thought that seems to be a philosophy that will enhance better human relationship.I was just in an automobile,precisely a tricycle commonly called “marwa”,i was there with a co-passenger and all of a sudden, a guy passing bye on the road stepped back to exchange pleasantry with my female co-passenger.This occurrence launched me to a realm of revelation,although i am not really sure if my assertion is right but whether it is right or wrong,i believe it will not be too bad putting it in black and white for the sake of history and learning.

No matter how lonely and destitute anyone might be,there is always someone around that will put smile on our face.No matter how happy will might be,there is always someone or situations around that will end up making us moody and sad.

Since humanity was designed to be independent on everything around,nobody has the strength to solely and single-highhandedly control situation(s) obtainable within any vicinity,although we can influence any of this situation to suit us but this is possible only if we are sensitive and observant of the situation around us.

Somebody around might be passing through moments and seasons that have defied and defeated every form of expectation and happiness might have been luxury to such a person but i believe that someone is out there waiting to make us happy and give us solution to the circumstances around us.

It is the responsibility of every human to do everything in their capacity to be a source of hope and help to people around them.Instead of waiting for the indigent to ask for our help,why cant we be sensitive to the needs of others and be their help before they seek for help.

Stop waiting for seekers of help,

Stop being a receiver of help from others,

Start being a giver of help to others.

Our world will be a better place if every human is ready to look after the needy.

Our world will be better if we are all ready to be a source of help and hope to others.

Somehow,someone needs you like never before.

Open your hearts to the needy,

Open your hands wide open.

The world will be better if we all become our brothers keeper in deeds not in words.




I start everyday waking up with  hopes and expectation of giving my best to life and getting the best from life at the end of the day.Everyday of my life exists within the confines of the beginning and the end but the events of everyday when successful becomes an accomplishment but when it is unsuccessful becomes a source of regret. Regrets or accomplishment is not an end in itself but a means to an end.Regrets or accomplishment obtained on a daily basis becomes the subjects of our experience.The depth of regrets and accomplishment encountered by us defines the depth of our experience.                                                                                                                                       

Whether my day ends in regrets or accomplishment,what matter most is the lesson(s) i learn in the course of my day.It is not a gainsaying that the  events of today becomes history tomorrow and the events of tomorrow exists within the nucleus of my aspiration,imagination and dreams.

No single day can be complete without it being filled with sorts of regrets obtainable from failures and disappointment.No meaningful day can be recorded in the annals of our history without the existence of accomplishments obtained from daily activities.

Natures and creation  responsibilities on every human being designed every existence to be independent on each other.This simply connotes that no one was created or designed to be in existence with the invincibility of  solely or single-handedly controlling the outcome of efforts channeled towards having a complete successful day.

If nature or creation has empowered us to be dependent of each other,everybody would have been able to control and command the outcome of the day.This would have reduced the existence and exposure of our day to disappointment that is obtainable from people around us because no form of clairvoyancy is needed to know that out of every human breathe are oozes of disappointment.

Since GOD was the first recipient of human disappointment that boiled down to God regretting His efforts in creating human being,so every human being in existence should expect disappointment from people around especially people that seems to eat with us from the same plate just as Peter and Judas Iscariot disappointed Jesus Christ.

In essence,personally my day is complete when i am disappointed.

Always expect the unexpected.

When you expect less from people,you will never be disappointed.

Good morning……





I think it is quite common that as we aged,we do more of reflection than revelation.There comes a moment in our life when we do more of being quiet and spend larger part of our quiet time asking ourselves salient questions that demands salient answers tending towards the essence of our live.

A bunch of my time during the weekend and during yesterday’s public holiday was spent being quiet with myself despite some sorts of distractions from my little daughter and programs on the cable television but deep inside me i was quiet with myself ruminating on how far i have gone with my dreams and aspiration.

Life has a way of being generally difficult in making our dreams and aspiration see the light of the day.Day in, day out,i see many people struggling to make something out of life and this seems to be an unending struggle that have no respect for our input.Often times than none, we do more but we get little out of our efforts,this births a form of regret and disappointment in us that takes a lot of time and encouragement for anyone to be delivered from wallowing perpetually in it.

  I expected and prepared for an appointment with someone on Saturday afternoon,all that is needed to make it successful was invested by me,i made all the necessary calls in order for this appointment to be meaningful but despite all my effort to see this appointment coming to fruition,it still became futile.The futility was not from my end it reared its ugly head from the other end.

Though, i live my life expecting little from people.Mankind is synonymous to disappointment.Even at the beginning of creation,mankind disappointed God,so nobody should live life expecting much from the next person.We should always expect the unexpected.

