In the process of time, Steps have been taken, In the course of our sojourn, More steps are to be taken, Even though,you might be reluctant, With your veins filled with resentment and disappointment, More steps are to be taken, No matter the risk involved, With shame,reproach and failures, That sometimes emerge as outcome, More steps are to be taken, More steps, more conquest, More … Continue reading MY STEPS,MY PATH ,MY ROADS…—(3 MINUTES READ)


Without mincing words,anybody that is carefully observant will notice the emergence of a new waves of social imbalance inform of a class surfacing in the strata of the Nigerian Society,though the emergence might seem to be gradual to some extent but it is quite visible in almost all our highways especially in the urban areas of the country. Any moment I am on my way … Continue reading THE HAWKING TEENAGERS—(4 Minutes Read)


There exists a certain period in our life filled with moments whereby all we crave for is tranquility,calmness,serenity,achievement and accomplishment with yearning for the purpose and essence of our existence becoming a reality and a subject of inspiration and aspiration to all our subordinates and subjects with their plan to experience a day in their lifetime when all they hoped and wished for becomes a … Continue reading Moments…..

My yearnings….—-(4 Minutes Read)

With or without my consciousness,something in me yearn for expression.In my capacity, i tried many platforms where my voice will be heard,i tried many methods in order for me not to end up as a noise but time without number something in me still crave for more silently at times but often times than none,the voice becomes loudly demanding. Many times i thought the loudness … Continue reading My yearnings….—-(4 Minutes Read)


How can you give up now? When your best is not yet enough. Your best can never be enough, As long as you are still alive, Something in you cries for more, Something in you yearns for satisfaction, Your desire for betterment is elastic, It  has no limit, Its extension has no bound.   Keep pushing, Keep pressing, Garnish your wishes with actions, Polish your … Continue reading DO MORE!!!

MY yesterday….THE dawn of a new day…..

Just like never before, every fiber of my being yearned for strength yesterday. nothing can be compared to rest. nothing can stand at par with what rest stand for, Rest is good. REST–the secret of longevity. I didn’t believe that i will will be strengthened this morning, The weakness that overwhelmed my body yesterday is second to none, My blood cries out loud for rest, … Continue reading MY yesterday….THE dawn of a new day…..


The exhibition,display and pronouncement of earthly bliss is always known and renounced with the possession of earthly mundane and material bliss.Possession of earthly material is not an evil in itself,it goes a long way in making life convenient and comfortable but how it is managed matters a lot while any one is in existence on earth. As real as earthly possession is,but experiences of life … Continue reading VANITIES!!!

IN PURSUIT OF VISION—(6 Minutes Read).

Some years ago,I was opportuned to lay my hands on a book titled “in pursuit of vision” authored by the world renowned preacher of the gospel,in person of Bishop(Dr) David Oyedepo. Little did i know that i will be tested on what i read years ago with a simple and single sentence. In the midst of a tete-a tete with someone yesterday,suddenly she asked me … Continue reading IN PURSUIT OF VISION—(6 Minutes Read).

WARNING!!!—-(4 Minutes Read).

Many of us spend a chunk of our time moving around every religious gathering with the urge to fulfill every spiritual obligations.Not that our presence in religious gatherings is a crime or a sacrilege but lack of knowledge about what is pertinently required to seek the face of God other than the unending attendance of every religious programs makes it an aberration to what is … Continue reading WARNING!!!—-(4 Minutes Read).


My observation while in transit this morning triggers the emergence of a simple thought that seems to be a philosophy that will enhance better human relationship.I was just in an automobile,precisely a tricycle commonly called “marwa”,i was there with a co-passenger and all of a sudden, a guy passing bye on the road stepped back to exchange pleasantry with my female co-passenger.This occurrence launched me … Continue reading EARLY MORNING LINE OF THOUGHT….


I start everyday waking up with  hopes and expectation of giving my best to life and getting the best from life at the end of the day.Everyday of my life exists within the confines of the beginning and the end but the events of everyday when successful becomes an accomplishment but when it is unsuccessful becomes a source of regret. Regrets or accomplishment is not … Continue reading MY DAY….


56 years after independence.56 years of celebration of independence from our colonial masters.Since October 1st, 1960,Nigeria has been in existence as an independent sovereign entity but with little or nothing to show as an outcome of the desire and dreams that spur our founding fathers to struggle for  independence from Britain. This year independence day should not be celebrated with cymbals and drums but it … Continue reading INDEPENDENCE DAY