30th of September 2016…what a day!!!

Three months left in 2016……

While musing over how swiftly and speedily year 2016 have been,I remembered this topic.Many water has passed underneath the bridge,many rain has fallen and this year in its peculiarity with other years has presented its challenges in every ramification.Every area of human endeavor have been stressed beyond limit with no possible way out till now.Many countries have been pulled down and pummeled with wars and battles and economic recession is drifting Nigeria apart on a fast lane.

Back to the genesis of my early morning musing that birthed the theme of my blog post tagged “In everything”.

give thanks 1

In transit yesterday,on my way home from Ogba to Obawole,i eavesdropped the conversation of a woman co-passenger in the bus yesterday.She sat directly at my back in the last row of the bus.While she was in the middle of a phone conversation,i picked some content of the conversation and the little understanding i had about the conversation pushed me into deep rumination that ended up into a revelation.

She was received a call and all she was telling the caller is that they should be more fervent in their prayer that God should protect someone from not dying.From this i understood that she was coming from the hospital and a relation of her which might seems to be an in-law is on the point of death or in coma in a hospital.

I felt very bad with this aged woman predicament even to the extent that when the driver drove past her bus-stop and she was complaining of how she will get a bike that will take her back to the bus-stop where the driver ought to have halted,the compassion in me arose and i dole her money to get a bike.

Many of us might be complaining about the situation in the country presently but we always forget that we are better off than those who are on the hospital bed in this period of recession,many are battling with terminal diseases and many are hopeless of the situation of their life.Many started year 2016 with us but their obituary have been pasted and they are now underneath the earth surface.

Is it that we are better off than any of this people?


It has been the faithfulness of God that has been firm as the sky.

It is all these that occupied my mind this morning and i felt like sharing to remind us all that no matter the situation of things around us,God has been faithful in keeping us to see the end of the month of September 2016.






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