  It was not the resources i invested into this appointment that bothers me but the trust i have in it that became a burden to me when it became futile.I realized once again that the backwardness obtainable in Africa has nothing to do with our political leaders but it has its roots and route in many of us that are swift in blaming our leaders in this part of the world.

It is pertinent to note and point it out to every dick and harry that followers and those people that are being led in Africa are the reasons for the woes bedeviling our continent.If an appointment between two people can be handled with laxity and levity without being concerned about the effect of such disappointment on any of the involved party,i do not see any reason why followers should be swift in apportioning blames to any of our leaders.

It is until when everybody believed that the exhibition of leadership attributes are expected from all of us that the dearth of good leadership being in display in African Society will end and our yearning for a people-oriented form of leadership will end up being a thing of the past.

Why do we always disappoint?


Injustice reigns supreme in any society that mortgaged truth for a morsel of porridge.

Even though the essence of telling the truth is for the freedom of the mind but often times than none,men become imprisoned for telling the truth and end up becoming a victim and an enemy of the society.

The recent suspension of the alleged budget padding whistle-blower in the lower chamber of the Nigeria National Assembly is a pointer to the fact that the enemy of any society is the person that is bold enough to tell the truth.

This is an aberration to what is good,reasonable and acceptable and an irony that it is difficult for anyone to believe that it can happen in a society where sanity is reigning supreme.

The only possible thing that will deliver humanity from slavery and oppression is for men of dignity to rise up and challenge any clique that seems to be an enemy of the truth.

Truth-a bitter pill but a better destroyer of oppression.

Humanity must be delivered from their whims and caprices.


56 years after independence.56 years of celebration of independence from our colonial masters.Since October 1st, 1960,Nigeria has been in existence as an independent sovereign entity but with little or nothing to show as an outcome of the desire and dreams that spur our founding fathers to struggle for  independence from Britain.

This year independence day should not be celebrated with cymbals and drums but it should be a moment of reckoning and reflection on the past ,present and future.At this point of our national existence,there is an urgent need for sober reflection that boils down to the essence of our national existence.

Many multifarious challenges have bedeviled the coexistence of every Nigerian in the time past even to this present moment but it is quite appalling that we have been wallowing in the midst of these challenges with no solutions in sight except empty promises and manifestos from our leaders day in day out.

Gone are those days when fun-fares and jamborees always filled every nooks and crannies of Nigeria whenever independence day approaches.There can never be any meaningful celebration across the length and breadth of the country because the pains and pangs of bad and retrogressive administration with bad economic policies that resulted into economic recession can be seen on the faces of every Nigerian.

This really shows the dearth of good leadership that is obtainable in every stratum of Nigerian society.Nigerian society is blessed with rulers that only think about what they can get in boosting their finances and influences in the society but what is needed for Nigeria to be rated as one of the best in the comity of Nations is selfless and sacrificial leadership that will channel every available resources for the entire development of the society not a kind of leadership that favours a certain class of the society and the other classes are left as slaves to suffer in abject penury.

No doubt about it,no form of clairvoyancy is needed for anyone to know that the wealth of the world lies in the hand of one percent of the world population with ninety nine percent of the remaining population being the provider of this wealth.There is an urgent need for leaders in the world to bridge this gap especially leaders in the third world nations of the world because this imbalance in the distribution of wealth across the globe has been one of the reasons behind the challenges bedeviling the existence of mankind on earth.When some people are languishing in poverty and hunger,others that are not up to one percent of the society are living excessively without the thought of what to eat and what to wear bothering their mind.

Nigeria as a country has what it takes to be classified as one best nations in the world in terms natural resources,human resources and untapped raw potentials that can be  seen to be in existence on a large scale but it will not be to the extreme to submit that we  have been blessed with leaders that lacked the managerial dexterity and acumen to turn all these raw untapped potentials into wealth that will serve as palliatives to w bring millions of Nigeria out of poverty and hunger.

As it is now,personally I am disappointed in what is obtainable in my fathers land.I am bothered about the future and the lot of posterity.I am bothered about what i will tell my children about the situation of my country.I am bothered about my children passing through the same challenges i passed through.

I will rather wish Nigerians happy new month.

I will never wish any Nigerian happy independence.

The question is;Are we truly independent?

The answer is NO!!!

Recurring economic woes,injustice,corruption,underdevelopment,poverty,hunger etc are the recurring decimal that made the Nigerian nation to be far away from being seen as an independent geographical entity. 

Once again,to all Nigerians and to all my readers across the globe,i wish everyone happy new month.